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  1. Their lobby is strong. Horse racing is welfare for horseman. They won't let casinos have slots if they don't have so many days a year of racing. Sport is filled with scumbags too. I know lots about PA racing little about Jersey.
  2. Out of date, never heard of, I guess that shows you don't really know about these reels.
  3. I tell them that and they let me go.
  4. Why my brother's eagle is fat. He scared the hawks and the eagle moved in. Went and got his camera to photograph it and it swooped down and grabbed a duck.
  5. That is a reason he was elected, if for no other reason. Anything else he accomplishes is just a bonus. Do you have any clue on how many people that did not like him for personal reasons voted for him on picking people for the SOCTUS? RBG will never make it 6 more years.
  6. It is called negotiating, deals change, called give and take. Nancy and Shumer said no money now 1.7 billion. The dems are giving in.
  7. Yes, with Freds bobber rig. That rig and a minnow and you never know what you will catch. Caught Stripers at high noon fluke fishing.
  8. Have you checked out the SCOTUS lately?
  9. Not hard to figure out. Cop was an out of control a hole harrasing people coming home from dinner.
  10. Profiling, pretty sure you can't do that.
  11. Anyone that likes it this cold never had livestock.
  12. Sounds great except for a one day limit. I don't mind a long steam all night to be there in the morning fish two days and a nice steam home. Driving up north is easy for me, it's that drive home that kills me. So a NJ departure ain't to bad. Air conditioned bunk, damn, that's some fine living, I just hope for some fans to drown out the snoring and move the farts around.
  13. Pink was a pretty hot color on my June trip, not one of my colors I fish with that much out of SJ. But It was thought they were feeding on squid and that matched better. I'm a chartreuse and white usually. I fish buck tails (with stinger hook) as my weight or chrome balls and 3/8 ounce buck tails or similar as a top and bottom or chicken rig as some have said. Most not caught on the heavier bucktails, but more hooks the better up there IMHO. Don't need a lot of one type rig but a variety as you don't loose many rigs. Not losing rigs is hard for me to get used to, but up there I put more expensive rigs on as they are not gone in twenty minutes, like down here in the sticky stuff. Did I say have your Gulp?
  14. I didn't realize the trip was out of Jersey. Can you bring back two days limit on a multiple day trip out of Jersey? Something I should know. Catchem up, love multiple day trips.
  15. Not fluking?