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  1. Jsbergen, realized i didn't answer the question, and i can't. It's not one of the real early ones but i don't know when different runs were made or even when eely's were made last. look to Vanstall steve, SC,Bob jones, Capesams, etc. not me.
  2. it would have been 89 i think was working for Pat abate and Sherwood LIncoln at River End. the small 5 inch dannys and eely i got from private seller around then were in package. then the next ones i bought were around 94 i think.
  3. The first ones i saw had more of a elongated eye, the lips didnt sit as flush to the body,the tail wrap was a little different. just like the dannys, but the ones i had could have been 80's. mine were fed to bluefish a long time ago
  4. i use 6 and 8 pound fire line with a 4 to 10 lb leader. I did not like the 500 size reels with fire line or mono. I use 1000 and 2000 sized reels even on the UL rods. A lot of the memory problems you have with the xl is because of smaller sized spool.
  5. Thank you for the reply.
  6. Looking for a simple camera for fishing and hunting. Thinking something cheap like coolpix 100. I do not know what blue thooth, or wifi or any of that other stuff is and i dont care to.I do not carry a cell phone so that camera is also not a option.doubt i will be down loading any thing on my computer just want to be able to go to walmart or cvs and get my pictures. Any opinions on simple cameras is appreciated. Thanks
  7. Seen 4 other 20 H&R's including mine that hated hornady sst's.
  8. Heddon made a (heddon king basser) or (salmon king basser) that had strung hooks on the bottom . very similar
  9. Thanks, Steve
  10. Steve, Do you have any of the new ones to compare color?
  11. Dan, has them
  12. Have a mullberry tree in yard and have had greys 20 feet up, when fruit is ripe. Not looking forward to trapping this year, still have fur at NAFA and a bounced check from last month.
  13. the bear that killed the goats in killingworth ct is dead.
  14. no
  15. That bear is not going to be a problem again. it came back to the goat pen.