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  1. I was there today. A bunch of shorts for everyone. A handful of keepers for some. A lot of kayakers we’re out this morning till the wind and waves picked up. Sent a lot of people back to beach me included. Good luck and tight lines.
  2. Put on stringer. Cut gills and leave in water till they bleed out. Throw in a cooler. Then paddle away at a nice clip......
  3. Planning to hit the back bay this Monday morning. Weather and wind looks good. Any suggestions on lures? And always open to meeting up if anyone is free..
  4. I'm ok with a bit of rain, but the wind has to die down. I'm off Friday and pretty free for Saturday, and of course, it's gonna be windy as hell.
  5. Boss at work is a serious scuba diver and he goes Lionfish hunting (speargun) with a bunch of other people. Kills a lot of them but doesn't even make a dent in the population. Once they're here, they will always be here...
  6. G.A.S. Gear Acquisition Syndrome Every guy suffers from it in some form. It's a sad sad condition....
  7. That was kinda funny......
  8. The remote is a big factor for me. I have to look into the voice commands. Do they actually work? you can turn on the camera and tell it to shot pics in elapse or in video?
  9. I have an old Gopro. I rigged to my bow for some nice shots, and the remote worked great. Fast forward a couple of years and everything isn't working so great anymore. I'm looking to get a new one and a new remote. I'm looking for one that is easy to use and the remote will turn it off and on and start recording when I want it to. I've seen some brands that have a remote but they usually just turn them on but can't take pics or vice versa. Anyone know one?? Thanks
  10. Sailflow, iKitesurf, and iWindsurf are the apps I use. All pretty good and easy to use.
  11. My wife and I go to a lot of flea markets, and almost every piece of fishing gear that I find looks like something a tackle store or a chain restaurant would have nailed to the wall for decoration. I never find anything younger than me and I'm in my 40's....
  12. I bought a Hobie crate. Used it once and went right back to my milk crate. Keep it simple...
  13. How was it? Fishy?? Debating taking a day but don't have many left. Damn flu knocked me on my but in December and used a lot of sick days. And of course, the weekends are ruined by my family.... :)