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  1. Thanks man. A pic would be great!
  2. Anybody know where I can buy pre-made sand spike holders that bolt on to a rod rack or a basket type rack? Not having much luck finding them online.
  3. Cool. Shoot me a pm with your name and address and I can send it to you first of the week.
  4. Is this what you are looking for? It came with a 7500i.
  5. Wait until you see that "old man" chase a dreaded Mylar balloon down the beach! Makes "younger" guys like myself wonder why I can't move like that anymore. Truly an AI legend and steward of the sand.
  6. If you can wait until last week of April, I'll take it for $150 cash meetup.
  7. Will you be on AI this spring?
  8. No worries man. I'm usually on a mission when the tires hit the sand as well. Great seeing folks I haven't seen in awhile this year! Still trying to figure out SteveZ's fishing schedule before he and Miss Donna go home. I do hope the research crew incidents were just a new driver and not a new precedent.
  9. That's them. I'd be curious to see what the actual description is for that job and the amount of the budget allotted for it.
  10. I have more issues with the "research" SUV. They have no issues driving between rods and vehicles with no regard for children or pets that may dart out. Apparently they are used to being flipped off as well. Never a problem with rangers at all.
  11. Conditions reminded me of the first red I ever caught. Couldn't give up without an honest try.
  12. Washing machine yesterday morning. 12s were a joke. Walked the beach following rolling 14s for a couple hours before I gave up. Still enjoyed the sunrise though.
  13. Or, if you happen to be Marcus, it's a 40"+ red! I would've been a nervous wreck reeling that one in! Damn good hooks and even better advice. I prefer the 1/0 myself. Easier to tie. My cousin took the kingfish category in the drum tourney a few years back with that same setup. I know because I tied the rig & cut the inch square pieces of fillet. Man I miss that tournament!
  14. I have the following: Old school Daiwa BG90. Used, but you wouldn't know it, with fresh 20# mono. $85. Heavy, but built like a tank. (Multiples of these) Penn Spinfisher SSV7500LC. Again used lightly, but looks and feels like new. Fresh 20# mono. $145. Penn Clash I 6000. BNIB. $185. All reels have box, paperwork, shims, etc. Prices are shipped PP.