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  1. Sold a while back
  2. Flat banks are the way to go. Unless it's really moving, then the 7oz sputniks come out. Never seen a brass eyed flat bank though. Always molded.
  3. It's the SASD15. It's the low gear (5.1) model. Has spool lock. The SASD15H is the highspeed model. Has no spool lock. The low gear model is a dream for pulling up heavy lead and fish from deep. It's the same size as the 10, but with thinner arbor, fitting more line.
  4. That ramp seems super shallow. Tons of garbage and tires in the water around it.
  5. Sometimes it's just easier to use the heavy lead that they give to the rentals in order to avoid tangles. Everyone having the same drift helps.
  6. Belmar. Went on one of the boats on Memorial day. Won the pool and my buddies and I caught a ton.
  7. Where are you located?
  8. Yeah heard about it. That's why I bought the daiwa instead.
  9. Yeah I bought it for bottomfishing, but I'll end up using it in inlets with heavy bucktails and other silly things I can come up with. The spool lock is nice for the boat, but I almost wish it had a clicker for livelining.
  10. It's not bad, but for a few extra bucks you can get the saltiga low gear. That's what I did.
  11. The maxel he is describing is a thumb bar star drag.
  12. I just put together a new bottom fishing rig and it killed it last weekend. Blackhole Charter, I forget which one, the heavier one. Daiwa SASD15 Cranks 8-10oz off the bottom like it's nothing.
  13. This describes anything built out of chinesium perfectly. The only real exception is steel quality, which is generally lower in china.
  14. Cirrhosis of The River
  15. All the TRD Pro tacos come with the snorkel. It's going away or becoming an option next year.