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  1. Thanks for the feedback gents. Coroseal looks like a good option as well and will explore. Will drop Chris a line. Also heard good things about outlaw 4x4 on my side of the rivers who work with por. Rust isn't bad it's mostly all surface from what I can see. I'll update..
  2. Looking for a shop on Long Island that knows por15 and related products. Looking for light rust removal and proper application for my 4 runner. Suggestions?
  3. I did! Greased it a little too much. Yamaha blue type grease - tore down and re lubricated - good as new! I put that reel through the ringer and it keeps ticking
  4. Have a smoke 30 pts inshore I'd be willing to sell. No interest in any trades at this time.
  5. Nassau /qns
  6. Can't resist I'll offer 150 picked up
  7. I'll take seconds on the bh picked up long Island
  8. You're marketing to a kayak community. Vast majority of fluking will occur with weights of 1oz or less. Vast majority of togging will happen again with weights 1oz or less. You talk of togging in 20-40 ft of water on a party boat. Most kayaks target tog in less than 20 ft. Your 40 years of experience are certainly greater than my 35. Maybe try expanding upon your suzuki inshore blank for the light stuff.
  9. Yes had 6'8 "slow pitch" as well as the 7'2. Good rods, you will not convince me that this would be a good fit for inshore fluke and tog. As riddler says 2oz and up then yes. With that said I've landed many a nice striper with the 6'8 from the yak just wished it wasn't split grip, which was the primary reason I sold. Still have the 7'2 and save that for heavy current boat fishing.
  10. You are entitled to disagree with me, you are posting this on a kayak fishing forum. For togging on a party boat or fluking deep water, then great. Keep in mind that there are very lightweight broomsticks available at home depot as well.
  11. 6'8" charter special is wayyyyy too heavy for kayak fluke or inshore tog. Reds/bass/cobia yes. Make a full Eva rear grip with gimbal for trolling.
  12. That striper could not resist the amazing powerful sexy action of that Challenger 701L! Don't you want that trophy also? What are you waiting for?! Get yours.... Now!
  13. Rotor brake good I'll look at the pinion bearings tonight thanks
  14. Hello - need some expert advice. Trusty 3500SSV has become very hard to turn under any sort of load. Spins beautifully, bearings are relatively smooth, line roller good, no wobble. Can't figure this one out? Thanks for the feedback.