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  1. I'm pissing the perimeter of the north 40 just to keep the squirrels away from my sweet corn.
  2. they both burnt out
  3. God bless her and her natural itty bitty titties!!
  4. If everyone is dead and lotsa loose cash is floating about,,,,no
  5. 48 hrs episodes to be had
  6. When the time comes I'm hoping that1500 degrees worth of natural gas stays reasonable
  7. What county in Pennsylvania RM ?
  8. Same here, Happy Bastile Day brother
  9. The Sir **** is getting kind of old..... I'm not on FB but I do peek in on my HS site on occasion, gets me down when I see another pass on . 64 in July but I still feel pretty GD pretty good.
  10. You told me about it a few yrs ago, I used it and was amazed
  11. I was looking at this several years ago, the neighbor kid went to VoTech school and now has his Master Lic. When I asked him about it he gave me a quote of 1600.00 installed for a single unit for the Lv rm., the home is only 1100 sq ft. He now has 4 or 5 trucks and the price went up to 5K. My son, who I wanted to take HVAC in Vo Tech went for cooking/baking instead and spent 13 yrs in a kitchen, has been working for him for the last 11/2 years and really likes the work. Whats the saying about having a Dr., lawyer or plumber in the family? I'm going to look into this and have my son do the work for deal old mom and dad.
  12. Maybe 2 pcs. of brown down spout with a 90 to cover it up?
  13. 5:30 til 8 It was another 2 small lmb day for me. Missed on a nicer 3+ lber, she jumped 3 times and spit the hook. I threw it out and saw her beeline for it in open water before running into the weeds, jumping and coming unpinned My job got cancelled for tomorrow so I'll be at it again
  14. RIP Vin and condolences