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  1. WE are going to miss the jokes my friend . Hopefully life continues with a smile. Peace and Prayers
  2. Are you going to be up the drive to flounder country? Peace and Prayers
  3. Took a drive to the location in question and judging from all of the contractors from electrician and other folk it would seem they are going full bore on up grading the site . Half of the town lot was filled with contractor vehicles as was there side parking lot . Busy busy is what they are doing/ Peace and Prayers
  4. I do not think that will happen as they just passed not allowing any foam cups from being used and paper is the only thing left other then china . Peace and Prayers
  5. The Town of Bourne in there town meeting held also has passed, not allowing single use water bottles to be sold on town property . This is the first step in not allowing single use water plastic bottles from being sold in the town at all. Dennis will be also voting on this as well This ban has been adopted by 13 of the 15 towns here on the cape . Then the petitioner places another citizens petition to stop all selling of single use plastic water bottles here that was also approved . I suspect that the single use plastic alcoholic bottles will become next to find it self being voted on . Peace and Prayers
  6. You can buy all the water you want as long as they are reusable . We are now many towns on this place we call cape cod that have instituted this single use water bottles as no longer a viable environmental process. You may not have heard about it however some five or six other cape towns have already made it illegal to sell single use plastic water bottles. I am sure that those nip bottles will be next in the future for being targeted. Some cape towns have already prepared zoning bylaws to come before the voters, however they have failed to get them past, so far. Peace and Prayers Joe we have an group of local environmentalist that have formulated a new way of stopping the plastic pollution, here on the cape and have advocated to eliminate single plastic containers for water usage and we were the last holdouts of the towns they targeted to make this a law . They bring what they want through what is called a citizen petition before town meeting and get voted on up or down . This is the third try here in Sandwich and it past the way it was written . This will open the door part way for a complete ban against single use containers going forward . Who knows how long it will take, but it will happen if I was a betting one way or another Peace and Prayers
  7. The town of Sandwich held its town meeting last night and with a little over 90 percent in attendance that have obtained there shots, we voted to eliminate one time plastic water bottles and soon it will be one time use plastic alcohol containers . Water is already being sold in aluminum cans, whats next. Peace and Prayers
  8. We also have a few hawks on occasion make a visit . Now that is a site to see along with the turkey vultures and an occasional eagle that seems to get caught in the winds at time soaring along the power lines looking for rabbits. Peace and Prayers
  9. Thats the least of the problems inside the town of Bourne presently . A lot of infighting between boards and who is in charge of what and who. New sewerage connections, water problems . Housing problems next to Town hall and then you throw in Bell road it really becomes a cluster . Peace and Prayers
  10. is upon us today and given all of those who post here about birds it should provide some solace to know that these creatures we call birds and we like to feed to see the beauty they offer in our world of many trials and consternation we all are part of. I know all of my birds that i feed are thankful for the free food, including my wild turkeys that feed from the feeders on a daily basis along with the nut hatches, orioles, chickadees, doves, woodpeckers,flickers,Humming birds to name a few . I t sort of makes life into a more natural world around my household and back forty. Peace and Prayers
  11. John that was the main issue with the last owner , who owned it twice along with his tow others in the center of Sandwich and the old doll house he owns. The limited parking caused a lot of trouble for the police department having to continue to move those who were going to the restaurant. That is when it got real serious and the selectman intervene, until the owner told them to go pound sand when he was told he needs to stop telling his customers it was ok to park in the public parking lot for those who were paying a fee to park . The town installed meters and any one without a ticket was given a fine to pay , The owners customers did not like that and then decided to sell it once again which he did. An Now we have another whole process and problems to iron out that will not be easy to cure. Peace and Prayers
  12. FoliFish it has more to do with all of the equipment they plan to install that determines the level of over all cost, not only the value of the building in the matter of the federal guidelines for meeting sea level requirements to be placed on Pilings . Some sticky wicker stuff . In one case it may well be a positive for the town , however not so for those living around it. Peace and Prayers
  13. Those who like to squid fish do so for other reasons then eating and it is in that moment of time that the enjoyment of fishing for squid becomes another story by itself. Some will put them away to troll with them in the deeper water for other denizens of the deep , knowing that they have increased there catch rate by having nice large squid of size on the trolling bars, Others like myself, know that the other fish during the early part of the season will also play a roll in the success by using strips of squid or even a whole head on a hook will entice the larger of the species to attack them, like sea bass, striped bass, blue fish and fluke along with scup and even toutog . It is this knowledge that fresh native caught squid left in the nice ink once unfrozen from its protected block in the freezer will provide you with some bait of worth . It will be thick enough to strip fish and still have enough strength to stay on the hook after many hits , from what ever fish you are searching for. I can feel the anticipation in the air and only hope I can get out soon to enjoy the beginning joy that all of this excitement leaves me to see another year proceed into the history books of time and hope that it was all worth the wait. Peace and Prayers
  14. Yes according to the folks who filed the claim are saying these folks underestimated the value of the project to fall below the value in order to avoid the latest regulations that are required under the New flood zone rules for such projects. If the numbers are recalculated and they are correct this business will be required to put the business above the flood zone on pilings . Peace and Prayers
  15. The boat bite is a happening event for sure right now and judging from a gift of yesterdays bite they are huge full grown species for sure. Peace and Prayers