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  1. If you couldn't keep an established lawn alive due to lack of watering, you won't have a prayer getting seed established. WATER WATER WATER
  2. Looking for 80 thrust electric trolling motor for salt water. Must be very good to excellant condition.
  3. Another shot, to the top.
  4. How many plugs for a bulk spool of 40.
  5. Lime must be down for 4 to 6 months before you begin to see any results in the root area of grasses. That is the reason to lime in the fall so you see results in the first growing period after liming. You should test before applying lime. Not that it will do any damage to grasses but just a waste of time and money.
  6. Get off the parking lot. You are going to tear up that line real quick!
  7. Leave it as is. Let the family see the putz that he is.
  8. All the Pompino rigs I see used have a very short dropper. Somewhere between 4" and 6 inches. Some with floats some without. This season, a least here in Jensen Beach almost all the guys I see are using clam or frozen fleas. The other thing I see is that the crabs are cleaning off the bait in minutes. My question is, are Pompino strictly bottom feeders or will they come up off the bottom 12" to 18" to feed? Not having an under slung mouth like Whiting I have to assume they would. If they will why are the droppers so short. My thoughts are if they feed higher in the water column why not go with a longer dropper to get higher up and away from the crabs. I would think that a hook 8" to 12" higher then normal with bait for a longer period of time is better then a bare hook in a few minutes. Is my thinking wrong on this. Have the rigs I am talking about been tried?
  9. If it starts to rust......... get help quick!
  10. If skates are around the only way you can stay away from most of them is with a float rig to get you a least 18" off the bottom. But still expect a couple.
  11. If you want to find some really tight lipped, miserable, and down right ignorant fishermen try talking to a commercial Pompino guy.
  12. Fished for Shark today and hooked up with 3 Spinners. Didn't take them but a few minutes an a couple jumps to wrap enough line around themselves to get beyond my wire and shocker to cut through the braid. O fer for today, will give it a shot with the next westerly winds.
  13. I have built many, sold many, and fished the CTS rods for almost 2 years. They are by far one of the best blanks that I have built, fished. And yes they are 2 pc., so what. I will agree that the first time I picked up this blank I was a bit skepitcule. (Somewhat the same feeling when holding my first graphite many many moons ago.) When someone is looking for a new rod I always have them cast one of my rods before I build them one. All the comments are the same before and the looks are the same after trying it. I will add to this that I am building a lot of rods. I know a little about distance casting, having been ranked nationally with the likes of Arra, Big Dave, and Big Lou McKitchen from Texas. You can really lean into these rods and get big distances. Fishing with them is a dream. Getting older now I am always looking to "get lite" when fishing for many hours. I want a rod that will deliver a bait or a plug to where it has to go, to have the sensitivity to feel a lite tap and the ability to fight and land the big Bass when needed. I am not trying to say that the fellas that don't like the feel of "a little bit of rod" are wrong, I will just say try it and then comment.
  14. Nice an clear. Been looking for small recorder. Does it have a zoom feature?
  15. I'm in.
  16. My best find so far Daiwa 9000 Tournament. Guy was asking $25. I said "come on man it's a *** reel". Got it for $10. It was NIB, never even had line on it.
  17. Thanks Rook you got it right.
  18. Isn't that print done by putting ink on the fish and then transferring it to some type of cloth material. Sure wish I knew more about it, it really looks neat. Nice job to the guy who did it.
  19. In again, posted as #3 now again. Don't want to be forgotten on what looks like a great concept. (Little a$$ kissing never hurts)
  20. Pulled a guy back to the rocks about 30 yrs. ago at the old 12th street jetty on LBI. He got washed off by a large wave. I couldn't get to him to help without getting washed in myself. I did help get him in when he extended his rod tip to me. I was able to pull him back by his rod as he climbed up the rocks.
  21. Please don't say your going to be a lawyer.
  22. My last cast is when I see on the phone it is the 3rd call from the wife!
  23. This should get a "STICKY"
  24. Again this afternoon if you didn't get a hit within the first minute or two bait was gone (crabs)on the short dropper. The longer dropper at 14" seemed to keep bait for as long as I kept it out or till I got a fish, waiting as long as 20 minutes. Fished from 1 till 6 pm and had 18 fish to 3#, kept 3 for dinner. There was four others fishing and I counted 12 rods and seen about 7 additional fish taken. Not going to get into a pi$$ing contest with you 66. Apparently I must of hurt your feelings for that kind of childish response. It was not intentional. Sometimes it goes beyond Monkey see monkey do. I only asked some questions being new to this type of fishing and offered some results with a different approach. Once again thanks for the input Drako.
  25. Thanks for the reply Drako, Made up a couple of the rigs I talked about and fished at a few spots on the southern end of Hutchinson Is. this morning. One rod was set up with the short dropper rig that are the norm here and the second rod with my modified rig. Clam was the bait on both rigs. Both rigs were two hook droppers. Even with the 15 to 20 knot East wind I was getting to the outer edge of the bar. One thing that I didn't mention in my earlier posts. I tie my bait with an elastic thread that we commonly use up north when using clam for Striped Bass. This allows you to really get into a cast without throwing off your bait. It also makes it a little harder for the crabs to get the bait off. The results of 4 hrs. of fishing was 3 Pompino to 3#. Two of the three taken on my modified rig. One on the short drop rig which hit within a minute or two of the cast. Both rig types had small yellow floats just large enough to get the bait to float up off the bottom the lenght of the dropper. The dropper lenght for the short rig 5", for the longer rig 14". The most important part of this report was that EVERY TIME that I checked my bait on the short rig the bait was gone. Only twice during the trip was both baits taken from the longer modified rigs, other times only one bait would be gone but in most cases both baits were still intact. I tried to keep both rigs very close to each other to rule out one rig from being in a better area then the other. I am not saying that this is the most scientific test, but what it proves to me is that at least the bait was there for the oppertunity to hook up. Keep you posted on other outings. Next time you fish Pompino try one of my rigs and let me know how you do.