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  1. Old is relevant my friend . He is still younger then myself . He also worked in the hatchery up in the west part of the sate as did his brother at one time if the same Gary Zimma
  2. Back in another time we often would target tog in the early spring once the yellow flower was in full bloom along the beaches and By ways of Boston Harbor. Most know they love structure and the more structure the better the fishing, if you could get them through the rocks covered in weeds. However we had exceptions to that occasionally when they would come inside Boston harbor around the Power plant in Southy and one could sit there all day catching them for a few weeks be fore the did there thing and left. The sugar bowl in Southy was a place we also would look into, along with the jetties at the old discharge plant near German town . ON the days they were pumping the air quality was not great and we would catch a few and leave, because the air was simply not good to breath. It was selective fishing for sure, but with patients one could go home with a nice meal, along with the flounder and pollock or cod fish among the mix. Tog fishing for real was generally done in and around Wareham and the West end of the canal or South Cape beach or out of a boat . Most do not fish on them any more, because it can be a frustrating experience hooking a fish of size and then not being able to get them through the rock , but it can be still done . One just needs to prepare what and how you use your gear for best success. One hook rigs with sea worms and or cut green crabs .Early on when we first would start on them , we could take a herring and piece it out on a three way swivel rig on the beach to always come home with a fish of size. One of the largest togs I have ever seen was taken on a sea worm that was close to 20 pounds right of the sandy beach, no structure during the spring run of herring and striped bass. Give it a shot and good luck. let us know if you get into any fish, but keep the name to yourself , who knows you might into a mother lode some where if you go enough times.
  3. That sounds like a deal my friend
  4. I have a better idea, get in your truck and come on down and show my wife how it is done and you and I can eat them
  5. Peter the number I have posted will eliminate that charge
  6. The service fee is for those who obtain there license through an outside vendor and not when you use the Marine Head quarters in Boston. I even get then to email it at times along with a hard copy , if I am in a rush for any reason.
  7. It shows we are improving with age Like a bottle of old wine it gets better each year
  8. Well if you take them at face value one is great worked in the canal and one is great worked out of a boat. Except a swing hook does not catch like a fixed one in the canal overall
  9. I bet you know Gary Zimma
  10. After you see the herring in the rivers. Unless they get a drop of eggs before in one of the estuary . Look for May
  11. The herring swim up beyond the mill until they get to the upper fall and take a left into the stream that gets them into where they drop eggs. Same run as far as I know. They overcome several fast moving water falls as they reach the upper reaches of the river system
  12. My son used most of the quahogs he went home with recently and as usual he made a chowder out it and it was the hit of the party , that he has once a year . My Grandson makes up Lobster sandwiches with the lobster and he loves it. He also does Oyster Chowder that also is great. I think the next time he come here I will have him make up his special chowder for me.
  13. That is great info my friends I was concerned about the different flavors and also the cooking time , so I will continue to keep them separate when freezing is the answer. Thank you all for the help.
  14. Rob are you saying that the oysters have a better taste in chowder then quahogs ? If they are by themselves.
  15. It has been said that we are all not perfect and by incorrectly spelling a word here and there you eventually learn how to spell it. By now you would think that qouhogs would come up on the spelling corrector . which it does in the message, but I missed it in the Headline. I guess I need to write it five times so that it sticks quahog,quahog,quahog,quahog, quahog ,quahog perhaps we can make a song with those words that rhyme with eating? see any more mistakes please post?