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  1. Just keep hiring and protecting these ****ing psychopaths. It's not like Americans will ever start fighting back, right?
  2. No matter what, I still doubt Johnny Depp will win. She's clearly a lying psychopath...But as far as I can tell, it's all but impossible for any man to win in the US court system. Even though she admits to physically attacking him, getting a US jury to ever side with a man is next to impossible...And even if the jury sides with him, the corrupt appellate courts won't.
  3. If you can't hear him. The media virtue signaler says "nobodies wearing them". And the guy replies, "including your cameraman".
  4. Yeah, I'm thinking your site wouldn't last too long if you start banning everyone who provides info to people, that you want hidden.
  5. Wait a second, 2 cops essentially destroy evidence by shutting off their cameras to make prosecuting their fellow cop more difficult, and your big problem is that some internet dude said children could have seen his pecker as he's laying in the street? Is it also wrong to say that he could have killed children while driving blackout drunk? I've never seen anyone have a problem with that statement.
  6. Jesus ****ing Christ. Are you just inventing laws now in order to justify police thuggery? "Moving pretty fast right past a police stop". The thug claimed she almost hit him...She came nowhere ****ing near him. The thug claimed she ran from him...He never even turned on his lights.
  7. How is this "political". I'm posting about cops attacking innocent people for sport, and all of their fellow cops helping them frame the victim. I'm posting about cops essentially destroying evidence in order to protect their fellow cops from prosecution. What exactly, is "political" about that?