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  1. Anybody see the Discovery Channel where they were netting Herring for their row to sell to Japan. The part that really turned me off was when one Captain took a gamble to net further north then all the other boats. His gamble didn't pay off since 70,000 lbs. of herring he netted already had dropped their eggs and it was a wasted set. The show said he lost valuable time on a bad set. Nothing said about dumping 70,000 lbs. of dead fish!
  2. I leaned into these fish pretty hard. I believe with each jump and multibule spins they just wrapped more and more line around themselves. Keep in mind that I never had them closer then 125 yds. from the beach.
  3. I'm aware of that set-up and have used it in the past. The spinners had gotten well up my shocker, at least 20 feet.
  4. Thanks Mark, will I see you there?
  5. After almost 6 weeks of great fishing for every thing else, finally got my first Snook. Nice fat healthy 27". Got a quick picture and back she went.
  6. I'm fishing the Jensen Beach area. Wind direction determines which side of the river.
  7. Down from S. Jersey and have been fishing the Indian River, jensen beach and points north. Have read all the poor reports and don't understand. Have been doing very well in these parts. Bluefish, Jacks, Trout, Reds, Ladyfish. Using ultra lite tackle with either small spoons or the typical 1/8 oz. leadheads with plastic tails. Early morning first light bite is very good with anywhere from 10 to 15 fish in the couple hours I fish each morning. don't get me wrong some days better then others but most days very good. Reds up to 30" but most in the 24" size. Trout from 12" to 30" with well over 150 of them, all released.
  8. I am not fishing off any surf piers. These are just some private docks along the river.
  9. I think I was not too clear. This was my first Snook for this year, after the major fish kill. By this time last year I believe that I had well over 100. Well now I know at least one survived.
  10. Great job, and pictures. I'm rigged and ready, where are you fishing. Maybe we can join up.
  11. Have been into fish at a pretty steady pace since early February. Give me a call and I will fill you in on some spots to try. 609 214 2276
  12. I set my 11' 6 up with 10 single foot guides. I am in Fla. for the next couple months so I don't have the spacing available right now, but I used the rod for plugging for Roosters in the surf in Mexico and the rod had all the a$$ it needed to land them.
  13. Pretty much the same areas with another dock added. Have not seen or heard of any Snook. Anybody else know of any? I know you can't keep them, but I never did, but I love to catch um.
  14. Wading, and have permission to fish a few private docks.
  15. The 13'6 3 to 6oz. is over rated. I throw 4oz very well with it. I am leary throwing 5oz or more. Go with the 5 to 8oz. model if you want to throw more then 5oz with the 13'6. I also have the 11'6 1 to 3oz. and the 12' 2 to 4oz. If you want to plug get the 11' 6 blank.
  16. Down from Joysey and having one hell of a good time here in Jensen Beach. I have caught Trout, Reds, Blues, Jacks and Pompino in the Indian River. In the surf it has been Blues, Pompino, Jacks, Spanish, and Whiting. I had as many as 50 fish mixed bag, and never less then 7 or 8 fish on any given day. With the exception of the Whiting everything has been on artificials.
  17. Built a Rainshadow 1387 and a CTS 1-3 just for Roosters in Mexico. Also bought high speed reels just for the trip. Tail weighted a dozen poppers to 3.5 oz. Hang all this gear in the rafters till the following year for just this trip.
  18. help ya with a bump.
  19. Rodsmith XL power rod wrapper/ dryer. Excellant condition. Top end wrapper/dyer. Can be seen on Flex Coat web site, catalog # 280913. This unit has capabilities for both wrapping and drying with just a simple change of drive belt. Wrapper has foot peddle ,variact for speed control, and thread tensioner. List price $419.00 plus shipping asking $250./ obo I took this in payment for a debt owed, I don't need another one.
  20. No longer available
  21. Brand new in box Flex Coat commercial 4 rod dryer. Made in USA. This is the delux unit made by Flex Coat, it is a 6 rpm unit. The controls have all the lights for individual turners plus master switch. Has the up graded slip clutch holders. Can be seen on the Flex Coat web site. Lists for $439.00 Asking $250.00 / obo
  22. Sold, no longer available!
  23. Don't have ability to do pics. Check out web site that I posted.
  24. $225.00 and it's yours.
  25. The original question was braid as a shocker. I always fish with a 50# braid shocker knotted to my 20# braid running line when using sinkers of 4 oz. or more on my big sticks. Then my flurocarbon terminal rig is attached. The purpose of the shocker is to prevent break offs during the cast, not to absorb the shock of the cast.