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  1. Used a handfull of times. Excellent condition with box, bag, extra spools, washers and papers, etc... $135 shipped.
  2. AJ, PM sent about your friend.
  3. Reel sold to RCruelles pending payment. Thanks SOL.
  4. Not yet.
  5. AJ, PM sent.
  6. Rod sold to Charlibonz pending payment. Thanks SOL.
  7. Let me see how much shipping is going to be and I'll let you know.
  8. Rod is still available.
  9. New price $125 shipped.
  10. Charlibonz, rod is still available. $225 plus shipping.
  11. I'll check these and get back to you.
  12. Because the Mac will run XP better than the Dell when you need it and you can turn it off and just run the Mac OS when you don't need XP.
  13. Terrence, PM sent.
  14. Noon bump.
  15. If you want to run all you Window's apps, files, etc... on a Mac, you need to purchase software called Parallels. You can install it on the Mac and then you can run Windows and Mac OSX side by side. You can even drag and drop files from one OS to the other. My whole office is Mac only, not a Window PC anywhere in the building, but all the accounting software we use runs on Windows/Parallels without any issues. What kind of external drives do you have? Are they firewire, usb, etc...? Most likely you can use them with the iMac but I'd need to know the make/model to be 100% sure. Macs are very easy to use. I got my parents one last year (retired in their 60's) and they had never really used a computer before. Now they are online, emailing, using Skype to video chat with the grandkids and my sister in Korea, etc... If you no longer want the headaches of worrying about spyware and viruses do yourself a favor and get the Mac. You won't regret it.
  16. NIB Abu 7000cl, made in Sweden, black side plates, never even had line on it. Price reduced $200 shipped. NIB Abu 6500cl, made in Sweden, black side plates, spooled with 30lb PP. Price reduced $125 shipped. Used Mitchell Neptune 7500 (same as Nautil), yellow, good condition, spare spool, bag, no box. Spooled w/20lb big game. Price reduced $100 shipped. PayPal, MO or check. See pics below.
  17. I just got in, I'll call in the morning.
  18. 6500 sold to pdvet pending payment. PM sent. Thanks SOL.
  19. Sorry, but that's less than I paid for it and it's brand spanking new. I put 30lb Power Pro on it, gave it a test cast and it's been back in the box ever since. Lowest I can do is $125.
  20. Deal. PM on the way. 7500 sold to Left Bank pending payment. Thanks.
  21. You know you want it... just say the magic words...
  22. I've got a 9 1/2 foot breakaway allstar 2pc rated 1-3. I'll see if I can get some pics and details up when I get home. It's a great rod, it just dosen't see alot of use as I have waaaaay to many rods. $120 shipped.
  23. Slingah, good to see you back.
  24. MDM, I've got a bunch of stuff that I'm going to be putting up for sale over the next few days. If that 1084 is still available when I'm done, I just might have to make a trip down and take it off your hands. I've got a VS150 that needs a good home.
  25. Arrowana - if you can do $90 shipped for the 7500 it's yours.