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  1. I felt like **** yesterday. Fever, chills, headache. Slight pain at the injection site on my left arm. And my whole left shoulder and the side of my neck were really stiff and sore yesterday, but getting better now.
  2. Chicken or the egg?
  3. And no, I don't know what "stockery" means.
  4. I dare you to tell me that this is stockery...Bitch.
  5. Never really liked this world anyway.
  6. Well that's not a fair assessment. Everyone's a good person compared to me.
  7. I'm probably on the spectrum...Or I'm just a weirdo, it could go either way. Does having Autism distinguish you as a good person?
  8. How long before I know if it's going to give me the autism?
  9. You'll never take me alive.