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  1. I respectfully offer $110
  2. What color are you looking for? I have other GRS you might be interested in for the blackfish.
  3. Please close
  4. Like the title says I’m looking for a pair of van staal pliers (preferably the 7” but if you have the 6” let me know).
  5. I know this is an old post is it still available?
  6. See the pictures for the multiple lots I’m offering up. I’d like to keep them together for now. Add $6 for shipping each lot if you take more than 1 lot it’ll be $5 each lot. Pricing: Lot 1 $90 Lot 2 $25 Lot 3 $35 Lot 4 $55 Lot 5 $75 Lot 6 $65
  7. Can I purchase just the bail from you?
  8. Your never gonna get that
  9. What's that cobia? Surface giant or something else?
  10. Would you sell the siren separate?
  11. Can you post a picture of them please
  12. Yes but not really interested in surfsters. You got any black over whites or blue over white in either medium or deep?
  13. Negative what plugs are you offering?
  14. Your only interested in surfsters? What do you have to trade I have a few of what your looking for but no surfsters.
  15. I live in Pompton Lakes but work down in Teterboro