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  1. I gave up trying for the impossible many moons ago of dry gear fishing the surf. The Ocean she always had other ideas. oly
  2. You just be careful you do not smack your rod with this fly. Nice looking fly HT. oly
  3. Sunday Sage and Rio came to one of my favourite reservoirs. Several of their representatives gave free casting lessons for an hour per Fisher . Simon Gawesworth was one of the guys Chris Anderson another plus some U.K. casting instructors.This was a great day and true to say that everyone was very appreciative of the time that Sage and Rio gave. Quite amazing. I got lucky and managed get a lesson on Spey casting. I would have been kidding myself to think I could have managed the same level on my own working from books or videos. The experience was just first class. Many of us openly admit to having a poor or just average cast. It does not have to be that way if you can find a way to fund some lessons. Many of us chase a good cast by buying yet another rod. We all know that is futile. Being able to cast well is such a huge part of the enjoyment. It is not hard to understand now why so many guys find Spey casting so pleasant and almost addictive. It makes the long periods between fish way more enjoyable. The modern Sage 14 foot rod I used was feather weight. Very little physical effort required. Mike
  4. Looking for a tough find. WF fly line integrated into running line. Head length 33 to 35 feet. Head weight Around 550 grains. Need an Interemidate and floating version. Or best cut and splice solution. line to be cast Over head. Hope you can help. Mike
  5. Question is how slow is slow. Every mans version of slow will be different. plugs that don’t have much action often catch better than plugs which excite us. Vary that slow retrieve. lets hope we have Bass big enough in the fishery to slam our plugs. mike
  6. Thanks HT Could not put you through that process. US Customs could hold rod for days on end. Uk Customs will charge me 4% then 20% vat and carrier will charge a handling fee on top of shipping fee when rod comes home. If you don’t mind losing the will to live you can do paperwork that covers stuff that is to be returned. But it’s a nightmare. I pays the $ 200 and bites the bullet. mike
  7. My pleasure
  8. Jimmy There you go. Good stuff. Enjoy. Mike
  9. Flysully Thanks.I have looked into this. DHL one rod costs $75 each way. Then there is the problem of Customs both ways and paperwork. Easy to ship from U.K. but how do I do if when in USA. Also not a known cost to ship back to U.K. Packaging needs to be very robust. Insurance companies will not pay out if goods shipped in cardboard. When I send rods to USA I double tube them in plastic tubes. Post office is not cheap in the USA. Other problem is rental houses and getting timing right. You could be without gear for one full day. Herb ships his gear but it’s internal USA like your gear. In NY I have many $ worth of surf tackle in storage in a friends garage. Not been back for 5 years. My best surf rods just sitting there not seeing the dark of night. It pains me.. Mike
  10. RJ He can’t do that. It’s life. Not sure what condition I will be in anyway this year. Not sure I will be able to do what I have done in previous years. mike
  11. Ok all good. I am very busy Cape wise so will get a bit more breathing space. Maine will be slightly less frenetic. mike
  12. That’s a shame as our dates don’t match up. I don’t get to Cape until,May 25 and I leave on the 15 June. mike
  13. Just in case anyone reading this thread gets across to the UK the guy who taught me was Jim Fearn. He is a Master level APPGAI. You can google him up. Great teacher plus he guides to and might be able to help as regards finding salmon fishing in the UK. The rod we cast was a Sage Igniter 14 foot 9 wt. Now last time I Spey cast on a spey rod was probably 8 years ago. So it was just like casting for the first time and I wish it had been another rod as I probably did not appreciate just how nice this rod is. It is described as fast and can do spey Scandi and heavy sunken fly work. Yet it was amazingly light and the fast action as it applies to a spey rod did not cause any problems casting it. Whilst Sage describe it as not for your every day Angler I can’t see why. You can’t get any more accasional than first cast after a gap of 8 years. If you don’t know anything about a rod before hand you get no preconceived ideas that it maybe hard to cast. This is an expensive rod but class rarely ever comes cheaply. With my obsessive personality there is a real danger I am about to embark on another fishing adventure. Quite looking forward to it. Mike
  14. Brian you know it I know it. It is a tough message to get across. yes it was a very special day. mike
  15. Hook keepers just in front of handle are a pain. Mostly they are too small. worse your thumb can catch on them when casting, On a factory rod that has them first thing I do is take them off. If using guide place hook in frame not ceramic centre.
