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  1. Hi Century will be repped at the show and in the gym They are not a sponsor of the event
  2. Hi yes, we pour our own heads or I would better to say that I pour for the kids. That would be greatly appreciated!! I just made a half dozen fluid beds for the kids. Waiting to find a day to show them how to use them.
  3. We are about a week away and I wanted to make sure everyone knows Free Admission Shuttle Bus parking well over 200 different vendors and close to 100 raffles of all types . 100% of the procedes foes directly to the high school fishing club. This goes a long way to pay for our trips, transportation, projects such as rod building, teaser and bucktail tying, plug building and anything else that the kids want to get involved with.
  4. The only show that is free is the March 2 expo run by the club
  5. Hi…hope that this helps with any confusion… Striper Day presented by SJ is on Sunday Jan 14 and is held at Ward Melville The Ward Melville Fishing Expo is on Sat March 2 and is hosted by the Ward Melville Fishing Club at Ward Melville High School
  6. A few Ma vendors requested to leave early so that they could take the ferry and beat the storm that was going to pummel them
  7. Hey, I was told you may be interested in some OLD nothing great poles and a couple reels for kids? I have some I'd hate to throw out(really not that great).. I'm in brookhaven, probably not worth the trip unless you or someone is close by?

    1. missinglink08


      I appreciate the offer

      i usually take old gear but I’m currently loaded after the show we just hosted.  

      i know there is a club in rocky point and one starting in copaigue….maybe they can use them. Let me reach out to the guys that run those clubs and see if they are interested

      thank you for thinking of us!!!

      Bob wilson 


  8. Sorry for the delay. Lots going on and new group to show the ropes. All winners are posted but I understand you can’t see all winners Winners will be contacted starting tomorrow Tuesday 3/8 Please do not call the school as they do not have direction on how to distribute the raffles nor do they have the raffles in possession. I will be contacting snd giving pick up instructions upon contacting you. Please go to www.wardmelvillefishingxlub/2022expo and scroll down to see all 7 pages of raffle winners. Thank you all attending and supporting the club.
  9. Thanks everyone for attending the show and supporting the club just wanted to put a note out that raffle winners will be posted Monday afternoon (the kids get to do the work) and either I or one of the top kids in the club will contact you to let you know you won the raffle starting tomorrow afternoon/evening
  10. Going “hi tech “ this year floor-plan , vendor assignment and seminar schedule on your phone now! Thanks of course there will be a hardcopy or two posted on both sides of the raffle room outside the gym and by the auditorium
  11. *****SHOW UPDATE**** with the governors statement yesterday and confirmation from building administration, masks are no longer mandatory and the capacity will no longer be capped at 1000
  12. Just saw this myself great news but I will post on it once I hear from my admin
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