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  1. The cop was in an unmarked car, talking on his cell phone. So I doubt he was too worried about people looking to kill cops (you retaliation for cops doing things like shooting random unarmed people, "because officer safety comes first".)
  2. I can't find an embeddable video. But you can watch it here:
  3. This really seems to be the new "cool thing" for psycho cops to do >>> Show what bad-asses they are by shooting through their own windows/windshield. Recently: - A cop shot through his own windshield and gunned down a 911 caller who was told by the 911 operator to flag the officer down. - Two cops fired 76 shots through their windshield and windows at a suicidal man driving away from them with a BB gun, shooting up an entire neighborhood in the process. - And now this thug, who apparently really, really, doesn't like panhandlers.
  4. And one of the main selling points of the MAX was that airlines could save millions because it wouldn't require simulator training. That's the whole reason the MCAS system was created, and why it was kept secret...
  5. 346 people are dead. I think it's safe to say it was "potentially deadly".
  6. Boeing spends between $15 and $21 million a year in DC. (This site is blocking the links. Google "Boeing lobbying".)
  7. Yeah, no ****. Even after Boeing decided to quadruple the power of the system, the FAA was just like "yeah man, whatever". If you buy enough politicians you can do whatever the **** you want. The regulators only serve to create the appearance of oversight.
  8. They didn't tell anyone about the MCAS system until after the Lion Air crash. "CBS News has obtained audio from the American Airlines pilots' union confronting Boeing about new features to the 737 Max that may have been factors in two deadly crashes. Frustration boiled over during the tense meeting in November 2018, less than a month after the first Max crashed, and four months before the second crash. "We flat out deserve to know what is on our airplanes," one pilot is heard saying. "I don't disagree," a Boeing official said. Last October, Lion Air flight 610 went down off the coast of Indonesia killing 189 people. Investigators believe a faulty sensor triggered the plane's MCAS anti-stall system that repeatedly pushed the plane down. The pilots at the meeting were angry that system was not disclosed to them until after the first crash. "These guys didn't even know the damn system was on the airplane — nor did anybody else," one pilot said."
  9. Boeing put deadly software on their plane and hid it from everyone because they wanted to sell the plane as not requiring expensive new training. Who's responsible for that if not Boeing?
  10. It turns out that Boeing also gave inaccurate information to the designers of the flight simulators. "...Boeing recently discovered that the simulators could not accurately replicate the difficult conditions created by a malfunctioning anti-stall system, which played a role in both disasters. The simulators did not reflect the immense force that it would take for pilots to regain control of the aircraft once the system activated on a plane traveling at a high speed. On Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, the pilots tried to follow Boeing’s instructions and manually adjust or trim the horizontal tail — called the stabilizer — using a large mechanical wheel beside the pilot seat. However the heavy forces on the tail made it impossible to move the wheel. It’s this condition the flight simulators failed to reproduce..."
  11. Why are they selling these planes all over the world, if only Americans are good enough to fly them safely?