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  1. I am not to sure myself. Never applied for one.
  2. Don't have a bonus tag. I wasn't in any sort of blitz or anything, so I wasn't in a rush. The fish in the picture was caught around early afternoon. I just simply wanted to take a picture of a fish for my trip, that's all ( others do it ).
  3. This is getting really silly. My phone was in my truck, about 40 ft from the wash. Sometimes I take pictures of fish right at the wash and release them quickly. I don't like carrying a lot of gear with me, so this time I just did not have my phone with me. I rarely put up reports ( only one for this fall ) of my trips to the beach, so no, I am not looking for "extra points" in here as you mentioned. Yeah' I knew it was short, big deal, call the moral fish Popo ( that's what this actually feels like ) for taking a picture of a short fish that swam away. This place seems cliquish at times and that's kinda why I don't post that often in here ( I'm sure I am not the only one that feels this way ). People just love to give opinions on what others actions they deem as wrong when in reality no harm was actually done.
  4. You must be addressing me and NOT jiercy13 because I posted that pix of that fish on my tailgate being measured by the ruler. To answer your question, yes, I was close by the wash and the fish was only out of the water for a brief few moments for the picture. I already knew the fish was a short when I landed it. The fish swam away quickly after I released it. I don't want to harm any fish either. Can't be any worse than people dropping ( on heads or tails ) or throwing shorts in the wash. Next time I post pictures of fish I catch, I'll keep in mind how the picture of the fish should be taken so I don't get ridiculed in here on how I handled the fish.
  5. Bought some awhile ago and rediscovered 'em again.
  6. Went to a popular beach in O.C. and hooked up with just this early afternoon after all the morning hype. Went a little south to another popular O.C. beach thinking maybe my chances would be better only to see nobody hooking up at magic hour.
  7. You might want to consider the weight of the reel if you are casting for long periods of time. Ultegra's are lighter than some of the other reels mentioned. A balanced, light rod and reel makes a world of difference when casting for long sessions. Shimano is the way to go in the long cast game.
  8. So, I have the lower section of this rod that was given to me by a buddy that barely goes fishing. The rod is pretty much new, except the top section was broken into two pieces. I am looking for the top section in new condition if possible. I have some Bombers, Gibbs or SP Minnows to trade if it comes to that.
  9. Looking to buy a handle for Shimano Power Aero Albrid. Thought I would try here first before I have to buy from a shop in Japan.
  10. I thought Avet reels were made in California.
  11. Thread closed.
  12. This is what's on my Ultegra.
  13. These look pretty sweet.
  14. Final price drop $85 shipped.