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  1. Oligarch
  2. Drying up as fast as someone’s Comedic Gold Routine........
  3. And I left the Bush, Chaney, McCain Republican Party a long time ago.
  4. I have been talking government corruption and America being sold to the highest bidder. Weaponinzing the FBI and other alaphabet agencies. Setting up a coup trying to overturn an election with a Russian Hoax aided by a complicit media. Let’s not forget the paid mobs by Soros and the DNC. Seems like most on your side embrace it.
  5. Some here joined them..........
  6. Agreed but I call it Operation #Slowwalker
  7. As they set up Page they also set up Papadopoulos.....
  8. The libs here cared even less for Kate Stinle..............
  9. our Libs seem more outraged than when an Ambassador was killed in Benghazi
  10. There are no such things
  11. Raise you hand if when you woke up today you still don’t care about the dead Muslim brotherhood journalist.
  12. There are no such things as independents, so yo are a ball of clay?
  13. Under/over 2 weeks till next ban?