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  1. Very nice work gents...
  2. Any idea how much the fine is?
  3. I have a 2008 Venture that was sold to me with my boat. Had to fix her up for inspection, brakes, lines, lights, one bunk and get a replacement VIN sticker. All normal to be repaired with the age of the trailer (in my opinion). Venture was so wonderful to work with when getting the VIN sticker that I even ended up buying bake parts and the replacement bunk from them too. None of the parts were overpriced and they shipped to me (from Baltimore) very fast. As for maneuvering, tandems take a little more push to make tight turns but I think your overall radius will be dictated by the trailer/boat length. My boat is 21', a bit heavier than yours and I would not haul on a single axel. When I do haul I go about 4-5 hours each way. If I have a blow out it is nice to have the second tire to keep the axel and frame off the ground.
  4. Selling as a lot for $50 plus shipping. can do local meet up in OC MD or Western MD.
  5. Cleaning house and selling many soft rubbers (mostly worms) as a lot. $45 plus shipping. Local meet up preferred in OC or western MD so you can dig thru the bags to see what your getting.
  6. Really depends on your location. Where are you located?
  7. Took the boat out last weekend and completely removed the broken sensor. Removing the sensor did not cause any problems. I do not have any type of display/indicator telling me the position of the motor trim. I wonder if this is actually more of a safety that kills the motor if lifted too high (prop out of water). There was only 1 wire from the sensor to the motor and 1 short wire from the sensor direct to ground (motor bracket frame).
  8. Just an update. Did a lot of Misc small jobs, will have the trailer MD inspected tomorrow, MVA one day this week and the wife and I will be taking her to OC for our first trip. Making a 4 day weekend out of it in case we find things that need immediate attention. Completed so far: Fixed (2) bilge pumps (existing that kinda worked). Rewire straight to batteries will be a winter job. Replaced all but one of the hatch covers Updated all safety equipment Got a coast guard inspection on the boat Replaced trailer VIN sticker Boat registration Replaced brake lines and all four brake drum back plates Repaired front trailer bunks Fixed misc trailer lights Installed plugs that were missing (anchor box and fish box)
  9. What would you suggest for a cracked cowl? Is it worth repairing or would you find a nice vinyl sticker to cover it and prevent water penetration? previous owner installed a knife/plier holder in the space the motor goes when lifted. Was cracked when when I purchased. Would you be worried about water getting thru the crack?
  10. Honestly guys, the bilge area in my 21'CC empties out very fast with my existing 800GPH pump on battery #1 (tested it with a water hose in the back yard). So I will be mounting the 2nd pump slightly higher so that it kicks on only if the primary fails. It will be on battery #2, and I may add an alarm #2 as well. Might run some tests with the boat in the water to make sure pump #2's height does not allow the scuppers to drop below the water line. All direct to the batteries with fuses and SPDT switches (Off/Auto/Manual)
  11. Did not think about that.
  12. Thanks all! I will plan on (2) pumps in my bilge, one direct connected to each battery. I think I will mount one at a higher elevation to work as the back up. the existing pump is a 800GPH and I will match the new one...should be enough for my 21' CC.
  13. How many of you that leave your boats in the water all season have rewired your bilge pumps direct to the battery (with fuse protection). My factory wiring is thru the battery selector switch and then on a toggle on the dash. Leaving the main switch on with everything energized seems like a waste...the battery would die too fast with all the unnecessary loads. I think I will connect it and a back up pump (mounted higher than the main bilge pump) direct to the batteries.
  14. What is this part? Is it a position sensor? Plastic tabs that held it in place seem to have broken off. Would a make shift strap hold it in place good enough?
  15. DNR emailed me back. The Decal is not transferable with the boat as it is tied to the previous owner.