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  1. The tricks aren't that good anyway...But the girl is cute. I dig the accent.
  2. Nevermind. From the New York Times:
  3. Seriously, deal with your back. Trying to "tough it out", could leave you in pain for life.
  4. I'm surprised he's not being vilified as a sex offender.
  5. If there's nothing vital that needs power, you should probably focus on not hurting your back any worse rather than fixing your chandelier. I'm pretty sure that chandeliers are gay anyway.
  6. Do you have continuity? And where's your back hurt?
  7. Do you have any rodent problems? Little ****ers might have chewed through it.
  8. Here's some that are less "bony"...More soft and cuddly.
  9. They're all going to be abnormally tall. Usually 5'9"+...So just like a lot of basketball players, they're going to be somewhat scrawny looking... At least that's my theory. But I'm a dumbass, so....
  10. Apparently, Huggies Photoshoped a thigh gap onto a toddler, and now all the "Mommy Bloggers" are pissed.