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  1. got ya thanks for the reply
  2. How skinny does it get?
  3. My buddy wants to wade fish in a spot on burnt store road area in Cape Coral. Think I will wait till I get my boat at the end of the summer and fish the same spot. I used to wetsuit Montauk, but gators and bull sharks scare me.
  4. If to do some trespassing the golf course ponds have tarpon and snook. Dress in a golf shirt and plaid shorts and act like you own the place. Red and white youzouris for the snook, doa terror eyes will get you tarpon and snook. Live target threadfin work well also.
  5. Flare hawks, and jigs with paddle tails will get you snook and possible a red at the Sanibel lightbhouse pier. Cast and walk the beach there. The snook on the beach away from structure will be tight to shore , just a pitch really and not a cast. You need polarized lenses to see them
  6. Anyone familiar with Mako LTS 18, looking for a new boat and retirement present for SW Florida. Probably will purchase from Bass Pro in Estero. Anyone know how their service is? Looking to trick it out, power pole, gps lock trolling motor, side scan sonar, ( Hummingbird) , trim tabs., Jack plate. . Thanks in advance,
  7. Nice , would only fish the outside bar away from the outflow during the day, was scared to get stuck out there at night alone. Nice post.
  8. Fishing died in 2002 when they built the high fence with security cameras, and turned the hot water off. We used to park in between the beech and outflow in the neighborhood by a small park. Saved half the Bataan Death March. Would throw the police placard in the window, hop the park fence and down the stairs to the beach. Never got a ticket. They would back fill the areas where people tunneled under the fence from time to time so we improvised. Would carry a ladder and blanket to throw over the barbed wire to get into the lagoon. Biggest inside was 27 lbs, on a chicken scratch bomber, had plenty of 40-100 fish nights. Only was threatened with arrest once and we were still there after sunrise.
  9. Why would we not want more unverified people who, vote, I could care less if 100 percent showed up with voter ID and voted.
  10. Kennedy ripped off Nixon, but the fake news had it under control, there was no social media to unite those that had the election stolen.
  11. If we had an honest media , they would have taken the names of those voted and verified if trumps complaints were legit or not? I.e. was the person dead, did they vote twice, do they reside in another state etc. but we don’t have an honest media.
  12. Who cares what the frog president said.....he still can’t control his own mess
  13. Funny they did all spring and summer, right about something else
  14. Plate readers , shot detectors, facial I’d cameras
  15. We did not have the technology that we have now. The father and son would be caught in a week today.