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  1. The stone footpath where many rats have left a footprint of time . One needs to be ever cautious for without question eels are good in the dark, but you need to ovoid the three leaves, that at times are hard to do.
  2. Looks like we both are working on 60 years . Congratulations
  3. Be sure to stay safe Rob I need that cribbage game shortly
  4. Jason the words we speak are going on deaf ears and become nothing less then voices in the wilderness of life. They have worn me out from trying to save the resources for all over my life time and I still see the same mentality , the same standards,the same results and the same continued course of inadequate enforcement in doing the right thing for all the resources we once all had available for us to fish on. We need to realize that we have far more fishing then in the early times when all was mostly normal and these numbers keep going down and down. If they do not want to wake up and do the right thing, what ever that may be, to help improve these resources for all, The sport of fishing will be doomed to the poachers who continue to defy the laws and reduce any chances of recovery to another time and place.
  5. Jason the process of allowing draggers and dredgers in the state waters has without question reduce the aquatic fish resources for the recreational fishermen. I saw the results of that process back in the early 40 and 50's when draggers were allowed inside Boston harbor to net the fish like cod, haddock and flounder including bass at times when they could get away with it when they were at the peaks in numbers where every shore person could catch on any given day of the year what ever species they were in search of. Silver hake and smelt losses as well as Pollock also became part of the long term loss we still see today . It has and always be about the money in the end. However saying that I also feel that the commercial side does have a right to the same stocks, but much more thought in how much is allowed to be taken needs to be reevaluated and also where they are allowed to drag needs to be also looked at for long term growth for both users or we will never be able to rebuild all of the species that are in such despair now.
  6. Jason that has been the long term action going back over 50 years and given the past actions by this group, I do not see any future changes to that philosophy. It would appear that is the standard rule of how to manage a fishery and given past performances in this regard it appears to be something that they all learn on how to satisfy the laws they are required to follow as placating those laws, but with no meaning . It is obvious to the general public right now and given the lack of numbers on the quota up to this point that some thing is seriously wrong in the commercial taking of bass. The bass may be out in the deeper waters driven away by the great whites or simply over fished over the past several years out of the CCC by the poachers doing severe damage to the resource it self. What ever it best is reasoned that some one needs to stop and evaluate what has happened and what is happening that we now find ourselves in the situation that a decline is obvious, if you open there eyes to see.or put there heads in the ground and pretend all is well .
  7. We have an old saying among the canal rats of old , A man does what he thinks is best. Best for the time of day,speed of the current, where are this fish in the column. As has been posted all serve a purpose and all will work better some days then others. Use your experiences with what ever you choose be the over all judge and you will not go wrong
  8. We have voice here on the cape that believes the sharks should be culled and or eliminated and he ran for an office based on that opinion and he lost
  9. Maltc it is a sad state of affairs, when life is lost in such a manner. No mention was made as to the man wearing a jacket while attempting to make the cut. He just received his Captains License and one could suppose that some where in this process or from previous passages would have put one on. I have had many trips through this very turbulent cut over many years and I can not recall one time that we all did not have our jackets on , just in case we did get overturned by a wave we could not navigate through . I can recall we once lost power as we attempted to begin riding from the inside to the outside and we shoaled and began to take of water . as the outgoing water turned and twisted us all over the place. We managed to find a quite spot and use the anchor to keep us in place. We had to call for help and the Harbor master Came out to rescue us and dragges us back to port. We had picked up sand in the lower unit and turned off the motor . It was very scary two hours or so as we waited for help . One never knows the anger of the seas and how the currents always churn and twist. We were glad that it happened before we were in the middle of the cut , as apposed to the beginning. We certainly would have over turned while were in the boat. Life jackets serve a purpose and sitting on them under these types of sea conditions is not the answer. In fog, rough seas, passage through riled waters my Captain will always have every one immediate put one no questions asked. This can be a learning lesson for those who may follow a jacket on may have prevented a death and as we ply the oceans in search of our quarries , one can never take for granted that we are safe in any boat. The reason they call it a life jacket is to do just that save ones life instead of drowning when ever such situations happen that we may not expect. It can not do that under the seat or in a locker . Or in some cases not even having them aboard, although they are required , some still challenge the sea and fail and then we all have grief in asking why.
  10. 911

    (911 was a day for all to recall and to perhaps better understand that we have folks around who simply do not like those who live here in America . Lives were lost that should have never occurred , but given the very sad day of events, I believe we have gained further strength and resolve in dealing with these types of individual and or groups It shows that we as citizens should never let your guard down and to be ever aware of the dangers facing us all into the future as a free country and be reminded that no matter what freedom does have a cost and we all should find the way to share it together for in the end it is only by being united together do we remain free God Bless the souls who lost there lives that day for freedom.
  11. One reason they want the increase in days is to make sure that next years quota does not decrease for commercial fishing. At least that was my understanding in the reasoning. . One can say without equivocation the numbers are down and for what ever the reason , it does not appear any one is to concerned as to why. They just increased the amount of poaching between days for sure.
  12. A life lost on the water is a sad day indeed . May he rest in peace
  13. Great advice here for sure Many years ago now that it is mentioned above is washing with TECNU was the best way and should it get out of control then predizone is the answer for complete cure
  14. Nick at times we have folks that just do not want to except something can be done, It takes a little work and placing every thing in some form of order to get it accomplished. We once had an old saying If there is a way to get it done you need to find the will to make it happen. If there is a will then it is a way to make it happen This deep seeded poaching business needs more folks willing to be heard and stand up through actions rather then words to get some process in place that makes the difference. Some here have been doing just that for awhile , but it needs more willing to step up to be accounted for in my humble opinion to gain long range changes in the whole process from start to finish