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  1. Was in the boat all day yesterday and again this morning. Managed one 25 inch striper and one little blue. No birds, no breaking fish... nothing.
  2. I just had the tank drained and the carbs cleaned out. Fresh gas and stabilizer were put in. I ran the boat once then it sat for 4 days. I took the filter off and dumped it into a jar. Here's the results.
  3. The gas came from the filling station down the road from my house. I've always filled the boat up there as it's on a trailer and I've never had an issue before. The only things that have been physically changed in the last 6 months (when the problem started) are the new filler cap and a new line from the filter to the engine. The boat does sit at a slight angle towards the stern (so that rain will drain out) and when it rains the water runs down the gunwale hitting the side of the filler cap on it's way to the stern. The cap has a flange on the side that faces the bow and an o-ring between it and the gunwale. I would think that if the tank itself was leaking then wouldn't some gas leak out too? There's no gas smell in the bilge or around the access hatches where the gas line comes in to the tank and where the gas line exits the tank.
  4. Yes and yes.
  5. Bill, the boat is a 1985 Eastern with the original 52 gallon tank.
  6. The marina mechanic drained 15 gallons of old fuel out and the tank was as "empty as he could get it." I pumped it out when I got home and couldn't get anything else to come out. I added fresh gas, the appropriate amount of stabilizer, a new filter and ran the boat for a whole day around the bay. It ran great with no problems. I went to start the boat 4 days later and it would turn over but not start up. I have an external 12 gallon tank that I hooked up and it started up and ran no problem. I took the filter off and dumped it and well... The only thing that I can think of is that it rained really hard for one of those 4 days. Maybe water got in that way? The filler cap was replaced last year and I can't see any other way for that much water to get in. If it's a leaky tank then it's really got a leak. I'm going to replace the floor this winter so I guess I will do the tank and all the lines too once it's opened up but man that's a lot of water in there. I will just have to run a couple of external tanks for the fall run.
  7. Macs are definitely still around. We hooked up a couple dozen on the way out this morning. No stripers. Nice day on the water. Going to see if the fishing is any better after dark tonight.
  8. Finally!!! Serious success last night. Over 20 fish between two of us from shore. Full moon and lots of bait in the water. All fish were between 22"-28" and nice and fat. If I can manage a little nap today I'm going to try it again tonight.
  9. Stand 24 E 12th St New York, NY
  10. I went out yesterday morning and for the first time this summer got skunked. I was fishing from shore at several different locations along a 10 mile stretch of coast. I hit every honey hole, bar, out flow etc... nada. Not even a bite. On the plus side my friend went out in his boat last night and got into some large bluefish just before dark.
  11. My old mercury 115 may have finally bit the bullet. Got a call from the mechanic today and he says there is was a lot of water in the gas. He's going to drain the tank down, pull and clean the carbs out and see what he can find. He pulled the plugs and noticed some rust which makes him think there may be water further inside. Bummer.
  12. Yep. I got my best fish of the year this morning.
  13. All lobster traps in Maine have to be tagged. The tags are provided by DMR when you are issued a license. Even recreational traps have to be tagged with the owner's info. Nobody but the owner, Marine Patrol or harbor master can legally move them.
  14. Me too. I've got a big Lami rod and a 704z that never get used. This weekend looks perfect. I'm sure I'll run into you at some point as I'll be cruising the same area.
  15. I'll be out there. Will we see you?
  16. I really don't want to do this but I've got a bunch of medical bills from earlier this year and insurance didn't cover as much as I thought so these gotta go. Rods: Custom honey lami MB 1083M 2pc 1-3oz conventional, fuji seat and guides $135 shipped.SOLD Custom black lami BSB 1363M 2pc 4-8oz spinning, fuji seat and guides $150 shipped. Reels: Classic Penn Squidder w/ original box and spare spool. Used but in decent shape. $60 shipped SOLD Mitchell Nautil 6500 yellow. Used w/box, bag, extra spools, 30lb PP, etc... $115 shipped. SOLD Penn 704z NOS spooled and cast once. Includes box, wrench, bail kit, etc...$150 shipped Penn surfmaster used in excellent condition $45 shipped Abu Garcia 6001 black sideplates, carbontex, power handle excellent shape $70 shipped SOLD Abu Garcia 6001 black sideplates, works good, got some battle scars $50 shipped
  17. It's alive! Mechanic drained 15 gallons of fuel/water from the tank, cleaned the carbs and adjusted the idle. Ran her today on an external tank and everything was fine. I'm going to tear up the floor and replace it next year (boat is 23 years old) so I guess a new tank is in order also.
  18. One thing to remember too is if you are in a boat shut your engine off and drift into position or use a trolling motor if you have one well before you get to the spot you want to fish. Fish on the flats are easily spooked and if you come roaring up to your spot and loudly toss your anchor over the fish will be long gone before you can get off your first cast. Had a guy do this and completely ruin what was a great morning of fishing last week.
  19. Fished yesterday evening after work until dark. Did okay in skinny water w/the flyrod. Landed six fish and missed a few others. All were 22"-27" and very fat. Got out at dawn this morning and could only scare up a couple of fish in a hole that usually produces well. Going to try it again after work.
  20. I've found that the old reliable spots from years past just aren't producing the way they used to. There's still some fish to be had there but seeking out new places and trying something besides the same old tactics have been more productive this year so far.
  21. Landed a handful of fish this week. Mostly upper slot sized but there was one nice 36" mixed in.
  22. My college roomate had one of these boats when I lived in Fl. and it was awesome. We used it to fish the flats and rivers from St. Augustine down to New Smyrna. There's a web site I ran into once where a guy in Fl. had a sweet set up with a custom jack plate, 25hp motor, polling platform and stick steering. I can't post a link because I think he's a guide but google Gheenoe and Black Fly. Here's a few pics.
  23. My parents live in Stonington and according to my dad there are a few macks around but no bass yet.
  24. I've got a full canvas enclosure around the cockpit of my boat and noticed yesterday that one of the snaps in the bottom corner is missing. The top of the snap on the canvas is okay but the bottom part where it snaps on to is gone? There's just a small hole where is used to be. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  25. Live pollock work well along the ledges. Also try large "Grocery Pollock" flies.