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  1. There has to be a sight alignment to see the dot correctly, I would think. I have never used one on a hand gun so I could be talking out my ass, but on a rifle it did not seem it would be user friendly on a pistol. It was years ago, so I don't know the tech advances.
  2. Why would you want a red dot on a handgun? I have used them on a nuzzle loader years ago, did not seem like it would be user friendly.
  3. part of entering, sign waiver.
  4. Go battery. Anything a homeowner does battery power is the way to go.
  5. You are correct sir, I missed where he wanted to shoot a 357 out of a 38LC.
  6. Why, a 357 shoots 38 specials? For target shooting it cheaper and does not beat you up as much. Unless money is not a factor and cleaning before shooting 357 after 38 special.
  7. I don't think you can go wrong with that CZ at the price they go for. Going to pick up thier SXS .410 one of these days. I'll buy it for my kid since I can't justfy another at all. But we will have one.
  8. Thats when the old lady wakes me up and says "listen", I say " you woke me for that"?
  9. I have the pleasure of being able to shoot at my house right off the porch, I have never taken advantage of it to the max before. I am more of a shotgun guy and I have a gun club right down the road that I shoot trap, skeet and even sporting clays when I want to be humbled. Anyway, I have been shooting all my 22's and started breaking out other rifles in the safes. Came upon the 222 Remington Mag, I knew I had a Winchester model 70 in 222, but forgot about this remington 700 in 222 Mag, guess I bought itwhen I was buying up 222's, and 223's, 243's. Never got my22-250. Any way, it looks like I'm about to learn reloading Rifle cartridges if I want to shoot this. I reload 10, 12, 28, and .410 shot shells. I have NO experience reloading pistol and rifle ammo. What do I need, and any mistakes you made getting into it. Will want to reload 223 and 38 special down the road if it saves money. I haven't reloaded 12 gauge in years, aint worth the pennies you save. Single stage at first. Pretty interesting cartdrige.
  10. Guess you missed what the thread was about.
  11. Togging with circle hooks?
  12. The Germans will sell anything to make the big buck. They have their professional kennels banging out litters and buying up litters and people are being paid to train these dogs. Show me how this can be done in this country. In this country no one would sell you a litter for the purpose of working dogs be it detection etc. I agree with you on AKC, they have ruined many breeds. We get ripped off regularly by the Germans with many that have false health papers and issues not disclosed. There is a big drive to change this but we don't have the mentality and money to support the training. Germans would sell anything for a buck, it is all livestock mentality to them, be it horses or dogs. If you go to Germany to buy a horse, they are for sale, never going to hear that is my daughters horse I can't sell it.
  13. Better fight than a striper. If it wasn't for tide and that open mouth they would slide right in.
  14. open some and sandy sounds normal to me. can you bang on them and make them close up some?
  15. Guess you are not up on the production of eggs, even the ones in the nesting box will have some dirt and poop on them.