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  1. You can strip a mackerel for a trailer that will also work[just put it in cosha salt to harden it up a tad and keep in fridge prior to using
  2. Spoke with department this morning They got a whole row of cages, plus two bags empty every thing into what ever container they were carrying. They got a mixture of stock from this years and last years that was near 2.5 inches . Other then periodic checks no means of security was provided unfortunately to prevent what occurred. Made a few suggestions and they are talking about cameras and lights as they are limited as to where they can can grow them as the substrate is not conducive to just scattering them Suggested they install a cable through all the rest of the cages and lock the end of it to the last cage . This is under the environmental police department for investigation, so we wait to see where it goes from here. Who knows every one thinks that it went to some other farm as was posted here , but most likely gone forever. It happened during the dark of night from the conversation. They will ask the locals on the road to see if they might have some vidio that would help.
  3. Words of wisdom for all who fish to appreciate for in the end fishing is never just all about catching fish , but what we get to see, touch hear, while we are doing it. Where we follow the ethical standards that make our sport the pinnacle of nature. It is times like this that we often wonder if the man upstairs is watching over us as he allows us to witness some of his wonderment's in life he has created. A Special moment in time for sure.
  4. I do remember that great time talking over coffee about the times that once made the Canal famous and as well known as it is today. The old names of those who came before us that set the bar in many places on how to fish the place. I am afraid that the caller was not up to the task when I brought it aboard Little Sisters on his charity trip for us old guys try as I did The magic call was not working. Yes if you are able to get copies of the old Lepers I would be more than appreciative to place it next to my old friend Mr. K of Canal Fame and Mr Whitney of Race Point fame. Nice to get reminded about some old times once in a while as a reminder that we were all part of the history we all call fishing when it had a little more value to each of us then what it seems like today in some situations
  5. One thing that larger sized like 7/0 to 9/0 rather then smaller J hooks on bass with bait resulted in less destructive hook ups . Having used every bait imaginative available over many many years I seldom ever got a fish gut hooked . Some hooked were snelled , some were tied with a pal mar and some with the improved clinch knot . By experimenting on how they were tied with certain bait and being in touch with line in the water I was able to match the circle hook gut hooked numbers. By increasing the size of the hook ,[after all we are fishing for big momma] not smallies. Smaller fish are less likely to swallow a large 7/9 to 9/0 hook and get caught in the mouth then what many used like the 3/0 to 5/0 size. Small hooks always meant small fish large hooks meant large fish. With the larger sized hooks I also got less small fish hook up as well When were using sea worms for example we would use 6 to 8 worms bent on the hook Sand eels was similar 2 to 3 depending on the size of the sand eel Cut bait like mackerel we use the siwash from 6/0 to 8/0 one reason was that we could have the whole point out side of the bait and as soon as it was picked up the hook hooked itself in the mouth and if you wanted to release the fish it was a fast release.. WE also would invert the chunk and place the hook on the belly part rather then the thick part at the top. . This process worked real good when you were after Blue fish and one can still use this as the circle hook has only been applied to striped bass fishing . I hope they plan of reimbursing for all my J hooks because I will be fishing more for blue fish until I have no more left tied up.
  6. Dolphins from a distance this morning looked like a blitz of huge bass this morning as they surrounded the bait they were chasing . The boat got pushed into gear and headed for the splashes about a mile away. The water was absolutely alive with white water as the dark sided Dolphins did not compare to a large school of big mommas moving like a rocket through the water. Once we realized what they were, we turned off the motor and just admired the grace and beauty of what these family oriented animals offer. We had at least two different pods , some 30 to 40 animals in each pod all gracefully fining the water with the dorsal fins . A site in deed and now the fun begins as some of the warmer water fish filter into cape Cod Bay . Tuna and Bonito not far behind all working over the maundering schools of mackerel and juvenile pogies. it the time of the year to enjoy what we have left of the summer, before the chills of autumn prevail.
  7. You will fgind by cutting the bait at an bias you will do better [at an angle] Alos the wider hooks like the siawsh also is better
  8. with the old fittings, never has been used, was going to hook it as a spare air tank for the beach, but never got around to doing it. First one that can come over and pick it up
  9. especially when you are into the larger sized squid , when I was in France fishing from my ship I hooked a Spanish mackerel and wached a nice squid come along and completely inhale the whole Mack that was well over 13 inches in length before I could get it aboard for the ships cook to cook it.
  10. Points well taken my friend , except if he should decide to go on the sand some where .
  11. Well given that my tax dollars and many other citizens of Sandwich helped to pay for them it is the tax payers of Sandwich whom own them and the Natural Resource Department are the custodians of the Oysters as they are being raised , I voted at town meeting along with others to approve his budget to purchase the seed stock , was taken for granted that they would insure the safety of them as they were growing in the creek . Especially when I personally addressed that issue at the time of the discussion at town meeting in a private conversation with our Natural Resource Department on more than one occasion. The poacher stole from not only the creek beds , but from the taxpayers as well that approved the funding of this project. What plans did we put in place to prevent poaching of this seed oyster is critical in continuing the program into the future ,
  12. Are you chunking a whole mack or cutting it When it comes to not hitting the bottom you can make up a three way swivel rig where the hook has a float attached to the line on the hook Place a weight on the other arm . Or you could make up a fish finder rig where the line attached to the hook has a float tied to it and you use the fish finder with weight on it . Keep in mind that they make cork floats that have a hole drilled through them you can pull the line through it that has the hook attached to a swivel and is used as a stop on the fish finder that is attached to the line on the reel . Now if you fishing the rocks and are afraid to get hooked on the bottom , make sure on the three way rig that the line that hold the weight is much less then the standing and hook line you are using. Now if you plan on using a whole mackerel, you can insert a small weight in the mouth and simply place the hook between the upper and lower jaw to hold it in place. To use a weight is a matter of what you will find depending where and how you will fish. We always used weights along the rock piles from Nahant to Newburyport , piers and some jetties . You will only find what will work if you go and try how you want to fish and you get to decide what will work best for you Good Luck
  13. Rob The Public Trust Doctrin that has been around in Massachusetts for a long while we all know as Chapter 91 of the Colonial Act. It has been part of the Colonial Ordinances since 1641 to 1647. The greeks who put it together in another time are the basis upon which Chapter 91 was brought before legislators and made into an actual law. This is the document that makes it legal for any one fouling or fishing to do so as long as they have a legal entry point to do so, All great ponds are also covered under this chapter 91. When ever we did public seminars on fishing we spent several hours with the Department of the Environment discussing its purpose with those attending our free clinics . It helped to open a few eyes over the years and every one would take a copy home to have and show should some police department attempt to remove them after they gained legal entry. I can recall that on more than one instant having the caller being warned that they would be the ones arrested for harassment if they continued as a result of this document. It is a very powerful document to have with you .
  14. He once owned and operated Joes Fish market down at the bulkhead in Sandwich
  15. Sak speaking from previous encounters once they stopped the taking of herring out of the Bournedale run I was enlightened to find that several members of the nation have unlimited rights to take herring for what ever purposes they deem . The persons in question both had fish caught by live lining herring they netted from the run and were inside the run as well. My call brought the environmental police , to the edge of the canal and they were requested to talk with the police officer who explained that what they were doing was illegal and that is when the both took out paper work that stated as members of the tribe that they do not follow the same laws and that it was there right to do what they were doing. The police left and the two continued to fish and take herring and no ticket was issued. So be aware that in some cases what we may seem illegal may not be , so you need to be careful on how you go about it. The laws are not equally dispensed in all cases.