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  1. If you couldn't keep an established lawn alive due to lack of watering, you won't have a prayer getting seed established. WATER WATER WATER
  2. Another shot, to the top.
  3. Looking for 80 thrust electric trolling motor for salt water. Must be very good to excellant condition.
  4. How many plugs for a bulk spool of 40.
  5. Lime must be down for 4 to 6 months before you begin to see any results in the root area of grasses. That is the reason to lime in the fall so you see results in the first growing period after liming. You should test before applying lime. Not that it will do any damage to grasses but just a waste of time and money.
  6. Get off the parking lot. You are going to tear up that line real quick!
  7. Leave it as is. Let the family see the putz that he is.
  8. If it starts to rust......... get help quick!
  9. If skates are around the only way you can stay away from most of them is with a float rig to get you a least 18" off the bottom. But still expect a couple.
  10. If you want to find some really tight lipped, miserable, and down right ignorant fishermen try talking to a commercial Pompino guy.
  11. I have built many, sold many, and fished the CTS rods for almost 2 years. They are by far one of the best blanks that I have built, fished. And yes they are 2 pc., so what. I will agree that the first time I picked up this blank I was a bit skepitcule. (Somewhat the same feeling when holding my first graphite many many moons ago.) When someone is looking for a new rod I always have them cast one of my rods before I build them one. All the comments are the same before and the looks are the same after trying it. I will add to this that I am building a lot of rods. I know a little about distance casting, having been ranked nationally with the likes of Arra, Big Dave, and Big Lou McKitchen from Texas. You can really lean into these rods and get big distances. Fishing with them is a dream. Getting older now I am always looking to "get lite" when fishing for many hours. I want a rod that will deliver a bait or a plug to where it has to go, to have the sensitivity to feel a lite tap and the ability to fight and land the big Bass when needed. I am not trying to say that the fellas that don't like the feel of "a little bit of rod" are wrong, I will just say try it and then comment.
  12. Nice an clear. Been looking for small recorder. Does it have a zoom feature?
  13. I'm in.
  14. My best find so far Daiwa 9000 Tournament. Guy was asking $25. I said "come on man it's a *** reel". Got it for $10. It was NIB, never even had line on it.
  15. Thanks Rook you got it right.