  16. Killie My bad sentence construction. My iflight is only a head. I looped on an I Line running line. I will try and find out which brand it is. Too many lines and can’t keep track of them Got to envy the guy with one rod on reel and one line. Happy as Larry. Fully get shorter Spey rods for tight small rivers. Interesting rod line project you are engaged with. Air travel is starting to have yet again a huge influence on rod design. First it was 4 piece and with TH rods it is going the way of six pieces. It costs me $200 to bring my rods to the USA and back when packed in a rod case. A six piece could fit main bag and save this cost. But it means other gear can’t come due to weight. It gets harder every year to fund these overseas trips. mike
  17. Esa Sounds interesting. John Norris has always sold low cost no brand lines. Some were way off weight wise. Wonder who makes them. Ok if by trimming off some of the front or maybe having to cut all of it off to get length of 33 to 35 feet that might be bit clunky but at least no loop where it is the biggest pain between running line and head section. Floaters he will have how about Intermediates and fast sink Esa. mike
  18. Killie They certainly cast very well.I have got two of them. A 550 head and I think the other is a 720 head. I got them purely to try and find lines of around these weights. I only ever cast one of them into water once so don’t have a clue how they behave once in the water. Hope to put that right in May. Since casting a real Spey rod and being shown the ropes by a qualified instructor I am in serious danger of getting hooked . Be even better if we had affordable quality river fishing in the UK to justify the investment. What tickled me is that when presented with a rod I never even enquired as to its length. I just tried to cast it as directed. Later I found out it was a 14 footer. Compare this to surf TH fly rods where there is a huge reluctance and fear to go beyond 11 feet. Hard for me to figure this. How many river guys insist on 11 footers. I think the running line to the iflights is an Intermediate. I purchased it at the same time or Oakman may have given it to me. Will try and find out who made it. What about the running line taken from an Airflo Cold Water Ridge Intermediate. That’s an I Line and handles pretty well. I suspect it is weldable to. mike
  19. You will get there . You have the intent. Nicest way to cast. So rythmic and smooth. You will love it, mike
  20. Jimmy Not suggesting you go to a single hand rod only a single hand rod rated line. For a spey rod rated as an 8wt that is roughly a 11 wt single hand line. Those are easy to find. SH are fine in anything other than a head wind. If you are watching single hand rod Casters using SH they will be able to generate significant line speed by using a good double haul. That is not an option with a Two Hander. mike
  21. Ok jimmy I hear you. Have you got a 10 or eleven weight single hand rod line. If not do you know anyone who can lend you one. Just try one of these std lines. Without feeling your rod its difficult to suggest the right line. I am guessing that it is not likely to be overly powerful given its origin and price. You don’t want to over load your rod. It will make casting a chore. mike
  22. Dan and Red Thanks. When I can get my head cleared I will study your suggestions . As an aside I cast the Rio Inflight Skagit head 550 grains with a ten foot fast sink tip. 100 grains This is a dual density head floating rear portion and Intermediate front portion. On the 14 foot Mark II you can unplug the line and keep loops between running line and back of head just outside the tip top. It went very well. Some guys might wish to hang on another 50 grains and move up to 700. Iwas casting with a world class Spey guy the weekend and he amazed by making Spey casts with this line set up on such a very stiff rod. The Indian verses the bow. This could be useful in some spots we fish. mike
  23. Thanks. Mike
  24. Thanks. So looks like it is coming back into availability again. I am not a fan of fishing fast sink lines that feature a floating rear portion but sometimes there is little option but to try one out. Mike
  25. Hi Herb Thanks that’s very kind. I can pick them up from you when we meet up,for a fish up north. Afraid I have not gotten around to building that #9. It is so stiff. Bit scary. Fastest blank I have ever handled. I really should build it. With a line on it should be a bit tamer. When I have sorted out the probs going on I will make a start. Be good to spend time with you in May. Looking forward to it. Mike