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  1. Dibs
  2. Of the two you listed: the Samsung only has 2 HDMI ports - the LG has 4. I couldn't manage with 2 HDMI ports so I'd get the LG.
  3. Nvm just saw it - ha
  4. Unless you're a pirate
  5. Mom just had open heart in August. First week wasn't too fun - but she's better than ever. You'll be fine - good luck.
  6. A buddy's gf was in a bridal party 6 or 7 years ago that bought the newlyweds a helicopter tour on their honeymoon in Hawaii. It crashed - they died. Couldn't imagine carrying that around with me.
  7. Pecan pie is the only thanksgiving food I look forward to. You can have the rest of it
  8. Got out with the old man for our annual trip last Friday. Was supposed to be two days but the weather had other plans. But one good day of fishing is nothing to complain about
  9. Pretty lax, don’t be an idiot and you’ll be fine
  10. Didnt read the other responses but Tower is in the hood and not in the city- stay in center city. When out of towners visit I usually recommend the Double Tree on broad st. It’s close to any neighborhood you might want to visit but there are plenty of other hotel options in good spots, just depends on your budget. I’d take Uber or drive though you can probably use public transit. I don’t do public transit through the hood. Despite the neighborhood, Tower is a great venue for a show, one of my favorites in the area.
  11. Agree w Phil. Target striper somewhere else. The shad run is fun if that interests you.