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  1. I use this one from griffin and has served me well. Its nice and quick when tying hooks in batches of the same size.
  2. I would have asked if they were concerned about the pain a baby feels when it's aborted.
  3. The 3500 has the same frame as the 4000 and is only a few tenths of an ounce lighter with less capacity because of the smaller spool
  4. I have that same rod with a Daiwa BG 3000 with 20lb j braid 4 that I use for perch and schoolie stripers in the surf. I usually throw under1/2 to 1 oz bucktails and swimbaits for stripers in the trough and carolina rigs for perch. I like the fact that I can throw 2oz metal and SPs if the stripers are further out feeding on anchovy with the same rod. I have also used in bay for halibut and stripers but prefer my Stellar Light Fast Taper SG1020FT70 1/2 oz to 1oz with daiwa ss tournament 1300 for light tackle.
  5. Clear packaging tape. Won't stick easy to apply.
  6. Another vote for Stellar. I have a 1 pc 7' Stellar Light Fast Taper with Daiwa SS 1300 for light bay fishing. Great light tackle rod.
  7. I have the Suzuki 10ft with Penn Slammer 3 4500 and love it. I throw 1/2 to 1 oz swim baits & buck tails and can launch 6" SP Minnows in bay. I also throw 2oz Tsunami Talking and Cordell poppers and metal in the surf. I bought it for the surf here on the west coast (smaller fish) but it is also a great bay striper/halibut rod. A very light rod. Can throw all day. Hooked large ray or shark will drop shotting for halibut yesterday in bay and had to button down drag to keep it from spooling me. Came off when it straightened hook. The rod was stressed more than it would ever be for any halibut or striper that I have caught in these waters and it handled it fine. The Slammer 3 drag was pushed hard and it was nice and smooth before and after.
  8. I use the 3000 on a 7ft stellar light FT and an 8ft stellar light surf with with 20lb jbraid for striper,halibut and surf perch. I had a 4000 on the 8ft but the 3000 has better balance. I also have a Daiwa SS1300 that I put on the 7ft but only in the bay not the surf and it balances better than the 3000 which I use in the surf.
  9. I hooked a halibut every now and then when fishing for stripers over the years but this is the 1st year I actually targeted Calif. Halibut. Shore fishing for stripers in SF bay was very slow this year in May and June from shore and saw quit a few live bait guys catching halibut with smelt and started to drop shot for halibut with plastic baits and actually hooked a halibut on my 1st cast. Two cast later and I had another. The largest I have hooked this season was only 21" ( 22" is legal size) but would always catch a couple when I went out. The larger fish are easier to get early in the year and I will be ready next year to start early. I landed an 18" halibut this morning on my Suzuki rod and lost one which was nice as I went out more to get comfortable casting the rod with various lures. It is so slow in the bay I did not see any other shore guys the last two days in spots I would always see 4 or 5 guys fishing.
  10. Thanks ksong. I sent jane an email. The 10ft Suzuki rod is perfect for the kind of fishing(california halibut and stripers) I do here on tne west coast. I like to use light rods in the bay as the stripers are smaller and large halibuts from shore are not the norm for me. I bought the 10 ft mainly for light tackle surf but it is so light that it could replace my current 7ft Stellar Light FT, which is a great light tackle bay rod, when I need extra distance. The action is not like any rod I have owned so I will need to spend more time casting to get all that the rod has to offer. I have not hooked into any stripers yet and only managed to get a few large perch and smelt on the rod.
  11. Been fishing my new black hole suzuki 10ft rod with my new slammer 3 4500 with 20lb jbraidand it is a nice setup. It took some time to get used to the light action of the rod and get my timing down on my cast. It will launch and SPMinnow with little effort and will through a 1oz pencil popper further than any other light tackle rod I have. Very happy with rod and can do much more with practice. My only complaint is the rod bag started coming apart on the first use. Nice looking bag but not very durable.
  12. I just received my slammer 4500 from amazon and it has the bearing. Date code is A18 and the parts list in the box shows the sealed bearing in the line roller. The manual still says 6+1 bearings, box says 7+1.
  13. Just received m slammer 4500 and it is rev 2 A18 date code. The enclosed parts list does show a sealed bearing in the line roller. It also shows a bushing. I took mine apart and it is more of a spacer as it has very little engagement inside the line roller. I was going to wait for the spinfisher VI but for a $154 I could not pass up on the Slammer.
  14. Good info slowwride. I went back and forth on 4500 or 5500 but went with the 4500 because I don't run into a lot of big fish and can use 20lb braid on the open beaches. I chose the lighter 4500 (14.2oz vs 22.4) over the increased line capacity and 40lb drag.