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  1. Some one needs to get that message out to all of the New Yorkers and Jersey Guys I see hanging around looking to cash in. I think we should send them to where the old guys fish that look like some one from the stone ages. They would have better luck
  2. Yes the moving of the buildings keeps them out of the low lying water district and at the same time keeps them high and dry , which is not the case now. The buildings on 6a are being undermined by the rising sea levels as a result of the degrading protective dunes. Some of the main structure that holds the police building together has shifted enough from the flooding that they were unable to open the cells to keep prisoners. Catching any Cod fish
  3. Joe both buildings are now in a much safer part of town the plans are to sell both buildings on 6a , plus the one in Forestdale if all goes well . Time will tell
  4. The rate did increase but once the New fire building is open [shortly as well and the Skate park and pickle ball courts all get operational who knows. The best part is once all is in working order that an over head solar system will be installed over the parking areas and will generate enough electricity to pay all of the bills for the buildings and the new solar car that will be used by the schools officer. enough to also sell back to the grid that will help to maintain the taxes somewhat for now
  5. At this time the answer is no, I was bringing them a good luck piece for the new station that will get appreciated by those going out on patrol each day. I can say that we still have a few contacts in the right places that would not allow that to happen if you recall our conversation back in another time. Being a small force into funding this project and supporter of the change to upgrade our police department as well as having the chief a fellow shell fish companion does not hurt
  6. In Sandwich officially open . Got the grand tour of the new building today located now in the center of the Town of Quaker-meeting House road and Cotuit road this morning . The Police station of rt 6a is no longer being staffed, so if any one has the need to use the Police station from the canal . Head towards rt 130 heading towards Mashpee. Go by the Coke plant and take the left where the road splits and Cotuit road begins. Continue until you reach the lights and cross Quaker meeting . The new station will be on your right upon going through the light. Should you need emergency care the local urge care place is on the left at the lights before you reach Cotuit road off rt 130.
  7. Words of wisdom to a better fishing experience , with increased potential for more fish to fish on . Variety is the spice of life
  8. That reminds of a time when I was driving down the road after a long night of fishing and watching two bikes bounce off from the roof mounts[no front tires on them ] from the car in front of me. I managed to stop , but the bikes were a total loss. It was apparent that those driving the car did not have a clue they flew of the top
  9. Look closely at both bullet type heads they are made from different molds . They both work, however if you can find the mold where the eye of the hook is more forward like in the first picture you posted then go for it. 4,5, and even 6 ounces can be nice to have in the bag if you plan of fishing the whole current change . many times you will see here that some like to use 2and 3 ounces which is fine, but what they are not telling you is that they are selecting a part of the current change where the water is not moving to fish it . like at the bottom of the slack or the top of the slack tide, before the current changes to turn the other way . Learn how to jig using the whole current change is a far better experience and also a more productive method overall to larger fish
  10. For what ever reason the past 4 to 5 years have brought forward a more suicidal fish that did not require any extra patients to catch them . It might have been the bait resurgent happening all at the same time by different baits from mackerel, herring , pogies, half beaks , silver hake to mention a few or perhaps it can be tied into the temperature of the water or even more so it could be tied into the fact that great whites are cruising around and simply keeping more fish in the canal and the supply of bait is insufficient for all of them. Many of the fish removed without question where genetically marked and predisposed to be here any how from long journeys going back to other times. Now they have been removed from the present area and a new generation of fish will need to fill in the voids and that is not going to be an easy task, especially since we also removed many of the local tribe of fish that stay here year round. Other locations towards our Northern borders may see an influx of some of those local tribes that did not venture to the canal region for what ever reason . Look for better fishing in those areas at some point , but it will be like learning a whole new process to be productive. That is why learning all of the many ways one can catch stripers should be on the mind set of those wanting to stay productive in the catching department going forward. The culture as it stands now is every one is casting plugs to get into fish, very rare do you see any one chunking bait, live lining eels , jigging in the day light hours like we did in another time. Or for that matter just fishing with sea worms and sand eels from the jetties and piers . Just a few thoughts on my reasoning as to why we are seeing what we are now looking at here along the canal region fishing and its lack of fish.
  11. We have not received any notification of any closers due to rain from the division Of marine fishery
  12. How about making the same post twice
  13. Plenty of good marinas close to where you are moving and if you search it out , also some good fishing for multiple species , with out having to tow it here to the cape and launching it. Places in Lynn, Marblehead Swampscott and even in and around Newburyport. Where are you actually moving to ?