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  1. What is this part? Is it a position sensor? Plastic tabs that held it in place seem to have broken off. Would a make shift strap hold it in place good enough?
  2. DNR emailed me back. The Decal is not transferable with the boat as it is tied to the previous owner.
  3. Safe to assume Master Debaiter with DNR? Just wondering if that is why you call him "the man".
  4. Anyone know if a MD fishing decal transfers with the boat? My boat has a decal from the previous owner and I am not sure if I need to buy another to replace it or if I'm good to go until it expires.
  5. Who prefers slam latches or cam latches on your storage doors? I will be replacing all (8) doors on my Cape Horn soon, currently all slam latches. All are very aged and most have broken hinges, some have broken latches.
  6. Picked up my new to me center console...Cape Horn 21 with Mercury 250HP 2 stroke. I will have lots of questions...below are my 1st (2): Fuel - should I run non ethanol or regular pump gas with a treatment like startron? previous owner used the treated ethonal gas. Mercury's site actually states that ethonal is not bad for the motors but I keep hearing that it is. What is the best oil for a mercury? Quicksilver Synthetic blend?
  7. That is all I found as well. This rod seems to be in good shape and was kept in a sleeve.
  8. Anyone know the history of this rod?
  9. Everyone that I’ve seen having troubles have had tires with small sidewalks. More tire less wheel! (With adequate airing down) Factories seem to be pushing sales of big wheels (20”s etc) that are only good on pavement and “look good”.
  10. Not 100% sure this is a fly rod but it is old and I have no idea when it was made or who made it. Does anyone remember seeing one like it before? Odd rings at the reel seat area that are not anchored down in any way. Both rings slide loose up and down the cork handle.
  11. Very good. My nephew got some in VA and we grilled it at camp this past weekend.
  12. Tires are gone to a good home.
  13. That's about right. We had 4 tuna that were all too small.
  14. Fished AI on Saturday. Nothing exciting for me. A lot of horseshoe crabs and dogfish. Took a charter on Sunday and got some Mahi Mahi.