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  1. I live in hunterdon county but willing to meet you somewhere halfway if needed
  2. New Jersey I can meet today or ship tomorrow
  3. New Jersey
  4. Bump make an offer if interested.
  5. No only selling together.
  6. Excellent condition serviced early 2018, I have several set ups so this one wasn't fished very hard. Thining the herd. 8/10 Cosmetically 10/10 Mechanically, Comes with everything you see in Pictures including box and registration card. PayPal Only I cover fees and shipping. $675 and its yours...a steel for this reel!
  7. By it self I want what I paid 40, but I still pay fees and shipping
  8. I'll go both for 70
  9. No problem
  10. Sorry I paid 40 the big pike and Danny , and 35 for the small pike....these are brand new. I'll do 70 for the 2 Pike. Or 95 for all 3
  11. Brand New Euro Jets Small Pikie, Giant Pike and Danny Used Luna Pencil and Big Fischer Pencil. $160 Shipped
  12. Sold! PM COMING
  13. Sorry man $40 is the lowest I'll go
  14. Guys these plugs are well priced I'm covering shipping and PayPal fees, I priced them this way to be fair. I can't do that man I'll do 80 for both to give you a break since your buying 2. Hope ya understand...