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  1. There's a company that makes a bait release mechanism that is triggered by the bottom led light. Turn the light on, drops the bait. They have it for the Mavic2, not sure about others.
  2. It only works if you assume that the carrier strands can be fully compressed together with no empty space. Thus the cylinder formulas.
  3. Why can't it be done with a machine? Gets spooled on tight. First cast and retrieve then winds the line on with the oscillation pattern.
  4. They are taking the spool off the reel to fill it so oscillation speed doesn't play a factor.
  5. Been using a gun belt with a cobra buckle. Basically a surf belt with quick detach.
  6. Picked up a 10' Suzuki at the show, I'll probably take it out after work and give it a shot. Also picked up a Daiwa back bay 4k to throw on it.
  7. Depends on what you want. They have a large selection, much more than fishermans supply. Call em and ask, they will tell ya.
  8. One dude tried. Got smoked at the last second though.
  9. Anyone wanna sponsor me for Belmar Fishing club so I can run a trolley rig off the pier
  10. I usually go to the Reel Seat.
  11. Gopro footage is pretty nuts. No police in sight at all. Dude just runs around spraying people down for like 10 mins, then goes around finishing people off and then casually drives off.
  12. Usually braid is fine if you have a topshot of some sort. I jig with a 25yd wind-on for bass/blues. Tuna chunk reel has a 200yd 80lb mono topshot with the remaining 600yd or so of 130lb hollowcore. I've never been questioned about the braid. I'm sure if you start tangling non-stop, they might say something.
  13. Gonna need in-depth review of the 2019 Clambrella rigs.
  14. Are you going to have the 10' Suzuki's in stock at the show?
  15. Using a light bucktail negates the swivel and splitshots. I've used this trout fishing years ago and was pretty productive.