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  1. Steve, from what i saw here, Bobby made these with a couple different lips, Have you got to swim both? or what ever different styles were made. Not that i could find any but just curious .
  2. jsbergen, i give you credit for trying, but its like talking to a wall. Bunch of people could have answered the original question in this post with helpful answers, you included. most wont bother any more.
  3. I have a 1201l with 8 inches of the butt and a couple cut 3 and 3. For the most part its the only rods i use. I probably reach for the 3 and 3 a bit more. I don't think most people could tell the difference if you cut 6,8 or 10 off the back
  4. I think Rohm made a gun similar to that. Also some older 22 blank guns look similar
  5. Super strike bullet
  6. mega strike shad
  7. The new eelie with red marked lips. Maple or just more weight? and does any one know the weight?
  8. Gags,
  9. From the 2 i had to rewire there was some lead flashing wrapped around the wire at the back, but i can't remember how much.
  10. Skafars neon wax
  11. Drew, what hook are those the eye looks huge, I need that. Thanks Derek
  12. Drew, is the 4 weight 4pc or 2. thanks Derek
  13. to make matters worse and prove how much of a neanderthal i am, in 99 or 2000 i bought a few high end fly rods. I thought they sucked felt way to stiff to me . I went back to mid grade and low end rods and could cast them great.So i am really fishing 30 year old technology .That being said it probably doesn't matter all my fly fishing is full sinking lines in stillwater or streamer fishing in rivers. I bought a bunch of cortland 333 and 444 full sinking double taper lines when they stopped making them. Because of my shoulder i dont fly fish as much and when i do its mostly sloppy roll cast, technology isn't important. Lately i have been reading more about euro nymphing etc and was thinking about a newer rod.I know i can stick a nymph and indicator on my seven weight and do just fine.
  14. Thanks for the reply Mike, I think i am starting to get the new rod idea out of my system.Have plenty of 20 year old rods that work just fine.
  15. From being on the other side of the counter , it would be great if customers didn't come in telling you how cheap they could order it from some place else.