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  1. Hey I know this is an old post, but I am taking off my running boards and putting on rock sliders this weekend most likely, I can probably ship them to you if you want. I'll get a shipping quote if you want, I'll likely have the packaging sorted out once the sliders get here. It was a $100 or so to have them shipped here from CO, so you can have them for a little more than that. It's a $600 dealer option IIRC.
  2. Where are you in NJ?
  3. Are these gen 1? Trying to figure out why these are so cheap/
  4. I was between the AT3W's and the Grabber ATx. Went with the generals after they offered a $100 rebate. Super happy with them. Same concept as the AT3W. Mix of road and offroad, has same winter rating too. Very quiet on the highway too.
  5. I mean rock sliders are more for bashing into rocks and stuff, but there are a bunch of companies that make them with step platforms. It's basically a running board made of steel tubing that bolts to the frame in like 15 places instead of to the body. In the event of impact, it stays in place instead of bending and crumpling the body and doors of the truck. Edit: if you really want the stock ones, I'll sell ya mine for a lot cheaper than the dealer ones. I was planning on taking them off but have nowhere to store them.
  6. Whatever the off-road premium ones are. I don't like the look, and they'll just bend the body if you hit anything with them
  7. My 19 4runner came with them, but i'll probably replace them with rock sliders at some point.
  8. Was more or less contingent upon me being in the area next week for work. I will not be anymore. If I can sell local and avoid driving 8 hours I will. If I can't, he can have them, no problem. It might just be a few weeks to a month.
  9. not yet. I'd prefer to do a local deal rather than waiting a few weeks to do it up north on work.
  10. Colchester is where I'd likely be in CT. Looks like I might not be up there for a couple weeks now, equipment is delayed due to train derailment. I would like to give priority to someone in the NJ area if possible.
  11. I would only do $600 if you could meet me in Colchester. Not sure on exact date yet, waiting on equipment to come back from service.
  12. Sure. Can't do today, but basically any other weekday is fine.
  13. Added to original post
  14. They aren't. I'm replacing them with the grey trd wheels. They are the below wheels and tires. 265/70/r17. This isn't my pic but I'll get an actual one tomorrow.
  15. Little dusty, but there are no scratches or anything. been sitting around for a few weeks. Battery door on remote stays on but is slightly loose. Could tape it I guess, but never found the need. Smart TV, but never really used it as such. Does netflix and amazon I think.