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  1. Just got my order today. ordered on 3/13 wish there was a 3rd option to order from
  2. Let it dry for a few days before sealing or painting
  3. this is a first year building for me. I spent 2 winters going thru just about every post. After searching all posts on a couple different sites there were builders i had alot of respect for. When it came to hydro testing i figured if they thought it was worth it i would do it to.
  4. Lindy Shadling
  5. a year or so ago when all those Baribault(spelling) were on the auction site. i think there was a lipless or 2 that looked liked the originals
  6. I have caught on some nasty smelling eels that i have kept using. But when they get that i found more problems like hooks tearing etc. I also just tuck them on the side of my bag so it depends on the how bad smelling they are and how the fishing is.If your eels in the freezer smell bad it might be time. with the new circle regs i will be using rigged eels a lot more as to not bring attention to an eel container
  7. Bass assassin "glass shad"
  8. Thanks, the last couple of weeks tried flex coat, envirotex, and system 3. i like the harder finish of system 3.
  9. Steve, is there still any stores that carry them, my searches came up empty, gave up about a year ago. thanks Derek
  10. Looks good, i have always liked fishing small surface swimmers. first winter building for me and been playing around with some different designs. between types of wood, weight placement and lips i have made some real junk. At least i can copy the one that have worked in the past
  11. I just wasted a couple more minutes of my life.
  12. if more woman were like that there would be no problem
  13. slipknot had an how to article on tiger maple needlefish..i remember he said it was inspired by an old john needlefish. think it might have been on another site. no other info, i think
  14. Drew, i Dont know if you have the same useless, un educated, lazy mail man i do. I am only a couple miles north of you, but he has no problem putting it in the snow next to the box or delivering it to the wrong address.