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  1. Chuck being an original member of executive board when it was originally set up . It was set up entirely as a tournament for only the Cape Cod Canal. All fish weighted in shall be caught inside of the canal proper and no where else. It was Never Never set up as  CLUB . Non of the paper work mentions it was being set up as a club. Had it been set up as  club then all cash raised would have been required to be told to its members once a year . Even I who sat in on every meeting conducted until I resigned  was never told how much money was being collected and spent , which is why I resigned . Carl   If you have any doubts I can show you the letter of my resignation stated such facts, before they decided  to give me a letter telling me that I was no longer a member of the tournament as well 

  2. I will completely agree , some great sportsman's of our time . Sitting and talking in a friendly manner what and how fishing should be like for every one. Peace and Prayers
  3. to those who have continued to send me words of encouragement on the private side of SOL life. It has always been my wish to complete my life sharing what i have learned throughout my life. Sometimes that may have been looked at, like a know it all, which was never the case and never how I was intending it to seem , but it happens. My philosophy is that each of us can learn something from each other, no matter a beginner or long time sage. We need to find more compassion and respect for how we engage each other for in the end we all become a closer family. Fishing will always be my family no matter the obstacles I have faced. We are all brothers and sisters no matter how some attempt to provoke messages of disrespect to the contrary. Thank you to those who care and try to teach others about what fishing should be . Peace and Prayers
  4. Thanks I will Peace and Prayers
  5. Great finished project . What happened to the rest of the boat ? Peace and Prayers
  6. at 730 this Sunday [the 20th] at the Chicken Ranch {Leos] This may be a good time for those Ditch Trolls to come and meet your fellow brothers and sisters . Each of us will be paying for our own breakfast. Peace and Prayers
  7. Words of wisdom Peace and prayers
  8. The tail does look like it was cut for sure, perhaps a prop from a boat Peace and Prayers
  9. That would make for a nice skeleton after it was cleaned up if someone was looking for such a thing . A unusual fish around these parts , different for sure. Peace and prayers
  10. Both brothers and Mr. Kuzia worked on jigs together at some time. Then they separated for some reason . He would never tell me his reasons when it happened. Stan gave me similar style heads for both skins and fixed hooks All Stainless . When ever I would fix or clean up his reels I would get a small batch to tie and he would never let me use his mold Some of the best heads around especially for bucktail tying The hooks would be slightly off set on bucktail heads and that made the difference in the catch and where you would hook the fish Peace and prayers
  11. I think a local lawyer approached her . I have not heard any thing more about it ? Peace and Prayers
  12. That was where I often would fish with Frank Woolner after he got done with putting the Magazine to bed . And prior to dark and into the stealth time with small plugs and waders. The fishing was good but you needed to be for ever watchful of the holes left by clamberers and those digging for worms . It was a time when a lot of bad things would happen, especially if you did not know to protect yourself if you fished alone. One great fishermen who was a black man was found one morning dead on the beach not to far away from little band stand he never bothered anyone . Peace and Prayers
  13. The person that fell last year from the boardwalk did some damage and is now has a law suit against the town . She was ok with what happened and then had a change of heart after the injury became more of permanent issue. Peace and Prayer
  14. Yes a well known Canal Rat I believe he also was a member of the Lepers, if my memory serves me . May he rest in peace and Prayers for the family. Peace and Prayers
  15. Me to Peace and Prayers Will have canal tide chart for all that attend or 2