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  1. Solar fall? Haven’t seen any of his stuff in some time. Nice.
  2. I was on a duckfin shad kick for a while but mostly don’t stray from the cocahoe minnow.
  3. Appreciate the offer but I'm going to pass. I've probably already got too many.
  4. RIP SIM.
  5. I’d do $90 for 6, 10-13. Nice lot
  6. First cigar I’ve had in a couple months. Couple fingers of Prohibition Old Forester and wondering why it’s taken me so long.
  7. henri potin peony. Had a client in college who had an entire back yard of them practically. She was the "crazy peony lady" in the schedule.
  8. very sorry to read this - thoughts & prayers to you and your family.
  9. Was at RTM saturday afternoon - business as usual (corona sytle). Heard on the scanner saturday night that looters tried RTM, but security and cops kept them out.
  10. I ended up using Penetrol, which seems a lot like linseed oil. I don’t actually know if there is a difference or not. After light scrubbing w steel wool to get the heavy stuff off, I used a sprayer to liberally coat both inside and out. It appears to have worked, no rust color rubbing off on the white rag test. I like the look, we’ll see how long it holds up. Appreciate everyone’s ideas.
  11. Thanks guys. One of the planters is enormous so I doubt I could find a tray / mat for that one, but I may try lightly brushing off the scale and giving it another couple coats and seeing how it goes. I've also read a few recommendations for Penetrol so if I find that during the weekend errands I may try that.
  12. I have some rusted raw steel planters on the deck that I want to clear coat. I like the rusted look but I don't like how the rust bleeds onto the deck. I've tried using the clear rattle can rustoleum clear coat and it didnt work for ****. Any other suggestions of what I could use as a top coat over rusty steel to prevent the rust from bleeding all over the place?
  13. beans should stop by the tavern and say hello
  14. I’ll do $40. Thanks bud.
  15. Thanks for the response, I don’t have any of his pencils. Anything else you’re looking for?