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  1. Yes you will get a better outcome if you use a tight fitting grip which you slide onto the butt section of a four piece rod that typically has no guides on that section. But it will still rotate and that is pants big time. Esa makes a strong case for caution to. could it be that fly rods are pushed beyond sensible limits some of them. My own view is if it really needs a fighting fore grip I should be using way more rod. Maybe a blue water rod that has a very long grip and has more in common with a 20 lb class boat rod than what we all recognise as a fly rod. Just a few thoughts oly
  2. JRT You could try that. Would need to put a slot/slit in the grip to snap it over the blank. The big issue is the grip rotating when fighting a fish. If you have ever had a cork handle go lose on you then you would know just how bad that is. All control is lost. mike
  3. Ok you are leaving well be. Probably best decision if you are not a skilled rod builder. just for info absolutely no need to use solvents to ty and remove epoxy, Epoxy is pretty solvent resistive. Your rod has epoxy in the pre preg. Too risky. To rod and health. You don’t need heat either. The cork is tough to get off and just one slip and your blanks toast if you use a blade. You could turn it off but time consuming. The old epoxy is removed with a sharp blade held at 90 to long axis and moved back and forth. Messy and carries some risk of maybe cutting blank. You are left with a messy blank that needs re finishing. That is not easy to do well. You can see why Sage don’t want to do it. It also becomes a special and out side their normal product range. When we buy a factory rod we get what we get. In the day the solution would have been to buy a blank and build it how you want it. That day is long past. I just reminded myself why I never want ever again to agree to remove worn snake guides clean up and re tye on new ones. I wonder how Sage and others manage rod returns for worn out snake guides. I can’t see them spending the time and taking the risk plus the re work is never perfect. No one has ever mentioned returning rods due to worn metal guides. Funny that. mike
  4. The notion that a rod can be a begginers Rods has always Intregued me. Rods come for a given line rating in either fast ,moderate or slow action. Many Guys will suggest for a begginer a moderate action . Which works ok but at same time I have used my own fast action rods when helping new guys aquire a cast and they had no,probs with a fast rod at all. I think slow rods are more difficult to learn to use and cast with. No idea what action this all Bean rod has. Unlikely to be very fast. Probably more moderate. Fast is not everything. Never been attracted to combos personally. Some parts of it will be poor in many instances. But they get you going. In this case BFD has fished this rod for a while. He understands what it can do and translated that across to your requirements. This would be a pretty solid recommendation. Wether it suits you is another matter. But truth is we can adapt to any decent rod out there. The difference between rods is often very little and more often that not very subjective. Generally speaking buying anything on the basis that it’s on sale is not most important parameter. You have golden info from BFD so this can free you up from further deliberation and let you go and spend your money. Next and vital job is to learn how to cast the thing properly. Have fun. Oly
  5. JC That's smart. oly
  6. Jules So Exmouth got you up on SOL. Good stuff. Big Al is still trying to get me over. Jabster did not rate shore fishing very highly and yet I think you and the other Brits did ok. The boat fishing looks to be awesome. 35 beasties in a day that is going some. Al has a new boat. I am sure he has fished with Ben to. One day maybe. oly
  7. It is one huge guilt trip. oly
  8. I have a Brit mate who is trying to get me over. Shore fishing mostly. But so far Sod’s law has intervened. It is a stunning place. mike
  9. Agree we have cycles. Sadly it is a fact that the resource measured as a whole and not locally is in big trouble. Every year it gets worse. mike
  10. Depends who is asking. oly
  11. Kille Yes me to. It is what I call my middling rods that have given me most satisfaction across all the important parameters. I have three stand out SH rods in this category but the one that always amazes me is my old Zaxis 9’ 6” 7 wt. I fish it a great deal. New rod recently acquired and falls into low middle price point is the Daiwa Lexa Still Water 9’ 6” 7wt. which is rapidly gaining favour. Mike
  12. Esa Some Rods Out there as we both know are using very old hat pre preg. Good in its day but rods made with it tend to be heavy . Dull feeling rods are not much fun. I can’t underdtand why you buy so many TFO. The collective cost has to be way more than one or two rods which are in a different bracket. mike
  13. I stopped believing what most Uk high performance Blank makers say about their blanks. In the days when almost any blank from some companies were capable of more than 250 yards over grass they still would describe them as fishing rods. Most were out and Out pendulum casting designs. They did not bend a lot. Fine for skimming in Pouting and ten inch Whiting but for fighting a big fish no chance. But there again we don’t have anything big swimming on our beaches. Funny really we had the best casting rods in the world the most innovative rig designs and nothing decent to catch. Yet LDC was sold as the silver bullet to success. Guys still buy this BS mike
  14. Esa Could it be that some rods are light but on the limit structurally. light rods that maintain same or better strength than heavier rods are ahead in the technical stakes. I wonder if a degree of specmanship goes on with some brands. lightness I don’t think is the only important differentiator when comparing quality. mike
  15. JRT There are some rods out there which I don’t care for much. But I agree fewer of them are total sinks these days. mike