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  1. The area you speak of... ticks, ticks, ticks, and more ticks... depending on the side, I actually walk IN the water for this reason.
  2. You get em in the back? Or is 'front' and 'back' grounds for spot burning these days? LOL
  3. For fluke, I drag gulps on a hi-lo with a bank sinker. Casts a mile and it works. For bass, more in the spring, I use hi-lo for ***CLAMS*** on a pyramid sinker and sand spike the rod with tension on the line at all times. This too casts very far. For bass, especially my middle of the night, fall trips, using ***CHUNKS***... definitely fish finder... holding the rod the entire time so the fish never feels tension on the pick up.
  4. Hmmmm... i wonder if that is the last 2 hrs bottom of outgoing... riddle me that
  5. I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. I quality pair of polarized glasses will change your life. It's even more important in gin clear / turquoise water and/or Caribbean sunlight... but still is a huge help even in the Northeast. I have owned a pair of Costa Del Mars since 1999/2000. Well, several pairs... LOL. I personally like Costa, but to be honest and fair, there are really only 2 companies to debate. Costa and Maui Jim. They are both expensive. Both are good. If I had to list differences, I would say Costa is more functional, Maui's are more stylish. The selling difference for me is WARRANTY. Lifetime warranty on Costa's is nice. I have shattered the lenses twice (saved my eye) and simply sent them pack, having to pay a minimal fee or maybe just shipping? for a new pair. Now I havent RESEARCHED each company in like 5 or 6 years... so maybe some things have changed? Maybe Maui has changed their warranty policy? Not sure. Either way, my advice to you would be pick EITHER company and SPEND THE MONEY... ESPECIALLY if you fish gin clear, turquoise water, or tropical areas.
  6. With all due respect to the person who said the best card is no card... I disagree. Yes, if you dont have the money dont buy it, but, if you do have the money, the card is a still a big plus if you follow some simple rules. For instance, rather than use cash or debit cards, I use the same credit card for everything. Gas, groceries, amazon, utilities, car insuance premiums, whatever... EVERYTHING. At the end of the month, it consolidates everything into one payment. Always pay it in full, always pay it on time. Now you have no balance, no late fees, improving credit score, and the whole reason for doing it... A ZILLION POINTS. I havent paid for an airline flight in a looong time.
  7. Both B&T stores near me have been "open"... aka, call ahead, pay on phone, pick up outside when you pull up. There are fish out there... no size for me... open beach... clams... they have been LONG casts for some reason... not many beach lip fish... all small.
  8. This footage really deserves more credit. Most white shark attack videos are surfers hit at / past wave breaks, or feeding on dead carcasses, or breaching vertically on seals crossing fast in deep water... what makes this video different is the proximity this shark was swimming in and out of shoreline rocks. Literally less than 3 ft off the rocks just off the shoreline. Makes you think...
  9. Where are you going specifically?
  10. What does one consider to be "some bigger fish" these days?
  11. In terms of quality fish, its been a 5 for me. In terms of volume of fish caught, its been a 3.
  12. It was the last keeper striper of its species being saved, taken towards the white light, God called it up ... leaving us only with death rats and plastic bags.
  13. This sounds like shenanigans
  14. Just a very quick survey to settle a debate I had going with a family member the other day. To this point in the year (first week of Nov), when you look back on the say the last 5 or 10 years of fall run fishing, fishing strictly from the surf, for you personally, would you say this fall so far is: 1) The best ever! 2) Better than most I've had 3) About average, on par 4) Worse than most 5) Worst I've seen