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  1. Phil I am indeed adding a stinger hook, but it is the second one to the rig shown above. I generally make them up about 5 inches long Does not affect the motion as far as I am concerned and makes it a little more interesting
  2. When the blues are cutting your riggy all up , simply add a little clip on wire. with another hook to the eye of the jig and bury the other hook further back . It will still catch bass , but now it will also catch you a blue fish or shark/
  3. I thought I might add a meaning to being a jerk means from another time A jerk is a pull A pull is a yank An Yank is a good American
  4. Most derby's offer some good things and some not so good. Under the proper venue a derby can contribute to the overall fishing as a family routine, where much bonding can occur in the family unit. The competition can range between the family and or the family against the rest of the participants. It can also bring friends closer together as in most times you have more then one group of friends staying and fishing together[you get to know how well the friendships really are ] I have heard of many friends that went as a group, only to be disappointed by the interaction when alcohol over ruled what the majority wanted to do on any given day. My inclination would be if you are going to drink , then stay home, for that is when things happen and even safety is compromised to some degree. On the other side of the coin you have this need to kill every fish you catch , because it may well bring some cash prize and recognition to you as a fishermen. Keeping tabs on catch and release fishing is a much harder nut to control and in my opinion it can be just as deadly for the fish even if they are released back into the water. WE see that in the canal every day , without a derby in some cases. Derby's can and do help the local economy , and as in the Island one are relied upon each year to help the locals have a make or break financial season. You have a thin line between a profitable year and one not so in many business in many areas , the island is no different . That is why most embrace the derby as it will help the bottom line or not, depending upon how they participate . One can take a little pride in participating in derby's , however some ways need to be found that limit the cash prizes, reduce the further unnecessary weigh ins of fish for what ever reason , by limiting how many entries one person can submit, dead, during the derby to one or two fish of size only. That would make it more challenging and up the stakes a little on when you decide that the fish you have caught is worth entering. Just one mans opinion Enjoy it while you can for life gets shorter each year and so does the fishing. To add something of interest, In my life time I have come across enough ladies , girls that could outfish there boyfriends and or Husbands and i can say Yes they do and can out fish many men who think they are hot stuff
  5. It was not to recent when i had a conversation with a rod Builder from America and i was told that the blanks being made cost less then $10 bucks to make and they were selling for over $100 . and in some cases over $200 . So much profit was being made from the graphite rods he told me he was getting into the rod making business here and had started the process to roll and cut the graphite he was manufacturing here in some shop that if he charged the same as what came from china, tiawan and a few other places it would become rich very fast. I hope I get to see him at the next show to see how he did . When it comes to shipping cost to the US it has been reported that in order to ship any thing here, the container had to be full or it did not ship . Cheap labor cost overseas make it impossible for most here to compete, even with the extra charges added for shipping and that is a shame. As far as some whom have found saying made in the US when it comes from oversees, one needs to look at what is made here where they can use that label and what is not. It may be just the packing that is made here, or it may Be US China . They just did not add the China to it
  6. I had a visit from my young friend Ron Arra this morning with a nice bass / He like to use my outdoor fillet table all set up to work on fish of size. After we filet it out I got to half the fish in my fridge . WE opened up the fish , but its stomach was empty, why it most likely hit a large Pencil. We sat and talked about the new law just passed that will allow me to get a Barnstable shellfish permit, after Veterans Day when the Brave act passed by the Governor that will allow every veteran to purchase a shell fish permit at the same rate as the resident of the town. Once I get My permit , Ron offered to show me a few of the good locations in Barnstable Harbor. I just hope I have enough physicality to get one trip in. Patience is needed, but we shall take him up on his invite.
  7. Nice story and it shows that like you posted not every one is a jerk that fishes the canal . Occasionally, you have a mind altering experience that indeed we still have some around that share the experiences with class as many here on this site have done for years . If is the Dan I recall you met a true gentleman of the canal and any one who may have fished long enough to recall Al Cappy is an ok man in my opinion having fished with Al myself in another time frame. pass it on is this mornings lesson on canal fishing
  8. I willgive you a job wel dome on your next post my friend.
  9. Just got an E mail from our Service Officer and it goes like this In response to the shellfish Question Section 29 of the Brave Act of 2018 . Which becomes effective on Veterans day states you insert the clause 'provided' , however that such city and town shall not charge a veteran a fee greater than the fee charged to a resident of such city or town . This clause will be inserted in Mgl130,Section 52, This should help to explain it enough so that the towns and citys understand this new law for those who served have been recognized in the Brave ACT OF 2018 AND WILL NEED TO COMPLY .
  10. You got them my friend
  11. The 5000 post reward coupon is good for one jig or two hugs or is it the other way around.
  12. Phil if you ask they will come , If you share it comes back double, If you smile you get one in return , Now if we only can get you to be a little more on time , you would really get me to smile and share a little more along with how many posts are we at now? You say 5000, the counter says otherwise. It is a little more Catch you on the water, beach, silent mode, or a place of fine food My sense of humor needs a little help. Has Tim sent you his 5000 reward coupon, good for more discounts along with extra smiles. It can be turned in at the next meeting.
  13. With out question this recovery has taken a long time to establish , but now he will be home where he belongs . Many Vietnam Veterans that were killed and buried or lost during the Vietnam war are slowly being recovered and identified and each year those that they can identify are added to the Vietnam Wall in Washington. These efforts are being made to bring closure to those family's who lost a loved one under such conditions of war. Seek and search parties are continuing to find fragments of bones and other items that are cataloged and then put through a long process to bring them all home at some point. At times it may take years to make the final decision of the person they are attempting to identify.
  14. I have a feeler out on the shell fish permit as i also was unable to confirm this latest letter I have that simply states it as a fact. I will let every one know as soon as I get more conformation from our service officer who will do some research to help collaborate what he gave me. Some where in the MGL is also another little unknown fact that if you are a disabled vet that you also can not be charged for a parking permit .