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  1. Sold
  2. Two new Big Dons - schoolbus - white one has orange underbelly $60 shipped paypal
  3. One more try ... $500
  4. Sold - thanks Jim and SOL
  5. Scott sas 906 - 9’ 6 weight two piece rod Orvis Battenkill 5/6 Reel (with line) Original Scott Rod Tube Rod - reel carrying case (has a stain on the bottom) Both Rod and reel were rarely used (cork handle is like new) Line is old so may need to be replaced $225 shipped
  6. Queen Sleigh Bed Armoire 3 Night - stands Located in Central NJ $1,250
  7. NJ sux for the higher earner (typically the man). Separated in March of this year after 19 years of marriage. Marriage Settlement Agreement signed 8/14, Five months and 11 days later. Aside from the gold stamp from the judge and the pending hatchet to my 401k I'm as official to being divorced as possible. Broke all towns records from a timing standpoint. Now I'm on the hook alimony wise for way too long - simply not fair !!
  8. Fair enough - the comment in this context is benign- the hook nose one was a nice touch. Feel free to delete my off topic comments - I'd prefer if you did. No victims mentality here just struck a nerve today.
  9. From what I recall it's pretty specific and obvious. Been around long enough...
  10. I've been on the site for 12 years and your true colors have been show time and time again.
  11. Classy but wouldn't expect anything else from you.
  12. Anti-semite.... Here's one of the last pictures of my grandfathers sister in her hometown in Germany. My grandfather was the only one from his family to escape. Have a nice day.