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  1. You are going to hear a lot about Strozks partner and Misfuds handler in the near future. You will find out why they were not allowed to testify before Congress...........
  2. Or just build a wall to keep them out? Or maybe don’t allow their fake asylum requests, or track down those who overstay their Visas , and remove them.
  3. Obama, and the intelligence community interfered with the 2016 election making Putin look like small potatoes.
  4. And was illegally used for Fisa.
  5. Besides fishing, did not do to much living, besides getting stuff from Home Depot and gardening supplies from Tractor Supply. Had a bunch of palms to stack and cardboard for recycling for the curb. ADT install took up a morning. Found a decent pizza place, Culver’s and Steak and shake for burgers, along with rib city for 9.99 lunch which was really good. Back in NY , wish I had more time to explore. Back down in July for two weeks.
  6. Almost like illegals are committing a crime wave.
  7. Here is the judge they also pinched the court officer........
  8. I will be blue from holding my breath.
  9. For aiding illegal alien from being taken into ice custody. I like this Barr Justice department. Sends a message to other liberal judges who took oaths to uphold the law that this kind of conduct will not be OK. Oh by the way this is what real obstruction looks like..........
  10. You are Eric Swallell are the only two left that believes anything in the Dossier is true. Rudy last night on Ingram said anyone not seeing the Dossier a bunch of lies after reading two pages is a fool. Guess some people are just gullible.
  11. I love the Oh My grabbing at the pearl necklace routine............. He has had everything from the day Patriot Mike Rodgers paid him a visit. Enjoy the show, timing is everything........... WWG1WGA
  12. Markets destroyed, world wars, how wrong can these lefties bee.............
  13. I saw this women on Laura Ingram one night and she is an imbecile. Baltimore Sun FBI raids Baltimore City Hall, home of Mayor Catherine Pugh, her attorney's office and three other locations Ian Duncan and Luke BroadwaterContact Reporter Federal law enforcement agents fanned out Thursday across Baltimore, raiding City Hall, the home of embattled Mayor Catherine Pugh and several other locations as the investigation into the mayor’s business dealings widened. Dave Fitz, an FBI spokesman, confirmed agents from the Baltimore FBI office and the Washington IRSoffice were executing search warrants at those locations Thursday morning, as well as at least three other addresses associated with Pugh. It was the first confirmation that federal authorities, as well as state officials, were investigating the mayor’s activities. Shortly after the raids began, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan called on Pugh to resign. “On April 1, I directed the state prosecutor to investigate the disturbing allegations surrounding Mayor Catherine Pugh’s questionable financial dealings with the University of Maryland Medical System. Today, agents for the FBI and the IRS executed search warrants at the mayor’s homes and offices,” Hogan said. “Now more than ever, Baltimore City needs strong and responsible leadership. Mayor Pugh has lost the public trust. She is clearly not fit to lead. For the good of the city, Mayor Pugh must resign.” Agents were at the location of the Maryland Center for Adult Training. The Democratic mayor once led the nonprofit job training program and it has listed online as board members three Pugh staffers — Gary Brown Jr., Poetri Deal and Afra Vance-White. Those three staffers were fired this week by acting Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young. Fitz said they were executing warrants at Pugh’s former home in Ashburton, which she still owns, as well as the downtown office of her attorney and Brown’s home. Complete coverage: Mayor Pugh's 'Healthy Holly' scandal » Pugh and her attorney, Steven Silverman, did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment. Democratic City Councilman Brandon Scott also called Thursday for Pugh to resign. The entire City Council as well as Baltimore lawmakers in the House of Delegates and the pro-business Greater Baltimore Committee are also seeking her resignation. "Mayor Pugh should resign immediately. Baltimore needs to move forward and heal from this embarrassment. Baltimore is a great and resilient city, but we can't waste anymore time on this issue,” Scott said in a statement. “There are many important issues in front of us that require the complete attention of a full-time mayor. Our focus must continue to be fighting crime and improving the schools in our city." Two men in suits with boxes waited Thursday morning in Silverman’s office. Asked if they were federal agents, one said, “No comment.” Silverman had not yet arrived, and a woman in the office asked a reporter to leave. When Young, a Democrat, arrived Thursday morning at City Hall, he declined to comment. Lester Davis, a spokesman for Young, said Thursday morning that Young didn’t know about the searches in advance. He also said Young did not know if the three aides were under investigation. City Solicitor Andre Davis said he also did not know about the searches beforehand. “I’m hoping they’ll leave a copy of the warrant,” he told reporters as he entered City Hall about 8:30 a.m. He was asked if he would make it public and said: “If I get it, you got it.” He declined to comment further. A spokesperson for the U.S. attorney’s office in Baltimore did not immediately return messages seeking comment. Pugh, 69, is under investigation by the Maryland Office of the State Prosecutor for sales of her “Healthy Holly” children’s books. Thursday’s raid marked the first time it was publicly known that federal law enforcement was investigating Pugh, as well. Citing health reasons, Pugh announced April 1 she was taking a leave of absence amid the growing scandal over sales of the self-published books. The Baltimore Sun reported last month that Pugh was paid $500,000 by the University of Maryland Medical System for 100,000 of the books to distribute to schoolchildren. The no-bid arrangement was made while she was on the hospital network’s unpaid board. Health provider Kaiser Permanente later acknowledged that it paid Pugh more than $100,000 to buy about 20,000 copies of her books during a period when the company was seeking a lucrative contract to provide health insurance to city employees. Others with business before the city, including Columbia businessman J.P. Grant, also wrote checks for the book. In all, Pugh's Healthy Holly LLC took in at least $800,000 from local entities since 2011, The Sun has reported. It was not clear Thursday morning where the agents were inside the seat of municipal government. City Hall is home to the mayor's office, the City Council president's office, the city comptroller's office and the offices of council members. It's also the site of the city law department, the finance department, the department of legislative reference and the inspector general's office. Mayor Catherine Pugh holds a press conference about her "Healthy Holly" books. A Baltimore Police Department officer would not allow a reporter in the building. Pugh bought her current home in the 3400 block of Ellamont Road for $117,500 just days after being sworn in as mayor in December 2016. Property records showed she purchased it without using a mortgage. She began renovating it in early 2017, but has repeatedly run afoul of city housing regulations regarding permits, historic preservation and fire codes. Before her move, Pugh lived nearby on Dennlyn Road, where she bought a home in 1998. At Brown’s address at the Cecil apartments on Eutaw Street, two supervisors overseeing construction work confirmed multiple FBI agents raided an apartment in the building. The supervisors, who declined give their names, said three men wearing FBI jackets and one man in a suit showed up with warrants about 7:30 a.m. Thursday. They declined to say whose apartment was raided, but the building is the listed address of Brown. Pugh’s attorney has said she has remained on paid leave because she is still recovering from a case of pneumonia. Young is filling in as acting mayor. The City Council as a whole, the city members of the state House of Delegates and the Greater Baltimore Committee had already called on Pugh to step down permanently. Thursday was not the first time a Baltimore mayor’s house has been raided by investigators. In 2008, state prosecutors and police searched the home of then-Mayor Sheila Dixon. The Democrat became the first Baltimore mayor to face criminal charges, was convicted and resigned. Federal investigators have searched other big City Halls in recent years, including Los Angeles in 2018 and Philadelphia in 2016. In those corruption cases, they were seeking materials from the offices of City Council members.