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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for your interest about the Century association and Trout Worm, Angler 1 for the heads up on the article in the Globe about my uncles and my dad whom taught me, at a very young age how to cast a surf rod and fly rod . I still think of him every day enjoying my memories that I had. I will let you know how the rods are doing and do know my field testing them is done and now are in production at the UK Century Factory. They will be ready to see at the RISSA Show,Hartford Show and Mass Bass Show. I really appreciate the good camaraderie here . All The Best and Thanks Again!
  2. Good seeing you again, wishing you continuing success catching !
  3. Yes, For sure! especially more Rainbows and Less Larger Browns. More challenging and fun trying to find the correct "match the hatch" Fly.
  4. Hey Guys, I was invited to do a Local Pine Hills Surfcasting Club Seminar at Pine Hills Plymouth MA ...The Penn Reel, Pure Fishing Northeast Rep, Fred Radcliffe will be in attendance with all the new Latest Design Penn Surf Reels! Should be a good time talking about the Canal and local Cape Cod beaches and of course, Helping To Increase Your Distance With Your Surf Rod with Far Less Effort! Everything from new product Reels, Graphite Technology, Fly Rod Casting Techniques, Braids, lures, Rod Building, Top Water Action Movie, Reels and Successful Knots that work. The time of the Event is 7-8pm Nov 14th ....There is a small Fee to attend of $10.00 and will be Pizza and Salad for you Surf Vegans that attend this event. Take Route 3 North or South to Exit 3 Clark Road/ Beaver Dam Road/ Long Pond Road ...Take a right off the exit if driving North a left if driving south ....Take your second left at the Red Barn onto Meeting Way and follow past the Village Green Shops, stay on meeting Way....Take a right onto Stonebridge Road after you pass a granite stone marked Summerhouse and travel over a stone bridge....Take your second right into the Stonebridge Club #55 amenity area....If Interested Please Contact Bart at 617-780-5327 for more info. All The Best > Hope This Helps and look forward to having fun at this event! I have met some Club Members and I think you will like them for sure!!!
  5. Robc22, Casting is an art, to fine tuning your reels, to working on your technique that increases your distance with less effort. Casting is very beneficial to your cardiovascular health ( years back I gave a casting lesson to the Philadelphia Eagles Trainer and he explained to me it was great for your cardio and whole body. Hope this helps
  6. Red Top Has a full line of The Cousins Tackle Ron Arra Surf Rods ! & Strike Pro Ron Arra Lures ! Red Top is The National Distributor Of The RA Lures ! Enjoy The Product!
  7. You are welcome and good luck fishing with them!
  8. Make sure you change the split rings to 125lb on the older model Strike Pro Ron Arra Needle Fish. The New Ron Arra Needle Fish Lures have been modified to 125lb. Hope This Helps .
  9. Fishy4335, I can teach you to cast with half the effort your using now and improve your distance, or at least equal your current distance with less effort!
  10. Hey guys the Cousins Ron Arra Rods are doing well ! Red Top is getting a new order of RA rods soon. Plenty still there to choose from....Please go to there web site > and click in the top right hand corner (Shop) Saltwater Tackle ....All the best Red Top also has plenty of Ron Arra custom lures in stock! Hope This answers some of your questions . Good Fishing
  11. Thanks, Looking forward to hearing from Him on his Private Lesson!
  12. To Be More Honest ..."So much better performance than any other surf rods, I had my name on" The 1155 11' 6" tested out at 200 yards with a 4 1/2 oz bank sinker, using a Conventional Penn Torque 15 with Berkely 15lb big game clear , employing a 50lb shock leader wrapped twice around the spool. All The best
  13. I am now using the RA Cousins Surf Rods, RASU-1155 11'6" Spinning Rated for 2-6oz Lures .... and the RASU-1105-2S 11' Spinning Rated for 1-5oz Lures . Both these model rods are also available in conventional. I have never have had the experience casting with a smooth less effort in Conventional or Spinning designed rod, than these two rods mentioned. The high quality workmanship Cousins Tackle has accomplished on the triple wrapped Fuji K Guides is second to none. "Hope This Helps"
  14. Prayers G oing Out From Sandwich .