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  1. Ocean City Intermediate School Fishing Flea Market is on March 7th. More details coming soon!
  2. Check out the Daiwa Ballistic. I just picked up the 4000ex and it is super light. It's magsealed and with waterproof drag.
  3. Vlad, it was great fishing with you and you were a life saver . Thanks for the ride. Maybe I'll see you up there next week.
  4. Liked and shared
  5. I'm in!
  6. Jersey Bait and Tackle, which is mentioned above and No Bones Bait and Tackle, which is at the base of the Rio Grande bridge as you enter Wildwood.
  7. AC is def. getting a Bass Pro SHop. They break ground this Fall. The rumor is Cabelas is again interested in the AC Race Course in Mays Landing.
  8. This year will be our 7th year running the show. It will be on March 2nd from 9am-1pm at 1801 Bay Avenue Ocean City NJ. Admission $4. 90 table with all the gear you need for the fishing season. Fred Uhlman from No Bones Bait and Tackle will have tables at the show, and will be running a back bay flounder seminar starting at 11:00 am. Money raised for this show goes directly to the Intermediate Schools fishing club. You have two great flea markets covering the state of NJ. Ocean City on Saturday and Berkeley to the north on Sunday. Make it a flea market weekend.
  9. We are all set for tomorrow morning. If you are in the Ocean City, NJ area stop on by.
  10. John, There is a stipulation you need to now giveaway your Van Staal. Congrats Buddy
  11. Sean, I love those rods. It handled that 42# bass I caught a few years back easily. Can you guess who this is? LOL
  12. Alan, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always look forward to your reviews.
  13. I sure hope none of that relief money just approved by Congress goes towards the plovers.
  14. Sudsy, thanks for the response. I had a feeling that was the case. Bump for you. I'm sure someone out there could use them.
  15. Are they compatible with GoPros 2?
  16. I'm in! Merry Christmas!
  17. Got a pair of waders from LL Bean. Love them. Best part about it is if something happens to them I can return them for a new pair.
  18. Saw this and wanted to share it here. ‎***ALERT**The cops in manahawkin, NJ are looking for a truck that says "Big Al's tree service" with North Carolina license plates. They are stealing your money. Call the cops if they knock on your door. **PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION**
  19. Glad to say FinAtics made out ok. They lost their vending machine and bait, but water did not enter the shop. The water made it to the 2nd step, which was the first time water ever made it to their wall. The stories from the shops up north are terrible.
  20. I know Bill and Ed are itching to see how FinAtics in Ocean City fared. They are high off the ground so hopefully no water got into the shop, but the flooding in that area didn't look good.
  21. I can use my VS150 on my 9.6, 8", 7.6" and 7". Matches up perfectly on all of them with a little tweaking on the 9.6"er.
  22. This is one hell of a deal. A brand new one just the kayak is $2550. With the trailer and all its a steal. Good luck.
  23. Steve, its based on what the store received from their order to VS. A shop makes an order for a certain amount of VS, lets say 10. VS also sends 10 pliers. Once they run out of those pliers that is it until there is another promotion. Based on your explanation it seems as if VS did not send them enough pliers. Hope he gets them it is a great deal. To good to pass up.
  24. I used aquapac, but switched to a lifeproof case. Hasn't failed me at all.