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  1. Out front OC for high tide, one short in the mid twenties on salted clams for my efforts. Lotta cabbage and sweeping current.
  2. I wish I could give specifics but I will say that the US should not be first with virus cases and deaths.
  3. So, the US government did not learn anything from the SARS epidemic? Taiwan has a population of 25 million. Millions is millions and the virus spreads quickly in large populations.
  4. Have you been drinking?
  5. I guess you don't understand how the Taiwanese and US governments handled the virus to lower the death rate? Why would you make fun of the virus affecting people in the US and Taiwan?
  6. But we are in much worse shape. The US has more cases and deaths than any other country in the world. You mean to tell me ( or try to correct me ) that with the kind of health care system, science and technology that the US has, this was the best we could have done for the virus? The failure here at this time and situation we are in is with the government. The commander and chief ( Trump ) is to blame for well, not being a commander in chief in a situation of crisis. The Taiwanese saw the virus coming and took preventative actions which is why that country doesn't even have a hundred deaths. I don't approve of some of the things the Taiwanese government has done but the death rate is one of the lowest in the world. Trump simply ignored advice and downplayed the virus because he was too concerned about being re elected. The virus situation was an irritant to him that he thought would simply go away with the warmer weather as he says.
  7. Maybe in your world but in reality facts are facts.
  8. What, the WHO and CDC are not credible enough to warn others to take precautions ( obviously Trump thinks so ). Trump didn't even want test kits from the WHO.
  9. Fact is, Trump is POTUS and did not take the virus seriously because he trust's his own gut instinct ( he know's it all ) and did not take ( or consider ) the advise of the professionals in the know. Slice it, dice it anyway you want to but any other POTUS ( democrat or republican ) would have done a better job in this situation. Trump is simply incompetent to be serving in any form of government ( his business portfolio reflects this ).
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