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  1. Its a great site and has awesome people that share knowledge . Have many good memories with people who frequent this site .
  2. I have 2 daughters who I fish with . My wife took part in that aspect of my fishing . She likes that I fish !
  3. Tim I am sorry to hear of your Dad's passing . Its tough for sometime but the memories are there for ever
  4. Did you ask in the Fishing Industry Insiders forum . Tony from Penn can answer that question if anyone can .
  5. Thank you so much Tony . I probably would have ordered the wrong washers . Thanks again
  6. Tony The fierce 11 2000 uses 3 felt washers . If I upgrade to HT100 washers , do I use the same amount of washers (3) ? I like the ht100 drag I have on my battle 2500 a little better . which ones fit better replacing 56-2000SG Washer 57-2000SG Washer56-2000BTL washer Thank you for your help .
  7. Ande line, I have been using it for a very long time for both fresh and salt waters . I have also used 4 and 6 # trilene xl . It has less memory than xt . Ande back country for trout fishing since it came out . Ande premium for saltwater .
  8. What I want to know is how many lazy phone guys do you have in your area ? Stapling drops to a fence ? really ! If you did it to get lines out to garage I get it . So to the topic I use 2 aqua skinz bags on my belt 1 small and 1 tall small . works awesome for me and has for many years .
  9. Hope all is well Steve . Get better soon . Praying for the best
  10. Awesome collection Tim . Its a really cool hobby and one people should do with their kids . Lots to learn and finding them is cool too . I have a full Mammoth tooth that i found in Alaska in 2005 . Somewhere I have pictures < on one of my computers . I brought them to the museum at work and they showed me their collection of mammoth teeth , a whole room full . I am elated with the one I have . That's so cool that you found them near home . Keep up the hunt and good hunting .
  11. Thanks to my Brothers and Sisters : I hope you had a good day today ( and everyday ) . God Bless
  12. Truly a talented guy . Would have loved to seen him doing a show . He has so much talent and heart . Wish I spoke Turkish . He just loved what he did , man does it show .
  13. My thoughts go out to his Family and Frinds its a shame to hear of Jon's passing . He was a real good guy . Always willing to help and give good advice . I was lucky enough to meet and fish with Jon . RIP Brother
  14. There you go dude ! Nice catch ! You will find that most people that tell you junk like that are no better a fisherman than your average 12 year old . An expert ( I use the term loosely ) would have congratulated you or said nothing at all and continued to fish . Don't let it bother you . You will learn your own niche in fishing . Some people catch a lot of fish on bait and or plugs . It depends on a lot of things , which will work best under what conditions . You will do fine they way your going and i am glad you didn't listen to him . It's nice to hear you were able to catch fish this time of year in the western sound ( not a spot burn ) LMAO Keep it up and be safe
  15. Those drain pipes are too big and heavy for your plug bag . . nice stash ! Your on your way to a heavy addiction .