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  1. Every one can learn something new here on a daily basis from a lot of sharing individuals and that is why I post here because in the end we all learn something from each other by sharing the various experiences we encounter while fishing It sure beats the confrontational posts in my opinion.
  2. The video shows it a little different then how we do it.. We take a one gallon spray or larger if you can carry it . Obtain some Cosher salt[Course\ aprox 1/2 pound per gallon of water and mix together . Pump up the bottle find some holes stick wand into hole with out the spray end that gives you a fine spray and insert into hole and give a couple of squirts Wait and as you saw above on the video and if they are home they will actually propel themselves out of the hole. Simply grab the end and make sure that the foot has release it self and you are good to go. Once you get a nice bunch place in steamer with a little wine and garlic and eat them out of the shell. Back in another time we would get some real large ones down cape and we would use them for striped bass , cod, flounder, just saying.
  3. It has been reported that ticks are part of there daily diet and I have reported this in other tick mentioned posts in the past. They consume some where between 40 to 50 each day . I have about 40 different birds coming every day times 50 can be a lot of ticks in the course of a week They can help to keep the tick count down and for those of us that are sensitive to these bites that is a great thing
  4. jason the federal government has been supporting the farmers of America for a long time with all sorts of cash buy backs for not growing some crops. So why not translate that to the commercial fishery on a trial basis on the fish stocks that may be in trouble maintaining its numbers.? After all we have a one presidential candidate who who would like to pay off all the college loans and that is in the billions . I could see them working on stabilizing the price at the buyers market so that the fishermen could earn a living that is better then what is now available for them.
  5. My local wild turkey farm is going strong . More toms to hens and all with full feathers and spikes. I have then sleeping in my front year under the PIcture window and getting the sand into there feathers. Nice site for sure . I come out and they all say hello to me. I suppose they will go back in to the woods soon, but for now they are keeping my yard free from Ticks and that in self is worth having them around in the number I see every day The toms are really strutting there feathers almost doing a dance to say look at me . Averaging around 30 every day at various times of the day with different counts between toms and hens I see one tom with 5 to 6 hens prancing around , then a few single hens make there way around the house. I got to go for a few are calling me out for a little attention
  6. . Decided to salt down a few razor holes this morning and pick them out of the holes . After walking about a mile away from the closed area I had noticed during the Oyster season . I finally find a few holes I can salt down and I leave my three wheeler and head down towards the waters edge. All sorts of open space, no other person around . I begin to salt the holes and here comes group of 6 with rakes and begin to dig up the holes I just salted. On top of that they did not bother to fill in the holes they dug. After a few minutes of watching what they were doing I spoke up and ask them to find another spot to work, we have plenty of beach here . One even put there rake across my three wheeler . They asked me where they should go and I tell them any place you see as the tide was dropping . They all left me along , but they disturbed my salt holes and no razors came up. I had about 5 when they showed up . Well here comes the local Natural resource officer and she checks them out [one license between them and she has a conversation and then check on me . I explain what they did upon getting out here and she thanks me for being a gentleman in how I reacted. The tide lowered even more and apparently I was not going to find to many other holes to salt and I get 2 more before I decided to have the long walk back . I did not get my numbers, but it sure was neat to see the razors actually come out of the ground when the salt reached them in the hole to remind of another time long ago when the razors on the flats were hard to get and we learned the old trick of salting the holes. IN the fall once they open up the closed area that they are growing Oysters for the fall pick I will get these little rascals in a plot of land I had marked , but left alone while oystering this year. When the time is right the Director of the natural resource department may well get an ear full . Non had any wire basket just five gallon buckets and clam forks
  7. Bob Is this not what most here have posted over many years, find the way to enforce the present laws , put on more officers as the numbers now employed can not possibly patrol and enforce what they have before them now. That also has been stated by many , including some of the officers,themselves, that have the job of enforcing those laws. Aside from that it is the responsibility of every one fishing to avail themselves of what those regulations are and do the right thing for in the end it is the resource they are also hurting by doing otherwise. Report the poachers also has been the key word used on this site for many years , by ignoring what our responsibility is this matter and not taking ownership we also become our own worst enemy.
  8. You mooring the boat near the Francis Fleet ? at The Point
  9. For the most part that is about all of the studies they have actually done . The rest is visual estimates in my opinion.
