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  1. I ended up using Penetrol, which seems a lot like linseed oil. I don’t actually know if there is a difference or not. After light scrubbing w steel wool to get the heavy stuff off, I used a sprayer to liberally coat both inside and out. It appears to have worked, no rust color rubbing off on the white rag test. I like the look, we’ll see how long it holds up. Appreciate everyone’s ideas.
  2. Thanks guys. One of the planters is enormous so I doubt I could find a tray / mat for that one, but I may try lightly brushing off the scale and giving it another couple coats and seeing how it goes. I've also read a few recommendations for Penetrol so if I find that during the weekend errands I may try that.
  3. I have some rusted raw steel planters on the deck that I want to clear coat. I like the rusted look but I don't like how the rust bleeds onto the deck. I've tried using the clear rattle can rustoleum clear coat and it didnt work for ****. Any other suggestions of what I could use as a top coat over rusty steel to prevent the rust from bleeding all over the place?
  4. beans should stop by the tavern and say hello
  5. I’ll do $40. Thanks bud.
  6. Thanks for the response, I don’t have any of his pencils. Anything else you’re looking for?
  7. 4pk of Heady for 16.50 from roger Wilco today
  8. I've been barked at by a mom with pups when in the woods. I think I startled her - and she sure as **** startled me
  9. Yup
  10. they don't even seem to be tied to search history. Just a carpet bomb of random ad ****
  11. glad it's not just me...
  12. I think that’s his juggernaut (sp*) little bigger than what I was looking for, but appreciate the reply.
  13. I re-read an article from Men's Journal about McReynolds fish last night. It's a good review of both sides of the story for those interested.
  14. So Goodell auctions off the opportunity to watch a MNF with him at his home for a Covid related charity. Dave Portnoy puts up $250K and wins the auction . I'm sure they won't take his money, but that would be fun to watch. "Wearing a T-Shirt with the clown-nosed Goodell and a hat the said “Fire Goodell,” Portnoy posted a video gloating about his win where he said (expletives omitted): “Two hundred and fifty grand. A quarter Milly. That’s how much it cost me,” Portnoy said in his video. “Good charity. Great charity. I’m happy to give the money. Let’s help people. Let’s go watch some football, Roger. I got some questions. We got all day. Football takes, what, three, four hours? No handcuffs, no jail. I paid fair and square. I won. Quarter Milly. Me and you, Roger. Let’s put that money to good use. You know, I’m happy to donate it. Let’s talk.”
  15. Preferably in white or light colors.