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  1. This is sad news indeed ! Steve is a great guy and yes he is one of those people you want to hang out with . Andy , Charlton and et al sorry about Steve's passing . You guys always had fun together in Jersey . Going to miss his stories . My thoughts go out to his Family and his other friends ! R.I.P Steve . Your Friend ChrisL
  2. I guess I am lucky . My Wife hates me and has for the last 39 years . I havent been in a store at Christmas in over 40 years ( dating years ) , I buy what I want and I dont know what she gets . Then the Girls get everything . My Wife Loves Them ! Ok so I get to Fish on Christmas Eve and Day ! I am Lucky ! Merry Christmas Brian et al .
  3. Cant top that one .Awesome story !
  4. Scoobie Thanks for another informational video ! Now I have another reel I will have to add to my rotation . Spare spools are cheaper but not the same as a new reel . Not too sure on the handle but the rest of it is nice . Especially the sealed berring under the spool . chris
  5. I have been crushing down my barbs for 3 decades in FW and in the beginning I didn't have enough steady preasure on the line and had fish spit the hook on a jump .Some of the water where I fish there are regs that state you can only use barbless . One place I fish is only single hook lures . I find it more challenging to land big fish with barbless lures whether it is single or treble hooks . I have also gone to single hook barbless where I can . I do it to get hooks out of me easier too .
  6. Remember a bad day of fishing is still better than most anything else ! You my Friend had a great time Congrats !
  7. I dont use a net either . Dont like them for many reasons . I own 3 ,even a new one with plastic netting . Never carry one on me but there is always one in the vehicle . Have never lost a large fish due to no net . Follow the birds is right in freshwater too . Watch for eagles in trees and fish those waters .
  8. Try cooking the cheeks of bluefish . They are awesome little medalions . I concur with using either milk or mayo over night . They must be bled and iced right away for them even to be edible .
  9. My thoughts and prayers go out to your wife , you and your family
  10. I have a Saranac that I use with both my Daughters . They swim and wear pfd's as do I ( lead by example ) . The roylex sounds really nice . Personally I would be way more worried about my kids in an inflatable than a canoe unless it was Military grade construction .
  11. Nice Fish !
  12. These are 2 of the smaller trout of the 8 I caught today with the same rapala countdown . I used size 1 and 3 for rivers and 5 for lakes . In freshwater I pretty much only use these and a rooster tail . These fish are not wild but the countdowns work well for the wilds I catch ( only size 1)
  13. I used the screws in the side windows to add a cloth strap rod holder from side to side has a " pocket for each rod " and I just break the rods down due to a 5ft tacoma bed . Sorry no pics
  14. Bennie If your looking into a serval cat , check your local laws . Some states , cities, towns have banned them as wild . I think they are awesome animals but I can have one .
  15. I have a 50 and 60 same reel different sixe spool for saltwater . Have owned them since they first came out . Never an issue and still smooth . I also have a 20 that I use frequently in freshwater also very smooth and strong drag , caught a few trout over 5# on that reel . Would I buy again . sure would !