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  1. To be fair the hosts are kinds libs so there' that
  2. Al Bundy and Psycho Dad
  3. TWIB Notes!!
  4. Listening to a radio show this AM and the host was saying, too bad for the student who worked 5 jobs to pay his/her way. ''Whats in it for me"
  5. Is the OP the same white guy with the black wife who wanted to move to Penn. but was afeared of the racists, gun owners, and other such goings on??.
  6. And that one son is following suit, spitting image.
  7. Or,,,Or,,, Wonder Woman running around and hoping her wonderful tits would pop out in a running scene.
  8. Christalmighty , you weren't even a thought when this was in reruns.
  9. 49 yo, I wish the guy well.
  10. Most doing business with VG seem to be happy with their choice. Like Prudential, is one agent assigned to a client ?
  11. Why say anything? If she had the wherewithal she should have kept her mouth shut and had the job/jobs done.
  12. I was thinking of all of them pouring out of a clown car before I saw your post
  13. Mansion owners seem as scummy here(CNJ) as up there.
  14. Haute couture