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  1. THe ship in question was used to defend against Nuclear dumping in Japan a few years back all on board were arrested, After being released they went back to California and it sank. The ship was refloated and taken to Fall river or New Bedford for some work , from what I understand and On the 15 of this month will be going through the canal to support the no dumping in Cape Cod Bay . They are expecting to have a stand out at Bell road to show those on the ship there support for what they are doing. Peace and Prayers
  2. will soon be a stand out against the Plymouth Nuclear plant Be sure to carry your sign on the 15 of this month and take part in the celebration. Be sure to bring your cameras. The time will all depend upon a ship that will be passing from Buzzards Bay to Plymouth . Peace and Prayers
  3. Bob you are absolutely correct , your insulting remarks , like the ones you posted in your version on how The Atom Reverse Atom came about and you recall what you posted came from Mr. Woolner Himself and yet in his book he wrote no such thing . One should expect to better understand the difference between joining two lines together with a knot or with a splice. I asked you to post the way you do that so those out in the world of fishing can make a determination for themselves . Its a teaching moment for those among us that have not learned the difference for whatever reason. You also owe Richard an apology, for your remarks in regard to his fishing acumen . The Cape Cod Canal is not the only place one fishes and early on before you began to fish I would agree that the word splicing two lines together was an appropriate usage of the word , That is no longer the case today when talking about joining two lines together , we all learn from our mistakes , well most do. Peace and Prayers
  4. Bob before a decision is made as to how you called splicing two different thickness of monofilament together you might post the method you are using to join the two lines together . THis can be a valuable lesson for those who are new to fishing and a great opportunity to show the differences between a splice and a knot . Peace and Prayers
  5. Bob those who fished during the early times of the big ditch did in fact use the term splice, however it was used in connecting two hollow lines like ashaway dacron with the use of a splicing needel to get the job done . THis may well be before your time fishing . Once Monofilament became the line everyone used or even braid the terminology changed to knots when joining two lines together of different sizes and pound test. . At least that was what I was taught in another time frame . Peace and Prayers
  6. It also required a little more expertise to tie this knot and stronger Yes Peace and Prayers
  7. Most folks who use a boat or has any maritime experience learns at an early age the difference between a Knot and a splice . Any one with any boy scouting experiences learn early on the difference between a knot and a splice through the merit badge program. Where they learn for example the Bowline , simple half hitch and splicing two ropes together , one reguires you to put a bend like a simple overhand knot or splicing[weaving] the strands together with no bends in the line. Peace and Prayers
  8. Joe once you put a bend on what you are tying its a knot. That was a general understanding between a splice and a Knot . You must recall the times when we did in fact splice line together using a splicing needle with cortland dacron . I still have a package in my collection of stuff Peace and Prayers
  9. Mike when tying knots between two materials of the same solid process together or mono to braid, Mono to lead core or even mono to wire One of the best knots is the Albright Special and when using braid to putting a few more wraps can make the difference in how long it holds . In another time when we did splice hollow core dacron we used a special splicing needle to splice the dacron together when ever it broke with just enough line to make up for the where it broke . One of the best books on Knots The Ashely Book of Knots has a section on tying splices it shows tying splices with multiple strands of rope that may have 2,3, or more strands that are married together by splicing [interweaving] and no knots are used to hold it together. IN todays happenings when it comes to fishing, for now ,all material tied together using solid material use some sort of knot to accomplish the task , which you already know. Bobs referencing to splicing two different thickness of mono together is using a knot to accomplish the task . Peace and Prayers
  10. Over the years I have had many such events in the canal and My Brother Robert died shortly after hitting his head after releasing a fish at the Iron Works and My long time fishing partner[R<J Small after a fall around the same area does not walk and lost much of his memory. I have known many who over the years that required medical help to repair fractures and cuts . One rule of thumb was never walk down on the rocks , but slide down on your rear end , however its the walking back up that does the most damage in some cases, hitting your head can be a dramatic experience / Its ok when you are young, but not so as you gain years and weight on your body. Your balance is not the same as we age . It is very hard to stop fishing places you have fish most of ones life , but for those who make the wise decision to so will be rewarded with less pain and suffering when it is your time you will know , Cape Quahog learned that and he is better off today . Peace and Prayers
  11. Those are the ones and they were made way before 1970 as you posted What does the two hook weigh on your and also the three hook version . The Cast a Lure Popper was the go to plug for most ditch fishermen at the time. The few I have left in my collection are prime and I have the color above as well as the bright what i call squid color [reddish] left. Both are 3 ounces. Peace and Prayers
  12. capecodder the time frame I speak of was when he made the first ones from ash and they had the z cut out and not the polaris . THis would have been during his white box run , before he went to the red ones. Do you have any from that time frame ? The two hook one is a little over 6 inches that weighs in at 3 ounces Peace and Prayers
  13. As I sit and reflect back to another time I often recall how both Bob Black and Stan Gibbs were commercial sellers of striped bass and also good fishing partners, especially when it came to the beaches, I was reminded of that friendship today when I received my MBBA annual membership book. ON the Memory Page #22 was Stan # 23 was his wife Celia # 24 Bob Black . Who knows how Bob Black was able to cast across the canal in another time , but it was done non the less in my eyes as I recall standing on the roadway 12 or 13 at the time and watching the whole the event take place. What was the plug loaded to, will remain unknown , but it was a Gibbs popper screw eyed with no hooks and as bob stated it was loaded as I recall. Life goes on . Peace and Prayers
  14. Well this discussion all began by making a statement the plug was loaded and it had no hooks on it as I recall . Then a comment was made that Gibbs never made a popper at 3 ounces until the 1970's A question was asked what was used and I responded with Ball bearings from a roller skate and another whole dissertation in regards, lead was heavier then steel and how much it would take it to load the plug up to 5 ounces. First I never mentioned what the plug was loaded to as I did not know other then the plug was loaded . I know that gibbs at that time not only made a two hook popper, but a a three hook popper as well. It is noticed that I posted Around the 1946, time frame, but since I have the two hook version in my collection that dates during the time frame when stan first began making plugs and I also just saw that he also did at that time make a 3 1/2 ounce popper as well . It had more to do with the wood he used[ash] and it is possible he also made some heavier, which is being investigated . These all were screw eyed plugs . Since I never posted what the loaded plug weighed as I did not know only what I can recall from that time frame . So in any case it is a matter that, factually, Gibbs for now made both a 3 and 31/2ounce aerodynamically plug for its time frame that many that used it were able to go beyond the middle of the canal to catch fish. For edification it was Stan Kusia that designed the first 5 ounce pencil poppers sold by stan gibbs . and it was for what fish ? I had my friend weight his three hook version and it came in at 31/2 on his scale it is a longer plug than the two hook version Peace and Prayers
  15. Joe I am reaching out to some of my collectors to see if my memory serves me that he also early on made them larger with three hooks and heavier. Peace and Prayers
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