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  1. Think about a penn 650ss it should go could with that rod
  2. I can recall a time when we also hand fed some nice bass in the 50 pound range for the better part of three years at a local hot spot we fished . Where the fish would rest after swimming around in the could set a watch by when they would make the grand entrance up inside the power plant and just sit and digest what they they had picked up for the day . We would throw some chunks over the fence and watch them devour what we hand fed them with. I managed to hook one after I had fell off a roof and obtained my legs back to walk . It took me to the middle of the canal before it came to the surface and showed me her tail broad as one I have seen. By this time i was down on my knees working the rod and reel and could not stand any longer. The fish came to the surface all done in as I was. Just as I was able to regain some strength a boat came along and she got off the hook when the passing wave hit her. She gave one flip of the tail and she was gone . Good thing for I do not know how I would have ever got her up and onto the rod at that time . Moments from the past that live on in memory . Peace and Prayers
  3. Well sometimes those fishing for them fall into the same category. When I see rows of folks casting on micro fish with long rods and expensive reels and not catching I wonder who is . Some of the fish are smaller then the plugs they are using to entice them to hit. No one is catching , fish have full belles from all of the bait and yet folks continue hoping to be the one to catch a 20 inch fish among those fishing . When the fish get finicky as we say small is better rather then large . Small plugs, small metal , small flies . When pods of bait are swimming un molested its time to take a break from the usual gear and change to something else , well that is if you want to have a fight on the end of the rod or just keep casting into the water like peas in a pod with empty hooks. Peace and Prayers
  4. have been finding food in my yard and for what ever reason all have made a showing also with the next generation. Especially the two female turkeys with new born this year waiting each morning now to be fed along with there mothers. , today they came back for a second feeding and the little ones are a bundle of joy to watch. Our resident rabbit has two little ones that also make a show and play chicken with the turkeys , although they are more apt to be moving around in the evening. Now the Hummers also are having some younger ones at the feeder, this along with all of the beautiful flowers this year has been a pleasure to have a nice yard for all to enjoy. Especially my resident free roaming chickens from my neigbors picking up ticks with two roosters has been a nice time on the back 40 Peace and Prayers
  5. I have found that when the tomatoes are half ripe that removing them and placing them on the window sills they get riper faster and you do not need to worry about the birds[catbirds and chipmunks [ leaving them with scars and picking holes. I do this with my strawberries, beach plums as well with great sucess in getting clean fruit to work with Peace and Prayers
  6. It could happen That s for sure Peace and Prayers
  7. Joe it took a long time to get that mentality going and many so called accidents happened along with children being hooked by one uncaring individual along the way . Well if it had been a rooky it might be called an accident , on the other hand it was not. The person received much pressure for bringing attention to the area. Needles to say since that area has slowed up , the group now has moved to another area in the canal to continue to disrespect proper canal fishing manners, while those fishing stand by and watch it happen. The day may come when they issue permits to fish and or park like in another time to abate this disrespectful attitude. Peace and Prayers
  8. Back when I began fishing the big ditch, most every one when throwing plugs stood on the road and made there casts. If they had a backlash they would have another rod standing at attention waiting to be picked up and cast. When most were down below on the rocks they were live lining herring or chunking and ever one present for the most part were all doing the same thing . To mention John would be to say that he had a good example from his father who often when i was fishing near him would always be on the service road making his cast. and chasing any one that got closer than a light pole away. Those were the day however where more respect was given to those already set up fishing then today. Peace and Prayers
  9. When it comes to safety its bad enough when you need to be watching where you set up and stand, never mind having some disrespectful fishermen casting over your head .This is a practice that was perpetuated by well known canal fishermen and carried on by them when they were in there gang groups and that is the shame to think that they disrespect those around them as well as the sport itself by doing it in the first place Peace and Prayers
  10. I use an empty havaheart trap placed in the run way with no bait and only one end open . The chipmunks are almost non existing and the rat population as well. The squirrels are popped with pellets and so they also are very limited. The rifle with its high powered scope works well on chipmunks in keeping them down
  11. Joe with out question I can recall the day . I told him that he was to close and when I put a cast together he would wind up getting hit and that it was not a good experience. I often carried two rods one was a conventional and the other was a spinning rod . If the fish were not seen on top I would cast the conventional with a jig and If they were on top I would use the spinning rod. The conventional was cast from my left side and the spinning rod from the right. The rod not being used would sit on the opposite side from where I was standing, so if the fish began to break on top I would lay down the conventional and send the plug out . That requires a little space to do safely . They both moved off the pipe before they even made a cast as they realized they would be placing themselves in harms way especially when I told them That I will not looking over my shoulder to see if you are standing there with a cast. and the plug hitting you would be nothing like having a 5 ounce jig hitting you like I often fished with back in that time frame Peace and Prayers
  12. Joe has words of advice that I would also spray all of the guides with wd40 , reel and then wipe it down after spraying fresh water softly on the rod and reels I have used. To much water pressure on the reel can drive water inside the reel , which does make for some sticky situations.
  13. It is with out question a complete disrespect of how one needs to be fishing when they choose a location on the canal to fish and find a way to bully themselves into position on THE spot you spent a few hours holding before the right current made up. Back in an another time NO one would dare to force themselves onto your location. some one had already set up, no matter when that may have been , without serious consequences. Some times it happened right away and some times it did not. Often it would not be worth the time, but when it the time occurs that this or these individual are now fishing the same location , we simply would get right in between and wait for them to say something. Then the answer would be if you can do I can do it as well . Now we had a real good band of fishermen we fished with during those times and if it got sticky we all stood up for each other and gather around the party that had disrespected the situation and what ever happened was that they realized that backing down was better than they realized before they engaged the situation. No one owns the canal or any other spot they fish , however those that arrive , set up at a location do own until they leave and any one joining them needs to be in sink with what they are doing and not the other way around. The gang of thieves as we call them should be tought a lesson and if it means a swim than that is what is needed or crossing the lines and reeling them up, If you are set up at a location using jigs than every one else should be in the same rotation as you are along with jigs and visa versa when using plugs or live eels or chunk bait or they should go some where else and fish. Because some belong to a local club , tournament, does not give them any special rights to the location which was already taken prior to them arriving. If you give them an inch they will take a mile . If you can not confront these types of folks its time to move to another spot and then another and then another. I often spent 4 to 5 hours sitting on a location before the fish would arrive and never ever took kindly to any poachers or encroachment that I deemed was a safe fishing area, that I had spent all of this time just waiting for it to become alive. Peace and Prayers
  14. David you are getting some good advise and perhaps it would be better to have you come over the house and actually show some of the various ways you can keep eels long times . Having a live well tank or round container that holds enough water is prime to keeping eels for bait all summer. For example do you have a fish aquarium with a cover? eels can jump out of containers and you need to be prepared for that eventuality. Do you plan to fish the beach with them or the canal or boat The size you are looking for can depend upon how you plan to use them Peace and Prayers
  15. Mikey would be honored to attend, however it is not in the cards right now. It would be nice to see some of the guys from the Deep Hole Sportsman clubs , especially the three bothers if they are still alive, that once did counter work for banks and other business.