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  1. I know this is a long shot, but I'm trying to find a 12' Premier Surf in the factory conventional model. I have quite a collection, so I could do a straight sale or a trade/partial trade. I'm in MD, so shipping would most likely be necessary. Anybody have one?
  2. That's fine with me. I'll take it. Pm coming.
  3. You want the Stradic 4000 for the combo? Ship both rods together?
  4. Sounds good. Pm coming.
  5. Here's what I've got: Daiwa BG8000 + $150 PP. New, but box shows wear. Never spooled. Tsunami Shield 6000 + $150 PP. Box has never been opened. Shimano Stradic FK 4000 + $100 PP. Box has never been opened. Shimano Stradic FK 5000 + $75 PP. Box has never been opened. Penn Clash 6000 + $50 PP. Box has never been opened. The best I can do straight PP right now is $200 shipped. Thanks for considering my offers. Let me know if any interest you. Freddie
  6. Mainly BNIB spinning gear of all shapes sizes and price ranges. I do have a couple used Akios 757 reels. I'm sure I could find some other stuff as well.
  7. You wouldn't be looking for anything specific for trade would you?
  8. I'm not going to rant about AMSA today, but just a word of caution to anyone that ventures out and chooses to go through the bullpen area to hit the southern end this weekend: Speed limit should be 2 mph through that area! Beware of unattended children and inebriated adults darting back & forth between the actual bullpen and the surf. Just my $0.02.
  9. I just had an excellent customer service experience with TD! I placed 2 preorders a few weeks ago. Products aren't even in their stock yet. I was charged immediately, which isn't SOP for them. I didn't receive the points either. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be charged twice. Craig was helpful, joked with me & answered all my questions. Patience isn't my strong suit, but sometimes it pays! Also, I received the free merchandise that comes with the preordered items in 2 days!
  10. My 3000 Nasci is on a strictly lure rod, but I can assure you that I have beat the hell out of both 5000's on countless schoolies & hefty rays. I've now shattered 2 middle end inshore rods with Nasci's on them trying to horse in rays & the reels didn't miss a beat. Good value for the $$.
  11. Bought one of these for my dad bc he has to have an a/r switch. So far so good. Did see a little cosmetic corrosion but that's with daily fishing and weekly rinsing. Can't remember the model but it was the 40/400/4000 comparable model. Also got him a FUEGO LT same 4000 size. Both have stood up to big cownose rays off the dock. Personally, my vote is for the NASCI. Not quite as smooth as the Stradic, but just feels more substantial than the other 2 and right around that $100 mark as well. I have a 3000 & a couple 5000's that I put Gomexus eva knobs on. Haven't tried the BG's though.
  12. Lightly used Shimano Baitrunner 4000D on the BST for $110. I've had good luck with the larger models. Smooth reels.
  13. $450 works for me. I'll take it. Pm me your PP info and I'll get payment out tomorrow.
  14. Anything specific in mind to trade?
  15. Sounds good. Let me know. I should've asked first, but do either of the reels come with box, paperwork, shims, etc.?