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  1. Two things that have worked for me in situations like this in the past are: 1 - use a jig or large tin and let it sink below the bait giving it a small twitch once in a while on the way down. 2 - Put on a big pencil popper and make it thrash like mad around the edge of the bait.
  2. I've had one good outing so far where I caught double digit slots but other than that it's been 2 fish tops most trips. Macks are still around but had to really look for them this past weekend.
  3. Did okay this past weekend off the rocks. 7 slots one morning 22-26" in about 2 hrs. but they would only take fresh mac chunks. Tried sluggos, swimmers etc... nothing.
  4. I had a pair of waders from LL Bean that were 8 years old and leaked badly. I brought them back and they exchanged them without any problems. The guy behind the counter even said the particular style I had was known to have issues with leaking. BTW Bean's also sells Simms and the warrantee is good on them as well.
  5. Google Eldredge Brothers.
  6. So, I've noticed that the floor of my Eastern has developed two soft spots right around where the access hatches for the bilge and the gas tank are located. I opened the hatches and there is some rot right around the immediate openings, but the rest of the floor feels solid. I don't have the time or the $$$ to replace the whole floor this season. Is there any temporary solution that I could use for now? Thanks.
  7. Nice fish!
  8. I've got a 1998 f-150 4 x 4 that's always run fine. Lately when I get up around 60-70 mph it starts to run really rough and when I let up on the gas it rumbles and shakes until it gets back down around 55 or so. Also when you step on it the engine goes but it is not smooth and feels like it's missing some power. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Well, I took to truck into the shop and it turns out it was a two part problem. No problems with the ignition system. It was running rough at idle because of a bad fuel filter and the vibration, clicking, etc.. was due to having two bad u joints. Got both items fixed and the truck runs as smooth as the day I bought it. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I haven't driven the truck for about a week and when I drove it today there is a loud, fast "clicking" noise when I step on the gas to accelerate. It only happens when I'm at a stop or going very slowly but goes away once I'm up to speed. I've got an appointment to get it in the shop at the end of the week.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I did have the all the plugs and wires replaced about 2 years ago because it was doing something similar but at that time it was running really rough at idle and was causing the check engine light to come on.
  12. I like the chug bug too but the Tennesee Shad color with the orange bottom has been the most successful in the rivers / marsh in early spring for me.
  13. Nice. I have a friend who emailed me this morning with pics from a local spot of a 22'' and 26'' salmon.
  14. nasty critter
  15. The harbor is at the end of the street. 5 min bike ride to the marina and the bay.
  16. West point skiff here. 16 ft w/30hp works great.
  17. small Mepps spinners or Pins minnows work well for me.
  18. Got about 5 inches on Friday and close to another foot already today.
  19. We had trees down all around us but never lost power. My oil guy stopped by yesterday and said I was the only house on his route with the lights on. Two blocks either way the power is out.
  20. I'm in. Thanks.