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  1. Fish bucket unless things change it is unlikely you will see a meeting with the trolls as a group. It is suggested that when you do get here give a shout and some perhaps may show up for a breakfast at Leos
  2. Thank you chris for your kind words and My door has always been open and I can agree with you . At times the passion seems to override how one evaluates the process at hand to a point that we all lose our direction and the commonality . It is much easier to give a hug once in the while rather then constant ways to cause disagreements. I give and take hugs fairly easy as most here will tell you . I often ask myself How can one be so right and yet so wrong all in the same process. How is the fishing in N Carolina a Place I have often thought about fishing, but never made the trip . Its just a dream away however.
  3. in Sandwich removing a good part of immature Oysters being propagated for the fall harvest by recreational shell fishermen It has been written that these immature Oysters may well be harmful if they are eaten and that thousands of dollars in value were stolen over the past two weeks . The town is still evaluating the actual loss to see even if they will be able to open the Oyster beds this fall. This is a heart break for the town as our new Natural Resource Department have been working hard to rebuild this fishery for the future . The plan was to reseed some of the creeks others locations to propagate some other areas in and around the creek beds for future harvesting . Now it is all up in limbo
  4. looking at those fish and how they appear, one wonders why any one would want to purchase them in such bad quality in the first place. This is a typical case of stacking fish, with not measures to keep them from spoiling and the lack of enforcement to give out a real good message that this should be treated as a violation of the environment and have different regulations to punish such types of poaching from occurring.
  5. This fare is an introductory fee which is bound to increase before to long, if the ridership remains constant
  6. from another time brings me to a point upon where I post this / We had a discussion recently about the Lepers a group of fishermen who fished behind Play land in Bourne many years a go and we received some information from Trout Man about an old picture he had sitting in his collection of some of those who made up the group. Since he was among the group, some here wanted to see some old photos. I received those Photos in the mail today and now will need to find some one willing to get them on this post . The fishermen in the group picture I recognized are Brad[Hawghunter] Pohler Owner /Inventor of Hawghunter lures, Joe Cavenaugh[Joey] [Trout Man] and Bob [Huff] Langley [the one and only one] The ones I do not remember are Richie ,[Derellict} Moore Jim Lydon[Jimmy] and Billy ,[Mr. Canal].Doyon . It is with great anticipation that we get this photo up here so that we can further discuss some of the old times when it meant you fished with some ethics . Along with some old faces here we may get perhaps a better picture of what it meant to be a Leper
  7. My facts are not mixed up at all It was mark who told me the story and that is as vivid today as it was when he told me . Bourne over time has had shell fish stolen like any other town and mark is the one with the vivid imagination that in great detail was spoken when it happened as I recall in another time. You need to speak to him
  8. Bob you might want to go back to post 11 where you were the one that first mentions Bourne and it became part of the discussion and now you have decided that I can not mention Bourne? Which is i? No one is throwing any Mud against any wall and you are right, it was Mark that i had the conversation about how Mark just spread shell fish in a location and that the local tribe made a midnight raid on them and nothing can be done if I recall all of the details correctly. If Mark told me it was Hogs and it was Oysters then My memory is as bad as yours.
  9. Joe I do not know if any one has stated this , but to my knowledge it all came about from a grant from an outside source. It does not reduce the value , however it does reduce the burden on the taxpayers . Many towns are able to obtain grants in some cases to purchase different needs through the year and it is simply a way that town budgets get satisfied. Some one is paying the bill , perhaps some one that is in a financial cash flow or what ever. It happens all the time and all that is needed is some one apply for and fill the paper work out that meets what ever the requirements may be. I have seen even towns like Bourne, Mash bee , Barnstable and Plymouth in the paper often being about a grant that was excepted for one reason or another. Its a matter of finding the grant to fit the purposes the town is looking for.
  10. Rob the water lacks the nutrients to allow the Oysters to sufficiently grow and the first batch they released at the end of last year we had in the creek for almost two years and they were most all shy of the legal 2.5 inch size unfortunately, so they sought and got a special order[from DMF] to spread them before they all died or so I was told. The oysters did not have a whole lot of meat in them from those who harvested and ate them , unlike Barnstable
  11. You and every one looking in know that the town of Bourne is no different then any other town that grows seed from quahogs and Oysters to be raised and spread for the recreational and in some case commercial users . That is the facts of this conversation and if you want to deny that by your own admission that you had any shell fish, no matter if it is quahogs or Oysters removed illegally on your watch, so be it.
  12. Does it really matter it is just a matter of the discussion that this can happen to any town and it does . Even to the Town of Bourne
  13. Then Oysters
  14. Bob then who did you say in the dead of night removed all of the hogs you just spread out on the beds that time, it sure sounded like you were talking about the local tribe to me Perhaps I was incorrect, but that was the topic of the discussion that we were engaged in at the time.
