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  1. 325 and you got a deal
  2. Price Drop: 350 shipped, 325 pickup
  3. It's worn a bit. If you look at the drag lever, it doesn't touch. But I guess a few days of jigging, it has worn to some degree. It's the lever itself flexing and contacting the frame. At rest, it doesn't touch at all.
  4. For Sale: Seldom used Accurate BV-500N - $375 Shipped CONUS (Paypal) - $350 Local Cash (Monmouth/Ocean counties) This has been sitting in the closet for a while and I'm selling to pay for the Saltiga 35JH I just replaced it with. I know the boat stuff isn't as popular on here, but it's worth a shot. Reel works great, it's just doesn't really fit in the current quiver. The stuff around the screws is grease, not corrosion. Spooled with what I think was 30lb Powerpro. Line is like new. Has box, clamp, grease, and all paperwork in the box. Potentially open to trade for a nice ~250g slow pitch rod.
  5. The only time I use mono is either on some offshore chunk reels and that's usually a 50/100yd topshot. On the beach, only thing with 20lb mono is the heaver. Akios 666 Kuro. Even if you do blow the reel up accidentally, you can easily re-spool on the spot. Mono is cheap.
  6. I think those f150's had Independent front suspension. Your best bet might be a lunchbox locker or similar. It's basically an automatic front locker. The f250's had a solid axle and vacuum actuated locking hubs, I think.
  7. pmd
  8. It requires tons of insulation. Years ago, BMW said that the fuel cell for their hydrogen test mule would keep a snowball frozen for like a hundred years.
  9. Portal axles don't need a differential, but they need a gear box of some sort. The idea is increased ground clearance. This is for RC cars, but the concept is the same. The gear box is where the hub is.
  10. Would be pretty cool if they did a portal axle setup with a motor for each wheel. I think is that the gear boxes for portal axles tend to overheat.
  11. This is available again $130 Pickup, $145 shipped CONUS via flat rate box.
  12. That 300mi range is definitely completely unloaded. It's probably half or less while towing.
  13. 3m Vetrap or the walgreens knockoff. Stays on, only sticks to itself and is flexible. There is a version with some sort of thread reinforcement, don't get that. It's a bitch to tear and is too thick.
  14. Start with 15/20. If you feel the truck isn't coasting well at all on the sand, maybe go lower. Basically if you take your foot off the gas, you don't want to immediately sink and lurch to a halt. You want a little bit of saved momentum.
  15. I do 20lb on my 4Runner. Has not let me down. If the sand is realllllly soft, I would go lower. Really depends on your tire too. They guys with E rated tires will have to get lower due to the stiffer sidewalls/plys.