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  1. How did it go
  2. In portland check out "the tackle shop" you'll get true local knowledge. Ktp and bean are nice but no different than any other big box retailer.
  3. Some tape underside, melt some clear milk jug into the holes, good to go. Just don't go off melting your kayak
  4. Upgraded hardware on the sps?
  5. Was out there the same time as you. If you would have moved a little off from the crowd towards the "pier" you would have found stellar fishing in 10 ft. Gotta get away from the crowds on the weekend even if it means deviating from fishing your planned spot. Had a little luck on my side too but just want to point out that the traffic sometimes moves the bite away from where you expect it to be.
  6. Bob I'll take it shipped to 11010. Thanks
  7. Please close thanks sol
  8. 120? If so I'll take it
  9. Final bump
  10. Really
  11. New price 215.
  12. Bump
  13. Bump
  14. Up for sale new never spooled STTLD20-2SPD. 6.1 high to 3.1 low. Lever drag, 22lb on full! Perfect condition, no box. 240 shipped to your door.