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  1. So the false hook is going to be extra long this year.
  2. Calling in and verifying that it was there actually created more problems. Whoever pulled it to verify then filed it back in the wrong spot and they couldn't find it. Went to sawmill for a bit while they figured it out.
  3. I got neither. Checked the status on the website. I applied at 12:03 and ended up with tag #350ish. Checked on the 6th and it said ready to pickup.
  4. Heard it's pink. Going down to the gate tomorrow to pick it up.
  5. Had a set of Grabber AT/x and now have Wildpeaks. Both were great on the beach. Just be aware that the more aggressive the tread pattern, the easier it is to dig yourself in.
  6. Yanked out a hyundai last year, forgot to ask him he had a pass. Pretty sure it was 2wd. It's always funny to see the guys with trucks and huge wheels and tiny tires get stuck at the entrance. Like airing down would do **** when the sidewall on the tire is an inch tall.
  7. For those that don't want to miss it like they did last year, the 2023 IBSP buggy passes are up for sale as of 10 mins ago. Got mine in.
  8. 225 shipped CONUS. 200 if you pick it up.
  9. At the moment I'm trying to fund a n ew set of golf clubs, so unless it's cash or a golf related, I'm going to have to politely decline.
  10. Gonna bump this because I don't feel like reposting. Everything still available except the accurate. Open to offers. Willing to split the Akios off.
  11. I'd prefer to not split unless I can get rid of the rod too.
  12. Bump. Accurate has been sold. Everything else still available. Viable trades: Ammo, Roller tip / Stripper rod
  13. What have you got in mind? Only reel I'm looking for at the moment is an 8000D. Open to other things too like ammo.
  14. All are OBO Akios Shuttle 666 STR Kuro + Shimano SPMC120MH2 SpeedMaster Put this combo together for when I was down in Nags Head much more often. This was used a handful of times, both rod and reel appear new. Would like to keep these together unless there are buyers for both. Will throw in the 2 spools of Sakuma Nite Crystal 20lb. One spool is unused, the other was used to spool the Akios once. Hard to tell there is any missing. These retail for $23 each on CCP, where they were purchased with the reel. Akios/Shimano Combo: $400 Local. No interest in shipping the rod. I can meet in Monmouth or Ocean counties. Accurate Boss Valiant 500N Bought this for slowpitch and general fishing on the boat. I have a bunch of Saltiga gear and for the sake of matching, this one has to go. Works great, just really don't have a place for it. As a result, it has been sitting in the closet. Think it is spooled with 30lb pp. Paid $480 for this, looks like they are going for more now. Asking $325. Add $20 to ship in CONUS. Okuma PCH Custom PCH-C-761M Great rods for the money. I just have too many of them now. This one was used only a handful of times. Have take everything from snappers to bluefins. Can rail this rod hard to put a beating on tuna or catch some bass with it. Shows minor use, this was primarily a backup that held the Accurate reel. Has lived in the closet for the past year or two. Asking $120 Local.