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  1. 12 mins ago, nmark98 said:


    Sure is. These authentic or knock offs/imitations of the genuine jerseys? Also what condition are they in? brand new?

    Imitation nike. Brand new tags on.took out plastic to take pics. Everyone that has seen mine or got 1 are blown away at quality. I wear a reggie white a black wentz & foles. 

  2. Won this amazing beauty few years back at surf day. Moved into a new house this year got married & wife isnt gonna let me hang it. Would prefer to just recoup the $ spent on raffle tix to win so someone can hang her up. Would be tough to ship. Im in cape may area if anyone interested 50$$


  3. On 3/19/2018 at 8:09 AM, Livliner said:

    Tsunami Airwave Elite 9-10 ft $150-180ish.

    St Croix Mojo 9-10.6 ft $240 ish - better warranty -trade up program


    Decent plugging rod 3/4-4 oz range

    Tsunami Airwave Elite 9-10 ft  is a great rod