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  1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button On Prime.
  2. Apparently time travel is a thing now. LAPD chief says George Floyds death is the fault of looters.
  3. I have one somewhere...It would definitely put you off your looting game. Not sure it would kill you, depending on what part of the skull it hit.
  4. I guess no squirrels will be looting his store.
  5. Does the guy in the middle have a pellet gun?
  6. Different colored Floyd.
  7. Dinner was hours ago.
  8. Well, then don't act surprised when people lump all cops together.
  9. Gee, maybe you "good" cops could do something about these "bad" cops...That is kinda your job, right? The reason these bad cops exist is because the supposedly good cops cover for them. Not sometimes, not occasionally, but as standard operating procedure.
  10. A lot of the looters I saw in California and Boston were showing up in cars.
  11. Or it could be that the protesters and the looters are completely different people. From what I've seen it looks like the looters are just using the protests as a distraction.