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  1. Wow. Thanks for the suggestions. I think the solution that my plumber was talking about was the indirect fired tank. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Riddler you are right on the money. Neighbor came over and took a look and he turned up the temp on the aqua-stat and that made a dramatic difference. He also thinks that the coil is not operating as efficiently as it should be. The boiler is 20+/- years old but I don't have the $$ to replace the coil or the boiler so his suggestion was an external electric tank that's preheated by the boiler for about $800.
  3. I finally gave up and called my neighbor who is a retired plumber. He thinks that it may be a bad mixing valve at the boiler. He's going to stop by this afternoon and take a look. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks.
  4. Well I took the cover off and found the adjustment for the temperature. It's a little plastic ring with a set screw that you can adjust. I adjusted it to the warmest setting (set screw backed all the way out) and turned on the faucet. It worked great for about a minute or so and then the water started getting cold. The boiler kicked on and when that happens the water usually gets really hot so that you have to turn the handle down in the shower but now it just gets lukewarm with the handle turned all the way to hot. If I back off on the handle even the slightest amount the water turns ice cold. Also the water pressure in the shower head is now stronger than it was before this started. The pressure in the tub faucet is the same.
  5. Ok, I'll take it off and give it a try. Thanks. BTW the hot water is on demand off my boiler.
  6. Just one handle. The further left you turn it the hotter it's supposed to get.
  7. So out of the blue this morning my water pressure in the shower changed. It's flowing much faster than it used to and now the hot water only lasts for about a minute and then its cold water only. If you turn it off and wait a few minutes it gets hot again but then runs out quickly. All the other faucets in the bathroom and kitchen seem to be working fine. No pressure changes and they all have hot water. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. The truck is a 1998 f-150. I took it to Palmer Spring here in Portland as I don't have a garage available to work in at home. I did get both sides done as the guy at the shop suggested. He showed me the other side and it looked like it might go on the ride home. Thanks again.
  9. Bingo. Upon further inspection (in the daylight) that's what happened. Busted a shackle bolt and the end of the leaf spring and it was knocking against the bottom of the bed. Thanks.
  10. I was driving home today and hit a small bump in the road but it made the back right side of the truck sound like it fell off. It made a loud noise like someone hit the bottom of the bed with a hammer. I stopped, got out to look and didn't see anything obviously broken so I slowly drove the rest of the way home. It did make a similar sound when I made a hard right turn onto my street (two loud cracks) then again when I pulled into my driveway (again two loud cracks). I can't see anything that looks loose or cracked underneath. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be leaving this one to someone who knows what they are doing. No sense in screwing it up and having to pay double to get it fixed later.
  12. So the previous owner of this property renovated the bathroom but when they add the tile floor and the baseboard trim the radiator no longer connected to the pipe in the floor. Any easy fixes for this?
  13. I was fishing in the dark on a local beach one night a few years ago. I was about waist deep when all of a sudden something large and heavy bumped me across both shins. I just about jumped out of my waders as whatever it was hit me again and again as I started walking backwards out of the surf. First thought was a shark then .... a dead body? Nope. It turned out to be a 3 foot piece of driftwood that was rolling around in the wash. Scared the #$@% out of me though.
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