  15. Joe back in post #43 I thought this question was ansered , where I posted that according to the conversation I just had with the dept. That ONe whole row of cages plus two bags were emptied Some from last years stock and some from this years . The size ranged from thumb size to 2.5 inches. No numbers as to how many from each years growing Every town at some point in a growing season has seen shell fish stolen or once they disperse them ,. even in Bourne it happened. At least that was what Bob G told me about bandits stealing hogs after he raised and dispersed them . He put them on beds during the daylight and they vanished during the night, some thing to do with native American rights . Then again down cape they seem to have some being stolen between the farmers with grants. Hard to stop , unless one has a strong monitoring policy in place
  16. Kujo experimenting is the only way you will find out for sure . So what ever you decide to use and go to give it a try, for you just may be surprised as many of us were back in another time. It is only by putting in your time will you satisfy your quest and it should be a positive revelation. All of the places you mention are great during some part of the year for various species , you will need to establish that on your own Good Luck and do hook up with Shark Lobster it will reduce your learning curve a tad
  17. Joe he has already indicated other stops along the way once he was up and running from his original proposal . so for me that will happen most likely next year . It is sure to interfere with those who like to fish some places that have become popular. The times is coming when he will be advocating for a fence along the whole route as well to help keep the train on schedule, which was also part of his original presentation to some..
  18. Given that some who commercial fish in boats have been finding it tough to put fish in the boat this year, stacking has raised its ugly head and once again the Cape Cod Canal its prime target . The recent regulation that any and all fish 34 inches or over shall have one fin on non selling days came to light during this last bust when those stacking the fish for the selling day found themselves as part of the bust and were sited. It will interesting to see if they receive a fine or given a slap on the hand . The Environmental Police have become more aware of this practice that crosses many ethnic and cultural backgrounds . For the fish and the resource they are a little late and a dollar short in my opinion , but we shall see. Hopefully the list will be available for all to see, when the time comes The striped bass resource needs al the help it can get and in any form
  19. This describes the itch and having had it in another time, it is one nasty process to undergo . especially when you get it throughout the whole body . Thgis was brought up in previous posts to watch out when the water gets to warm it helps to increase the process, which a doctor can help prescribe some anti itch prescription of Benedrel if I recall correctly It tokk almost 3 weeks to completely heal back up and having clothes on top of you made it even worst.
  20. is like stealth fishing at night , no one can see you and the sounds of what are happening are distorted and very hard to determine where it is coming from. These past two days reminds me of another time when fishing in the fog was just an extension of fishing in the dark . Sounds heard no matter if voices or fish breaking did not seem to be where you thought they might be. A good time to spend along any shore line enjoying the solitude of what mother nature provides can be a very rewarding time as a fishermen, so get out and see for yourself if in a boat it gets a little scary, but if you are aware of your surrounding a good time will be had by one and all
  21. You can strip a mackerel for a trailer that will also work[just put it in cosha salt to harden it up a tad and keep in fridge prior to using
  22. Spoke with department this morning They got a whole row of cages, plus two bags empty every thing into what ever container they were carrying. They got a mixture of stock from this years and last years that was near 2.5 inches . Other then periodic checks no means of security was provided unfortunately to prevent what occurred. Made a few suggestions and they are talking about cameras and lights as they are limited as to where they can can grow them as the substrate is not conducive to just scattering them Suggested they install a cable through all the rest of the cages and lock the end of it to the last cage . This is under the environmental police department for investigation, so we wait to see where it goes from here. Who knows every one thinks that it went to some other farm as was posted here , but most likely gone forever. It happened during the dark of night from the conversation. They will ask the locals on the road to see if they might have some vidio that would help.
  23. Words of wisdom for all who fish to appreciate for in the end fishing is never just all about catching fish , but what we get to see, touch hear, while we are doing it. Where we follow the ethical standards that make our sport the pinnacle of nature. It is times like this that we often wonder if the man upstairs is watching over us as he allows us to witness some of his wonderment's in life he has created. A Special moment in time for sure.
  24. Dolphins from a distance this morning looked like a blitz of huge bass this morning as they surrounded the bait they were chasing . The boat got pushed into gear and headed for the splashes about a mile away. The water was absolutely alive with white water as the dark sided Dolphins did not compare to a large school of big mommas moving like a rocket through the water. Once we realized what they were, we turned off the motor and just admired the grace and beauty of what these family oriented animals offer. We had at least two different pods , some 30 to 40 animals in each pod all gracefully fining the water with the dorsal fins . A site in deed and now the fun begins as some of the warmer water fish filter into cape Cod Bay . Tuna and Bonito not far behind all working over the maundering schools of mackerel and juvenile pogies. it the time of the year to enjoy what we have left of the summer, before the chills of autumn prevail.
  25. I do remember that great time talking over coffee about the times that once made the Canal famous and as well known as it is today. The old names of those who came before us that set the bar in many places on how to fish the place. I am afraid that the caller was not up to the task when I brought it aboard Little Sisters on his charity trip for us old guys try as I did The magic call was not working. Yes if you are able to get copies of the old Lepers I would be more than appreciative to place it next to my old friend Mr. K of Canal Fame and Mr Whitney of Race Point fame. Nice to get reminded about some old times once in a while as a reminder that we were all part of the history we all call fishing when it had a little more value to each of us then what it seems like today in some situations