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  1. Welcome to SOL. Wouldnt you measure the reel foot length to get that size then go from there? BTW, how big are the cats you fish for?
  2. She should get a shank in the guts on her last day in before getting paroled.
  3. The BB staff writers getting some govt $
  4. New Orleans PD . They're nothing more than gangsters in uniform and seem to have no problem killing each other.
  5. Somebody lose the keys to the armory?
  6. Pistol was every bit the player Bird was but the Celtics were Birds team, plain and simple.
  7. I had no idea she was in her 5th year
  8. Dont let either ever happen again
  9. My BIL' brother did that to a car full of mexicans in California! They were stopped at a RR crossing and the mexi' gave him the finger so he put his Suburban in 4WD and rammed them on to the tracks with a train coming. They put it in rev. but the tires just smoked as he slowly pushed them. They finally drove thru the barriers just in time, busting up the car pretty good on the way thru.
  10. Sheryl Swoopes doesnt like straight white BB chicks who were and are better than she was.
  11. The foolish who rent the 14' aluminum boats going full throttle trying to get out, bouncing hard on waves from incoming boats WAAAAAAAAA. Go with god
  12. Been awhile, we're due for a pie. $10 less for the same 80 miles south and a true Pisan, started out great but the place has been slipping lately.
  13. Where is a low bridge when you need one
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