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    moved out to paradise last year and loving every minute of it !
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    fishing, running, cooking
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    sous chef
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  4. thanks guys .... thats what I did - grilled w/ a grilled pineapple salsa and blackbean/corn rice. Came out great but the locals may be a little freaked out by the dish
  5. getting some mako shark in tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had some good recipes or ideas they'd like to share .... thanks
  6. Thanks M - yeah - absolutely loving life here. things are well and couldnt have asked for anything more. The cooking opportunity just came long at the right time and just trying to absorb a tremendous amount - constantly learning and get to be creative - came up w/ some feature apps tonight - Mussels in a Thai red curry cream broth and escargots w/ smoked tomato butter, shallots & garlic. Still getting used to the hours as I am just getting home now - but on the plus side I have the morning and early afternoon to play - hope all is good with you as well
  7. Havent logged on in a while but just saw this thread - I took a night course about 10 years ago at FCI (French Culinary Institute) called La Technique - basics of cooking - really excellent way to get the foundations down - at the time I was still in insurance and toying w. the idea of cooking professionally. Couldnt do it then but as of March I'll have 1 year under my belt as a sous chef. Working at a restaurant called Blue Canyon in Montana and absolutely loving it - that said. Classes, schooling etc is really no substitute for working in a professional kitchen. Another world, but now at least I'm doing something I love - punching a clock rather than talking insurance smack. Of course you can't beat the setting either - Northwest Montana definitely check out FCI --- I know they have some weekend classes as well and you can't beat the staff (except for maybe CIA) - cheers
  8. Thanks guys .... will do - alot of people use them for plowing in the winter and at least I'm told that the 500 should have enough power - I'm checking it out Sat - I thought the price was a little steep as well but supposedly the plow and ramps are brand new and the winch is another extra.