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    I'm a shore bound angler always on the hunt for that next real rod bender..
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    Fishing of course but its always better with my children ..catch faces are priceless
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    Iam a ironworker and structural welder
  1. Make offer
  2. I will sell it for $80 mo. shipped
  3. That's a good deal let me see what I can come up with
  4. I had surgery yesterday to reattach the tendons and repair the muscle tissue. I'm in a little pain but it's fixed. I will keep that offer in mind if no trades come through . thank you
  5. I recently injured my left thumb nearly cutting it off and can't use my right handed 6500c3 http://www.stripersonline.com/content/type/61/id/1878811/width/1000/height/1000]
  6. From the album wtt abu 6500c3 for 6501

  7. From the album wtt abu 6500c3 for 6501

  8. that looks scary close to where I'm at in southern md ,st.Mary's county
  9. From the album Spring is Here!

  10. First week of April start throwing the biggest bomber badonkadonk in shallow areas with a deep drop with highflowing current on a incoming tide especially in early AM.also small to medium swim shads tandem Rigged ,with a yoyo retrieve ...of course sp minnows super slow over rubble and boulders with high flowing tide
  11. The okuma Was like new condition and definitely recommend any business through SOL with espresso ,honest man and he didn't even give the actual rod justice when seen in person ..awesome buy ,and look forward to saving up some allowance for one of those rainshadows..lol thank you sir!!!!
  12. Sounds like a winner to me, pm info and I will send postal mo if that's ok
  13. Sounds good ,do you know what splits they are and could you post a pic or two when u get a chance.
  14. Nobody????