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  1. Me 3 , couldnt pass on $300, decent reviews and delivered to my door. I'll have had it 3 yrs in July, no salt yet but been thinking of maybe putting in the back of OC.
  2. I think the members of the firing squad have no idea who has the live rounds,,, and they are all good shots
  3. Dont ruin the good work you've done here
  4. X2
  5. New Orleans
  6. Poundstone is just creepy.
  7. Been thinking about a pursuit 2500 for FW, I'm buying one after seeing this.
  8. and that joke thief mencia
  9. Please is the magic word.
  10. Everybody' digging holes
  11. Yet seems to have struck a chord with you
  12. One less Pinto