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  1. It's definitely a workout. No backing down on fish, having to do laps around the boat while trying to gain on a fish, going over and under people. Had a bluefin trip last year where like 6 people were hooked up at the same time. I think 1 or 2 from that bite ended up in the boat.
  2. Even the really heavy big ones swim super high in the water column. I'll throw a 2 or 4oz WAY out there, and it still swims and doesn't drag on the bottom. Even crawling it back. It's my go-to for trying to reach a bait pod.
  3. Someone caught an east coast tagged striper years later in England. Somehow got across the pond. Definitely saw a Manta ray and Cobia cruising around the tip of the Manasquan inlet a few years ago. Spear guy came climbing out of the water freaking out saying he just shot a spear at a cobia and it bounced off it. Thought he was a nut, but sure enough the both of them were casually patroling the tip and north side.
  4. Earlier this year, tents were prohibited. I guess they didn't want people hanging out too long. The potty tents were specifically included in this.
  5. Done. @SeaZen 21
  6. Some people want the bailless kit.
  7. You find the parts and the box, i'll give you 325
  8. Yeah when I was there, it was 6 guys in a white pickup with huge wheels and thin little tires stuck at the end of the wood walkway, blocking almost the whole road. They were trying to air it down more, but good luck the sidewall is like 2" tall. At the same time, someone driving a Cadillac crossover thing stuck and spinning wheels and already down to the frame, like 4 feet off the pavement. I told him to stop hammering the gas, air down, and get a shovel and he looked at me like I had 3 heads. No passes on either.
  9. Final Bump. Make an offer.
  10. So many trucks out there last weekend with no passes. So many asshats with super low profile tires stuck right at the entrance.
  11. Where in LI are you. I'm interested, but would like to see it in person prior.
  12. Nobody like slow pitch?
  13. Bump
  14. Fuji JDM Something or other. They are nice, high end guides. Not sure exactly which ones. They are in perfect shape, that's just dust.
  15. I've had this for a season, used maybe twice to catch bonita. Not really going to have the opportunity to slow jig anytime in the near future, so this has to go. Rod is in almost new condition, just a little dusty. Accurate reel not included. $250 OBO local(Monmouth/Ocean Counties) cash / paypal. I think I paid $500 for this at the Reel Seat. Will ship at buyers expense.