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  1. Hitting Manasquan tomorrow morning. Been a very long time. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Bringing a friend out for the first time.
  2. How has the Fluke fishing been going in the Raritan? I just back from vacay and plan on hitting the bay soon. thanks
  3. Also, wondering if anyone is free Tuesday? Company always welcomed...
  4. I’ve been out commission for a bit. I have some time Tuesday morning. Are Blues still around? Thinking the back bay. Thanks in advance.
  5. When will the next 12 Billion dollar bailout be paid for this round of tariffs? And to whom?
  6. I use a window counterweight as an anchor and a retractable dog leash for my line. I only use it in lakes when I found a good spot and the wind is a little stiff. I just pull the leash/rope back up and the leash/rope winds right back up. No loose rope to deal with. Only 25ft long though.
  7. Under 60 degree water- Tempest Pants and a splash shirt. Over 60 degree water- Columbia or Columbia like quick dry pants and shirt. Long sleeves are a must. Can always roll them up to cool down for a bit but sun protection is key. Tilley Hat is nice especially if you're blad like me. And they're stylish....
  8. What is your price range?
  9. Tail
  10. I have Suncloud glasses. Love them and quite affordable...
  11. Anything over 12mph is usually my cutoff. Gell is right, it's usually double that prediction. I don't mind swells that much, but white caps are my dead fast rule. Fish another spot or another day. I like fishing, but I certainly do love breathing.....
  12. I was out last Monday and the water was like glass. Then the wind kicked up a lot. It wasn't fun anymore and it became work. If I wanted to work, then I would have gone to work that day... I headed back in and within 10 minutes 6 more kayakers landed. Gotta know when to call it quits. Salty told me once, "If I get to the water and I see whitecaps, then it's time to go get eggs.."
  13. I was there today. A bunch of shorts for everyone. A handful of keepers for some. A lot of kayakers we’re out this morning till the wind and waves picked up. Sent a lot of people back to beach me included. Good luck and tight lines.
  14. Put on stringer. Cut gills and leave in water till they bleed out. Throw in a cooler. Then paddle away at a nice clip......