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  1. +1
  2. Seems social media did some good here. TD was unable to respond to their customers and TD fans came to their defense and explained the issue. Whether or not the explanation is good enough for buyers impacted is up to them.
  3. buncha yuppies turning your nose up at canned hot dog chili. Its going on a hot dog!
  4. Nice write-up, thanks for sharing. RIP
  5. Wolf - its what I grew up on so its what I crave from time to time
  6. Pretty good show here too.
  7. Well the world needs ditch diggers too
  8. too late - I've already lobbed my rotting fish racks over your fence
  9. yep - other trash in the racks bag - but the only one left behind.
  10. Dunno - it was on the bottom so would have required a little reaching. I imagine during the reach he got a face-full and decided against it. but maybe an honest mistake Just moved here in Nov - I've never even seen the garbage guys. So zero dollars.
  11. That'd be a mighty big bag of course it was in a garbage bag
  12. The garbage man left the fish carcasses from Sunday's outing in the bottom of the trash can for me. MY GOD - I don't know if I've smelled anything worse. I didn't get anything on me but the stench stuck to my shirt. I washed my hands in bleach and they still smell of hot rotting fish goo. After hating him for a while - I decided that his plight in life is far worse than mine and got over it. I know - rookie move not putting the bag on top but still...that smell!
  13. - I let myself go a little but geez...
  14. Dont think its a scam - good buddy of mine was diagnosed with Celiac (sp*) last year after not feeling well for the better part of 6 months. Couldn't figure out what was wrong for a while - then saw a specialist, cut the gluten and now feels great. Sucks though - like anyone else he loved some craft beer, pizza, etc. but said its not worth it.
  15. After bite for the itch works well for me. I'm one of those bug attracting people - I've tried damn near everything and nothing works on green heads or black flies. Most repellents will keep skeeters and no see ums away, for me at least. Seems that different repellents work better for different people from my experience. Anything with 100% deet is your best bet, but it also advises you not to apply directly to your skin - so I avoid it when on the beach and hope the breeze keeps them away. When on the boat - light pants and light long sleeve shirt for me. We also bought one of those salt guns - musta killed 100 greenies last time out. Sure they got me a few times but they suffered far more casualties.