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  1. Probably a day late and a dollar short on this one... but my wife's family does a week long OCMD stay every year in August. We declined to go this year, and of course last minute the wife wants to meet everyone and I am somehow able to get off work. So... 3 days 2 nights... next week... Tues 6th to Thurs 8th we want to drive in. VRBO is fairly limited on anything left at all, it's either disgusting/horrible reviews, or like $350 a night with a bunch of added fees. So, figured I give this a shot eventhough it's a long shot. Anyone got a place available or know someone who does? We are normal people, clean up, and it would be me, my wife, and 4yr old... 2 nights... and we wouldn't be around much at all as we would be hanging out with the family at their pool during the day. $400-$450.... Thanks, Chris
  2. Oh yes... I've noticed...
  3. I have always wanted to know, if I spent the time kayaking out whole dead bluefish on the southshore all summer long, would I ever get any of the species I am used to in FL? Has anyone ever caught, in the history of surf fishing long island, a hammer, tiger, or bull??? Ever???
  4. SSV
  5. You can fish at Tobay? Thanks! I'm taking my family there after work and littering that beach with dead dogfish and short bass!!!!!!
  6. I can go into great detail, and talk for hours on each reason why... but just to make it simple, Long Island exemplifies the worst of everything. Period. Before you do what you're triggered to do, "rep where you from" and blow a gasket w/ that "passion" of yours... ask yourself why LI is hemorrhaging residents (just go Google population statistics and it pops right up, NY, NJ, IL, fleeing people at an alarming rate) why? why you moved?.... why you're going to move?... why you know so many people who have moved?... why you have so many connections in so many other states?... why you can be in a coffee shop or gas station line and hear people talking about other states?... Now, being around this all the time, your whole life, may lead to the conclusion that it is normal everywhere. It is not. Walking around public places in AZ, TX, NC, SC, FL... you will notice people are not constantly talking about leaving, they dont have family who left, they dont take as many vacations b/c they dont need to, no one, and I mean no one born in those places suddenly picks up one day and moves to NY, NJ, IL, etc.... The next mistake would be to say that this is not related to all other various sorts of problems (like 30 people lined up keeping everything, littering, pretending they cant speak English to the police, etc). It is. It's all tied in. In dozens and dozens of spider web ways .The general climate of high tax, high stress, not punishing crime, going lax on people breaking laws, not enough money to protect areas, not enough money to enforce things, people taking jobs for the wrong reasons only concerned with hitting that pension mark and leaving, etc. etc. etc...
  7. I have no problem helping people since I'm not from here either. I spent MY TIME over 18 years learning spots and such for the species in my home state, so when I came here I didn't feel I should have to spend another 5 or 10 years relearning everything in a new climate with new species, etc. Unfortunately, no one else on here felt that way and pretty much tossed it up to "put in the time and figure it out yourself, AGAIN." So as for the stingrays... I fish for them in July and August. They are simply not around in the colder water months. Usually from mid June to late August they are around. Look up "Southern Stingray" or "Roughtail" online... I never did figure out which one they are. They are not the cow nose variety (these are around, but the southern/roughtail are what you'll get 9 times out of 10 right now). Bunker... especially BIG 1/2 bunker HEADS will take them... especially after sitting for a while... like 30 min. Off the open beach, you'll get them and occassionally the big sand tigers too. Note, the sand tigers are around roughly similar times, and they do have teeth, these are not the dogfish which plague us most of the year while bass fishing with bait. However, if you really want to catch some BIG BIG rays... hit Jones Inlet coastguard or Sore Thumb further down (can I really spot burn stingrays?)... bunker heads wont last long here. I purposely take a Penn 12/0 and a belt out during these months just for a tug of war and then go home. Just watch the barb on the tail. As a side note, on this rig, I got schooled, line ripping across the inlet for over 15 minutes of being unable to turn "whatever it was". I would have thought I hooked a tree going out with the tide had it not been for the runs. Stingrays get MASSIVE, and suck bottom, and use the current.... but on this rig I always kick their ass.... after realizing I couldn't turn "whatever this was", and sun was going down while by myself, I wrapped the 100lb mono around the reel and broke it off on purpose. It prompted me to come on here in search of people who have ever hooked Sturgeon, since they get absolutely massive, but there is little information on such things and everyone just assumed I was full of it anyways.
  8. I broke one. I forget the model, but one of the biggest/heaviest surf spinning rods. It broke on the cast, right where the bottom piece inserts into top. I'm casting the big conventional one this year, the one rated to 16oz... I'm launching 8 and head fairly often and I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Doesnt bother me because of the warranty. Then again, all the conventional heaver people love the Lami 1361 and I shattered that one too, mid launch, at the point of max strain, while launching a 8oz and a head... it broke like 3 inches above the reel seat. I'd rather be breaking Mojos with the warranty. I put a lot of strain on these rods with heavy braid and heavy weight while launching them far... it will happen again and I'm not gonna change the way I cast.
  9. I feel your pain... I've done a few 2am night bunker soakings and only have a 36" to show for it. Everything else was either trash or small.
