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  4. Sold pending payment
  5. As the post states immediate payment, cant wait till next year bud, I was originally asking for 775 for both then priced dropped it to 725 for both, but to make a deal I'll do $700 for both which is a steal...each of these builds where $600 each...with all that you see, and 1 piece blanks are not made any more because of shipping issues from New Zealand. Where do you live I can meet sunday halfway on the east cost from mass to Virginia. Driving is no issue for me.
  6. I've used, a z25 or vsx 200 beautifully on it but I also used my z22 on it as well. All 3 fit balance great. Its staff grip cor when your clinic g rocks etc...but I've used it for fighting as well. Yes I go to most shows, I can drop off there with no problem
  7. Yes all the CTS I am selling are the older 1 piece rods, except the S7 im selling which is a fused 2 piece into 1 Piece.
  8. Pice drop $325
  9. Price Drop $350
  10. Price Drop $350
  11. Price drop $375
  12. Price drop $350
  13. Yes
  14. No trades sorry