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  1. I have a CCF10 in black, RHR. $300
  2. Sorry Fella's- missed the replies here. $325 takes it, shipped.
  3. Its very easy. Its just the drag body that gets swapped. They're specific to R or L hand. Most Nautilus dealers can do it. Mine just didn't have the RH retrieve, so they sent the reel back. Was about $30 I think. The dealer was just going to swap it for me, but Nautilus charged them, hence the $30. Heck, you can probably sell the old one on here or fleaBay
  4. I have one. The reel just came back from Nautilus. They switched it to RHR and gave it a once-over. $350 takes it, backing included.
  5. From the album WTB Nautilus CCF 10

  6. From the album WTB Nautilus CCF 10

  7. Hey All- I am going to pull the ad down. I found a issue with the drag and its back at Nautilus getting squared away. Thanks for all the interest. Andy
  8. I have a Nautilus CCF 10 listed, if interested.
  9. I have a Nautilus CCF 10 reel, LH retrieve. I bought this recently from a friend, but my wife surprised me with a new CCF X2, so this is going for sale. There are a couple, very small scratches around the drag knob (pictured). Also included is the neoprene Nautilus reel cover. $300 shipped takes it.
  10. From the album Nautilus CCF 10 Reel

  11. From the album Nautilus CCF 10 Reel

  12. From the album Nautilus CCF 10 Reel

  13. x2. Thanks for all the positive replies! Its going to eBay tomorrow. Need it gone..
  14. No worries. Thanks for letting me know. Back for sale!!
  15. Thanks for the kind words. PRICE DROP to $325. Need to move this thing... Thanks!