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  1. Thule used to make one, but it's been discontinued for a decade or so.
  2. $100 vs $15. Looks cool though.
  3. I catch and release
  4. Any offshore stuff left?
  5. Did you break the tip off? Why didn't you move the second guide down a bit?
  6. I went with the silver/gray.
  7. Make sure it isn't a mist one. Mine has a stream and mist setting. It was like $15 or less.
  8. The cheap one I bought at HD definitely has enough pressure. Bury the tank in the sand up to the handle and it stays nice and cool all day.
  9. Washing hands, rinsing gear. If I'm on the beach with the truck, usually have at least one chunk/head out there.
  10. Bought a pesticide sprayer to throw in the truck. Nice to have pressurized freshwater on hand at the beach.
  11. I wouldn't buy one unless I got a sick deal. Seems like the death knell. They are trying to squeeze blood from a stone with these crazy dealer requirements.
  12. Which knot?
  13. Too bad these aren't the 185's or I would have taken them. Got a pair of 195 Motherships that are a little overkill for most of the east coast.
  14. Red Phillips knot works very well for light mono and braid. Ties much faster and easier in the wind than a lot of the others.
  15. For land based, I use either an FG or ball bearing swivel, depending on what I feel like or need. Boat stuff has mostly all been converted to hollow core. I like using wind-ons and have even lighter stuff on 60lb hollow.