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  1. Have to wonder if the alligator scenario went thru that mind
  2. Its all natural
  3. Saw one where the guy had worm/worms inside his eyeball. Little incision and fished them out, looked about 3'' long.
  4. With a tan
  5. Hey wait a minute!
  6. And a mansion and a yacht I'll bet
  7. Cooking sherry is hell
  8. A back of the hand wave would have been icing on the cake
  9. If you dont mind, who did you work for there?
  10. He'll turn her into his own aunt Esther
  11. So Otter didnt catch up with him
  12. Had to look that up and 30 of those bombs is a lot of crap to eat . Thankfully we didnt have any WC near us in the mid 70'
  13. Hillary tutoring on the side? They own the preacher$ so.
  14. Tosh had a vid on his show of a guy who had just finished a 72 oz steak and was trying to throw it up in the bathroom afterwards. Looked like he was shyting out of his mouth