  10. Someone already posted the fence closures at Demo... but... just in case anyone cares... Gilgo drive on has also been cut short. I had the end of the drive on (no vehicles beyond this point) GPS'd on my phone... I just GPS'd the new ending this morning. The end result is they basically decreased our access by 1/3. The distal/furthest third of the entire beach is now fenced for no driving. Have a nice day.
  11. I have been using this guy and loving it. It has red, low light, bright white, it tilts, has a comfortable adjustable strap... but the real reason I love it is the few times I have been getting ready to drive to the beach and the light looked dim right before I left. NO SEARCHING FOR BATTERIES OR INSTALLING BATTERIES. I simply plug the thing into the USB port of my truck while driving... get down to the beach and its ready to go again.
  12. Go on YouTube... search for Stu Apte, Andy Mill, Howard Films, Chasing Silver... after watching a couple of those vids it will make sense.
  13. You're welcome. It really is the best of both worlds, like a braid / mono hybrid. I was out on the central south shore of LI this morning and had to battle through dogfish and weeds to finally find a bass. The weeds were horrible and weigh damn near 5lbs all by themselves. Just some small details... I leave the FG knot alone for probably 2 or 3 fishing trips unless it saw intense pressure... you dont have to change it EVERY single time. I'll re tie it on trip 3, or when I've changed the leader knot so many times that I can no longer make at least 5 wraps around the spool....whichever comes first. The hook and short leader piece get replaced everytime I go out... fish or not. The one thing I would mention, depending on what slider you use? Is to replace the knot from the 60lb mono to swivel every 3 bunker or so. The slider tends to make that 1/2 inch area of mono a little cloudy from abrasion after a while. It takes 10 seconds while throwing on another piece of bait to trim off 2 or 3 inches and tie another uni knot or whatever. If you use swivels as slides and they go over the knot and rest on the other swivel, you dont have to do this. But I like the blue hard plastic ones made for braid, and will continue to do the cut and retie thing like 2 or 3 times an outing.
  14. Listen... I was you! Was. ... I suffered your misery for a long time. Verbatim. Braid to mono to braid to mono to braid to mono... over and over... back and forth... seriously. More times than I will type. Here are a few things: Yes, if you are gonna use conventional for 6nbait or 8nbait, and use mono, I will say Suffix tritanium is the way to go from the surf. I like it in 25lb but lots of guys probably go smaller. In the end however, I settled on braid, figured it all out, and love my setup. #1 - If you are gonna use braid, which I would, the most important thing is size. Do not go small. Having a snap mid cast during max pressure, or having a snap while the line is flying out and hits a guide or a stuck part in the spool from being buried... that is all much more likely with small stuff. The smallest you should ever go is 65lb... but I use 80lb and would say 80lb is perfect, it's the way to go. It is so hard to explain this in words, but the thicker braid, it's just easier to work with all the way around. Eventhough you dont actually need 80lb for anything, it's just easy to work with, no digging, no wind knots, no breaks.... #2 - Some braid types just suck. Some are prone to digging. In my mind there are really two types. Original PowerPro (not the new ones, no super slick, etc.) and Sufix832. Of the 2 of them, I would give the nod to Sufix832 but I fish 2 conventionals and have each type in use. It. Does. Matter. #3 - Do this anyways, but especially if you are getting breaks during a cast... add a mono top shot (or whatever people decide they want to call it). The way to think about it is the braid is for sensitivity / feeling bites (why I dont stay with mono btw), it's for no stretch hook sets (another reason I try to love braid over mono), and it's for flying off the reel during mid flight... braid is NOT what you want trying to pull a fish on the beach in waves (stretch helps here) and you dont want it contacting your rods and guides when making a cast under maximum pressure (stretch helps here). You are putting a ton of pressure on that rod and guides when you launch 8 and a head and have that rod bent over during the launch. Make the braid have no part in this. Tie an FG knot to mono, make sure you get the knot wrapped around the spool like 5 to 10 times and you are set. Whatever that is, 20, 25ft of mono maybe? Just some other things to throw out there. INSPECT THE **** out of your guide rings, especially the top one. The TINIEST spider crack will turn 100lb braid into dust during a cast or hook set. After catching a fish, gently toss out the weight, with half the strength of a normal cast, with no bait... and reel it back on nice and uniform. Just an FYI... I use a 12/13ft (I forget) St Croix Mojo rated for up to 16oz. The reel is a Penn Fathom 25N. Not that either of those matter. I launch the **** out of 8 and a head, or 10 and a head. I have not broken my line since fishing with this setup. Not once. Here is what does matter: 80lb Sufix832, FG knot (its streamlined, wont break, wont hit guides), 60lb mono (not leader material, just keep a spool of Ande or Big Game around to waste on this part), reel on enough mono so that it wraps the spool 5 to 10 times and you still have room to cast, cut it off, slider, swivel, short (actual leader material) of 80 or 100lb mono (or whatever you use) snelled to a hook. Done. I have a video if you want.
  15. Just to share... at high tide at night it gets a "stream"... water is not that deep, but flow is quite fast. Definitely not a place you want to slow down or stop near... I drove on 2 hrs prior to high, and found this stream blocking me in on the way out. I was the only one on the beach... pretty neat... ; )