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  1. You need to try the GOOSE, angler fish not much from the tail, however very very good
  2. Jetty Jockey that is not my understanding. In order to build a casino on land they need to be recognized as a local tribe , which congress has of yet voted for.
  3. Bob it also may be advisable if you are negative for the corona virus to be tested again for Lyme's, Peace and Prayers
  4. If you contracted the virus it should reveal the antibodies and or you still are infected Some folks who were positive were so for 6 to 8 weeks Peace and Prayers
  5. At one time we could catch all the haddock we wanted inside of an hours ride from Atlantic Avenue or Revere Beach ot Lynn it would be nice if one fish could fill in for the lack of cod in close like it once was . It took less time if we could launch from Hull to reach the haddock back then Peace and Prayers
  6. Another item of interest may be answered if congress does not in fact recognize them as a tribe , which is now questionable. what happens then
  7. Thank you The ones on the trailer now are also cracked and that is why I was hoping to replace them. Thank you just the same , but no thanks for you offer
  8. on rims willing to trade fishing gear , must be close to the canal 5 lug rims
  9. and it was not one piece
  10. Once we found the weights they used at Cape Hatteras [we called storm weights a pyramid with a drail on it we were able to use less weight to hold the bottom with bait even during the months with whole heads on the bottom for large at the outer beach down cape. I still have some that go 8 ounces as well on the storms . Thems were the days when fishing was done during the stealth hours with a conventional , one can only wonder how that would do with the gear most are using today and the rods simply hang with any weight on them
  11. At times on the beach we had to use 10 ounces to hold and a rod that could still get out . Especially during the winter months for cod I have used up to 8 ounces jigs at the east end at Pips to stay on the bottom again the rod makes all the difference lami 3m . You needed all the help you could get to hold the spool during the cast.
  12. No conventional built should not have a trigger finger grip on it . It not only helps to hold onto the rod when casting for distance, but also when retrieving a fish of size along with a leather rod holder. If the rod does not have it on the reel seat , you can use a spoon and shape it to fit and attached it to the rod ;reel you are using
  13. I offered one to rob , however he was heel bent on getting into today's technology with a trigger guard as well to hold onto the rod . It was not 12 feet long however
  14. Seniors are free, well that is what my permits says on it.
  15. Pull it all off on the field and re spool the line from the beginning Tie one end to a solid spot and walk down towards it as you respool