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  1. I think they are waiting to be told who to vote for.
  2. Do you understand now that he explained it?
  3. Watch out, you have a stalker now. Next you will not be allowed to post in this thread. Only the TD groupies can call you a liar with no repercussions.
  4. What could the police do if someone called them? Would not want to be the cop on this call.
  5. When you fishing really sticky stuff, as many as you got, rigged and ready to go. Nothing worse than retying when they are coming over the rail. Rail cars,wrecks, reefs can eat up a lot of rigs. Up north sand bottom, three, two bait conventional, one spinner.
  6. Not everyone reads this post also. Hope he finds his rod but HE did leave it.
  7. Looks like that guy is a bad mo fo. That's got to be a blast if your tough enough.
  8. If your going going release it, swing it over the rail.You know the fishing is good when you try to swing slobs.Two mates are good with the gaff others average.IMHO Learn their names and yell for one of them when you get a real good one. Good job on not getting upset.
  9. Try to get on a limited load trip,two day next time.
  10. Same deal for me a few years ago. My Pop taught me you are responsible for your own good time. How hard is it to have a good time on the water with that scenery, booze, milfs(complained about kids,where there are kids you will find moms), and plenty of time to enjoy it. I'm not a cruiser, but when I go I make it a good time. To many tee shirt and jewelry shops but do the above instead. Managed to have a great time on a Hawaii cruise and it was all Americans working on the boat, and they suck compared to foreigners waiting on you.
  11. I gave up on my Milwaukee set when they pulled this siht. Started over with DeWALT. Batteries cost is ridiculous,it was easier and I wanted some more tools and wanted all the same and I didn't want two different batteries. I guess that is called biting the bullet.
  12. Nothing against the flag but after 30 seconds I couldn't deal with how ugly she was and listen to that voice. Looks like a crack whore.