  10. I would also look at Nahant . The Winthrop rocks were once a great cod fish place as well . you need to watch out for searching water and be extra careful where you go to start on the edges
  11. Mikey, Mortality is part of every species that we fish on and given the rash over these past years with many floaters in and around the canal one would be hard pressed to say that a few folks need some further lessons in how to handle fish of size after they battle them under the conditions such as we have here in the Canal area itself and land them. I would say even those of us that know how to release a fish also have a mortality rate of those we release and think have made it for another time to be caught again . I have seen what transpires when fishing these fast moving water how many fish that get released simply become disoriented and get into a situation where they even in some cases end up lodged in between the holes where the rocks line the edges in places. Simply to die and wait for the change of the water current to become dislodged and float . Also like a post stated above too many fishing with stuff more suitable from a beach front then the canal itself. How many times do you see someone fighting a fish and wonder when will they bring it in , because the rod or the reel is not up to the task of subduing it in short order. That is one thing with a smaller fish, but as you know the larger the fish and the longer it is fought, the less likely it will have enough life to survive upon being released before it should. At what point what may appear as a good release is really not . Your sitting in the middle of a blitz you catch a fish of size, battle it to landing , seeing the school all over the place busting , the excitement is to much to handle and the fish is released in what you hope are good conditions, but actually are not . Then you take those who use the old field goal approach to releasing spent fish , which still occurres and those that get dropped from a high fishing platform , so many different aspects and yet it is any wonder we get as many to survive as you posted above. We are all still killing to many fish one way or another and that is something that needs to be addressed by each of us that fish . We all need to work in a more cooperatively manner that respects the fish more then we are now . It goes with out saying that poaching also is a contributing agent to this dilemma mortality . Have you seen any fish at Deep Hole Yet{ where the sportsmans club is located} at M
  12. The records recently touted by one writer indicated that the recreational mortality rate is greater then the whole commercial quota on released recreational fish . One needs to ask the question why ? WE are our own worst enemy when it comes to Mortality among striped bass fishermen who tell you that they only take home a few fish each year , but really do not know how of the released fish they are releasing actually swim away with out sucomming to the fast water and being disoriented once they go under the water after a release and the current carries them to the bottom to simply die and float away .
  13. Joe when some one has been fishing for a long time you sort of have a few stories to recall . This is one about a time when after clearing a nice spot of all of its stones and placing them on a man made jetty behind the Ball field I finally decided to make the effort put into clearing the area of stones to work my way down among the brush from the road way. One needed to find the entrance among the brush to get down to the waters edge and the man made jetty. It was a place where at one time on an east current you could put a few nice fluke on a stringer to take home. This night I decided to fish with skins and buck tails on a west change down to the bottom , once the water had been running for an hour into the west. This way I could safely emerge from the brush and slide into the water to the left of the man made jetty. which had helped build along with a couple other canal rats over the years. Now as every one knows fishing in the dark is no east task, but the lights from the Bridge above provided just enough light to make sure I could make a cast with my conventional reel a 7000 abu loaded with 40 pound mono at the time. I had my favorite Jigging rod a custom made 3m lami 9ft 2 inches long . I would make my normal cast up to the right let it touch bottom and with the reel in free spool work the skin all the way under the middle of the bridge almost running out of line before engaging the spool and working it back to make another cast. Every once in the while the cars sitting across from me in the parking lot would turn on there lights to see if they could see me catching any fish. I was able to put a few nice fish on the beach behind me and releasing them for some one else to catch. The water was still running west and I decided to put on one of my jigs and once again I let it go under the bridge before engaging the spool . I get this little tap and then all fury happened as I was into a fish of great size. I had to let the fish do its thing as I was almost down to a spare spool as I held on for dear life with my rod secured in my leather pouch I just held onto it until it tired . I began to gain some line as I thought the fish was tiring , but in reality it was swimming against the west current < I was able to gain some line when the fish decided to swim against the current , until it got some where in front of me and then I am now facing towards the right of where I was standing and the jetty was now under my line as the fish continued to swim. If I allowed the fish to continue I would have lost it given the situation in hand . It seemed like an eternity and I stopped reeling and decided to strum the line to see if the fish would head back towards the west as it swam further east. This was an old trick I had learned from my mentor Peter Cochis in another time. I feel the fish changing direction and I once again began to gain enough line on the reel so that I knew I could allow it to run should it continue to thump the rod . I know I now have the fish close to where I am standing in the water , but I new I had to walk backwards to bring the fish up onto dry land. I am estimating now how far away it is and I turn on my light hung around my neck to see where it was. Once I did that I had 3 or 4 cars turn on there lights[high beams ] across the way and I lost my night vision and was blinded long enough to misjudge where the fish was as I began to continue walking backwards onto the dry beach I had worked on for such happenings . My line goes slack and the fish is gone. The fish had me down on my knees when the line went slack , victory was hers that night. My jig was not on my leader and to this day I do not know if a fish of a life time that gave me a battle royal got away because I did not close the clip or during the battle the fish was able to open the clip . To this day that would have been one fish that I would have like to at least see, but it was not to be. Just another memory from the big river we all call the Cape Cod Canal, a place where dreams are made and broken
  14. Late wishes on the day of the resurrection
  15. Rock on my friends. Music help keeps your soul alive and well