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  1. Have everything together and ready to mount an anchor / drift sock set up but haven't done that yet. As far as the Fish Finder goes: That is a Humminbird Piranha portable unit that runs on AA batteries. The batteries are in a waterproof compartment located in the base. It works out well for me because everything else I own runs on AA's. Besides that, I store my yak on a rack at the lake. The transducer and cable wrap up inside that base and it all folds up very nicely for carrying home.
  2. Another thing I have thought about was to use about 1 foot long by 3" or 4" deep mesh pouches and hang them from the scuppers on each side (hanging inside).
  3. Here is what I did with a Pungo to help out that situation.
  4. I got over there Wednesday and we fished from about 1:00 until 7:30 pm. We fished out along the Jetty from Camp Ellis and then back up the river fishing both sides. I got one schooly. Got a call from ScottO a little while ago saying he went out with a guide this morning and realized we hadn't actually made it out to Biddeford Pool. That's where the guide took him. Said they did great and at one point he and his son each had 31"ers going at the same time. He can't fish tomorrow and probably won't get back out till Monday. I was thinking about driving down again (a little over two hours each way)for high tide tomorrow morning or Sunday morning but I'm not sure how to get out there to the Pool. Scott said there should be a way to get out there and park closer rather than fighting the currents all the way from Camp Ellis. He said I had to get out around that point of land with the monolith some how. Any advice???
  5. I managed to pick up a schooly using one of JoeV's tubes yesterday. ScottO and I were fishing out of Camp Ellis launch. We fished from about 1:00 pm until 7:00 pm , covered a lot of ground and didn't see but one other fish being caught out on the Jetty (ocean side).
  6. JD I talked to Scott on Saturday and was going to try to get up there and tie in with him Wednesday or Thursday. Keeping an eye on the weather and hoping for a positive response when I pose the question to my boss. Roger