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  1. Gramps took the time to get his detailed information on line . I am glad it is still out there for people to use . Yo Dave
  2. Wow that isn’t right ! And a gated community? What is this world coming too ? You can’t even trust the gated people who moved behind a fence to be safe . Time for a house to house ! No cameras in gated communities? They could have been your best rods , it just stinks when people are this low ! sorry !
  3. Excellent information on a new knife. Thanks
  4. That’s really too bad they blew you off like that. That’s bad news and sad . They used to really helpful . sorry for that !
  5. Did you try Lamiglas ? They may just send you one . They were always good to deal with . It’s been a number of years since I have reached out to them .
  6. Thanks Steve. The mind is a terrible thing to abuse !
  7. Forstlite thank you . I added the other ones I have . The mind is a terrible thing to abuse !
  8. Fishpond makes a sling pack for most needs . I have 2 fishponds they no longer make . I have had them for a number of years and still in great condition . I fish 4 days a week when my back allows . Check out their selections. Plus they are make from recycled line and nets .
  9. Hello all it’s been awhile . I was wondering who could help me out and possibly identify the plugs below . I have forgotten who built them. I know they are or were members of this site . Thank you
  10. Les Claypool is a fishing finatic ! All awesome songs !
  11. Just Fishin My Daughter had this as her Father/Daughter dance song at her Wedding in 2019 . Just Fishing by Trace Adkins . A fishing song couldn’t be any truer . Brings a tear every time I go fishing and play that song . I will now have a Mealie worm to fish with . My Granddaughter Amelia .
  12. When ever I spoil any type of reel . I reach for Ande outback or Ande Tournament. Fresh or salt . I never have issues other than memory. I change line every few trips . This is what works for me .
  13. This is sad news indeed ! Steve is a great guy and yes he is one of those people you want to hang out with . Andy , Charlton and et al sorry about Steve's passing . You guys always had fun together in Jersey . Going to miss his stories . My thoughts go out to his Family and his other friends ! R.I.P Steve . Your Friend ChrisL
  14. I guess I am lucky . My Wife hates me and has for the last 39 years . I havent been in a store at Christmas in over 40 years ( dating years ) , I buy what I want and I dont know what she gets . Then the Girls get everything . My Wife Loves Them ! Ok so I get to Fish on Christmas Eve and Day ! I am Lucky ! Merry Christmas Brian et al .
  15. Cant top that one .Awesome story !