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  1. Dark Grey base with a pearl white. Close as you will get without actual foil.
  2. So long SOL to the few friends I made Good Luck! Im out

  3. Thanks guys. James I have never really kept up with the time I spend on each but I'm sure it is a few hour total for each from start to finish. Something I really enjoy so time isn't an issue. Just something I like to do after work to unwind...
  4. Few new guys I have been working on. Haven't posted in a while
  5. 1. Swirlchaser 2. TipUp 3. Eddie 4. Omakase 5. Richie c. 6. Rayndogg 7. Stripercrazy 8. Glasshouse 9. Seed 10. Micodese. 11. Jgh 12 . Kima Great job by all very hard to pick!
  6. sorry I was out of turn
  7. Sweet looking plugs!
  8. It’s the thought that counts:)
  9. Probably the type. This is eastern red ceder. I have never tried western
  10. Cedar has always sanded really smooth.I feel it is one of the easiest wood to use. I sand, seal with Etex, Foil, Etex and paint and then more Etex.
  11. Thanks Seed! You don't have to spend a lot of money on a brush I would recommend a 0.3 mm tip and needle though.
  12. Ha Ha, thanks Tip Up. Yours are pretty dang nice! I do enjoy seeing all the different builds and look forward to the swap.
  13. Here is what I have to offer. These are 6" swimmers hand-carved from red ceder. They are appx 1.75 oz each. Foiled and in a menhaden pattern. Should swim around 4 to 6 foot. 1/0 trebbles including a hand tied 3" bucktail dressed rear trebble. Has really good action. Good stuff posted guys !!
  14. Thank you Kent and KG33. This hobby can be tough and time consuming as we all know but we love it. Thanks for the kind words
  15. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol 70% or higher. Cheap and works perfectly