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  1. What happens when they blow it all, will we have to do it again?
  2. So you think it is a couple hour job, start to finish?
  3. Chicken rig, bottom rig,hi-lo, top and bottom rig, what is the difference? Do you have a hook below the sinker and one above? Sounds different than the hi-lo rig.
  4. I use the knot all the time. 20# that got heated up and not enough wraps it will fail. Why one would use 20# for a top and bottom rig puzzles me.
  5. We bailed out of BH when the stack of news papers at the Wawa was more New York Times than Philadelphia Inquire, late 80's.
  6. Look into some open 6 pack boats. IMHO worth the extra money and some good ones up your way.
  7. Check out La Jolla in Islamorada. Cheap and not bad at all. It is a real sleeper, unless money is no object.
  8. Not much knot strength with a dropper. I would use heavier line. If not enough wraps and not enough lube to slide you are probably under 40%. On my chicken rigs I use 80# Berkley big game. Stiff and keeps line from wrapping on itself. Never had a problem.
  9. What's wrong with the Trevela? I fish a Tsunami slow pitch with my Lexa. I have them all but now only fish the heaviest one most of the time. Hate fishing bucktails 6oz plus.
  10. Bucktail with a teaser is how I start. With bait on bucktail and gulp on teaser to start. Then I switch it up what's working. Over 6 oz I usually go with chicken rig. I could not go without gulp. Big and small, white, chartreuse, pink. Good luck. Rod will work just fine. I'm a conventional guy for Fluke though. Free spool and my thumb is my friend to let out for scope or feed the fish.
  11. Hear the pup has been picked up. Good luck to your daughter and family with the dog. Glad I could help, but your daughter had it all together for the kind of homes he was looking for.
  12. And overhangs. So much can be stored under them and can be enclosed in the future.
  13. Need to protect the Sea bass, such shortage of them.
  14. I need that stock and can't find one. Just got off the phone with Sarco's and they said sorry, don't have one. Glad you got what you needed. Nothing like being at the right spot at the right time.
  15. Just keep working on the FG, it is the way to go.
  16. I prefer longer barrels, if I was building a 22 I would go 18 since I love the way my 10-22 shoots. Have a 20" on my favorite AR.
  17. If telling you the truth is rude then you are clueless. Why not get married and give your kid a father not a baby daddy, to complicated when you walk away when things get tough?
  18. I would rather have the jugs than all those bags leaking siht everywhere.If I buy bags they get dumped in a container.
  19. Structure of the family. You sound like a very immature, selfish idiot. I feel for your kid. Give it up for adoption. People tell you their experience and you think that it does not sound good giving up things to raise a kid. you sound like a real JO.
  20. You mean like they do in the ghetto?
  21. Dude you are fuqed up. Got your girlfriend knocked up and you are worrying about fishing? Marry her and be a Dad.
  22. Can't even begin to count the amount of Fluke I have killed with that on my teaser.
  23. So glad she is getting a dog. My brother really liked your daughter and family. She will be real happy, he does a great job with his dogs. It sounds like she was just a perfect fit for the homes he was looking for.