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  1. For further information my friend and I both live next to each other here in Sandwich have raked over 4 half pecks each since the official date, of Oysters. We both only had to pay $30 for our permits
  2. He can tell you al he wants , he is incorrect. I along with a few others that I rake with have all obtained permits to fish in other towns where we are not residents. Simply take your drivers license down if you have had them certified a a veteran and or take your dd214 form down that shows that you are a honorable discharge one . and simply go to the front desk and ask for the permit under the new act that our governor signed into law and became effective on Veterans day this year That all towns that sell shell fish permits must sell them to veterans at the same rate that is charged the resident[ it is called the Brave Act] Send me the name of the town you are trying to get a permit with if they still give you static. This is only for a recreational shell fish permit. Matter of fact, call up the Barnstable and or Sandwich Shell fish office and they will confirm . Simply ask are they giving out permits under the Brave Act to those who live outside of there towns to Veterans
  3. sounds like a great thing for the ditch, however I would be afraid that it be a target for a fast loss , once you went down to the water to fish . What kind of locking mechanism does it have and can it be rode without the control to use in electric mode. Just a thought , good luck if you go for it
  4. Phil it is always good to see fellow trolls at the house . I hope that the wading boots and waders bring a smile to someone. Cals collection of real tins were also great to see. Enjoy the oysters
  5. For the most part the dredging sand is gone
  6. Chuck early on when My Nephews were repairing the board walk after the storm last year, they told me all about the huge bass that were swimming under where they were doing all of the work. It was closer to the beach, where the water also goes under the board walk, but the platform is on the same levels . From what he was telling me some of the fish had to go 30 pounds or so and he saw them every day while they worked on the contract to get it repaired. In many cases during the year large specimens have been known to swim all the way up to behind the Police and Fire station chasing the herring upstream
  7. Cold outside , but hot as a firecracker inside
  8. I can recall a few years back coming across a bunch of marijuana being grown on state forest land and was wondering what the smell was and the different flowers on the plant. I had never seen what it looked like until then . It must have been 30 or 40 plants that I came across while running my pup in the woods . I called the Park Ranger who confirmed what it was and he pulled them and burned them in a fire. I have not been back since my pup passed , but any one can still grow them if they find the right conditions . I do recall that the the place had full sun all day .
  9. looked in to stop the erosion problem at Town neck Beach in Sandwich . Some would like to shorten them both or at least the one on the Sandwich Side to help allow the sand to migrate onto the beaches. We now have permits to remove and transfer the beach sand on the Mainland side onto Town neck Beach . Now it is a matter of money and who will pay for it. The Army Corp has admitted they made a mistake in another time when they increased the lentgh of the Sandwich Jetty to its present lentgh . Back in the 6o s or so. Not sure of the exact date, when they decided to make it longer , but it starved the nourishment of the beaches in Sandwich when they did or so say the Falmouth Woods Hole Group. We are also to get some sand from Bourne on a project they are working on at the West end of the canal . The trouble is that millions will be needed and if it does not get done before the winter , who knows what will be left of the what dunes are still there now. We also have a lot of sand that has washed into the creek from all the storms, but other permits are needed to pump it onto the beach, dunes left now. Because of where the sand is sitting in large quantities they are afraid it will upset the present eco system and cause other problems should they begin to pump this sand back onto the beach, dune system. Its all about the Piping Plovers in one case and disturbing there habitat and covering what they use to drop eggs and raise the chicks. If I understand what I am hearing and reading in the paper. One more good storm and for sure what remaining dune protection along our beach front, will open it up to the sea and fill the marsh and also kill the shellfish program that has been making progress in the creek itself.
  10. macs still showing, but not as strong . Most days it is only after the turn of the west down. Still the size is somewhere the tinkers and small size. No spikes as such and no large as such
  11. I am afraid that from all the postings so far that the smelt just did not show up in any numbers worth trying out for them. Its to bad because I was hoping to get one day in myself . How goes the battle my friend?
  12. Joe I guess once they stop flowering they throw them away or perhaps grind the plant up for some other use?
  13. Well in that case a little reality check is in order Each household can raise 6 plants in the house , providing that there are not more then two living adults there then they can have up to 12 plants in total, no matter if they have more then two living adults in the household . The age given is must be at least 21 years of age They can have up to 10 ounces in the home locked up or in a secured area. You can only have 1 ounce on you and if driving shall be in a secured place in the car. They can not smoke this weed in any places that ban the smoking of cigarettes or face a fine is caught. I take that to mean that your home is the safe place to smoke it . If you had read my post in the beginning the subject matter was more in tuned to the selling of recreational marijuana which was cleaned from the local reports printed over the time this subject has been a point of interest . Bernie you can say we are not brothers, however the bible tells us different and someday you will say otherwise .
  14. Brother Bernie good to see you and i on the same page for a change. Nothing new in your post as to what has been discussed here for awhile I thought the number of plants was 10 each household could grow . I will run a check and get back to you on that
  15. Mike the town prior to the vote had an opportunity to ban the recreational retail sale in the town and they took advantage of it. They did allow the town to in fact sell medical marijuana in a selected part of the town , by placing it in a restricted area of town with a zoning change . Every town had the same opportunity in the commonwealth to do the same thing , many did not follow through with the process that was legal and binding. The present law allows each citizen to grow 10 plants for medical purposes if I understand the way it is presently written into law, with no selling of what you grow to any one else. Some feel that will,be violated and that some home growers may in fact sell to others? It is also noted that Sandwich is not the only town to have taken advantage of this recreational selling of Marijuana here on the cape and some towns elsewhere . In some cases the Attorney general office has not reviewed some to see if they met all of the legal compliance they are obligated to follow. We are not talking about medical as that follows under a different set of guidelines and how the towns place restrictions on the growing of it , through zoning laws may well affect if any one wants to go through the hurtles if they get any push back from the town they apply in. The home grown version is for personal use only and a question is if that also means they must have a medical reason to grow and use as well. I can not remember if they need some sort of documentation from a doctor as well? I am sure those who plan to be growing this at home will provide us with an answer. It would make sense that any one planing to grow at home for personal use would have some sort of documentation to do so , just so that they would not be arrested for illegal reasons.