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  1. Vieteiro I understand fully don’t worry. You were being constructive and helpful and I was just trying to explain certain moves Dan in particular makes. He has one of the best TH casts I have seen. Not easy to talk technical when it is not your first language. I really appreciate how difficult this is so thanks for your input. Pity the video is so short and pic so small. There is a growing number of us on the same journey and we are all trying to help each other. Good that you are a part of that. Mike
  2. I am struggling for words. God bless you Dick. Prayers sent. You are a very brave man. Mike
  3. TGS Those flies of yours are great fish catchers. I smile when recalling how some guys make fantastic claims as to how far they can cast large fly’s with a single hand rod.We know it is extremely difficult with big T H sticks. Facts were plain to me when trying to cast your huge flies. You can’t cast them like a normal sized fly no way. I found you could not roll cast them. It was like casting a very large and heavy crab fly but much worse. Worth the effort to figure a way. mike
  4. Vieterio Pretty much agree. The A to B is what is most often missing in a TH cast by new guys or guys who have never had any casting help. The translation stage which is the A to B will of course vary by how far we want to cast and how much wind we are facing. Short range casts in nice conditions need very little translation in the cast. They can be almost all rotation . I also like to use both hands more equally. Modern trend is for lower hand to be more dominant in increasing final acceleration. But crazy not to use the upper hand especially if we are reaching out for distance or casting into a bad head wind, Rod load I don’t worry about. I believe it is vastly over rated. We can load a rod very deeply and still get a very poor cast. Dan uses a rocking back and forth to add translation to his cast. He does have a very compact stroke. His rod acceleration on both back cast and forward cast is amazing. He fully utilises his lower hand on the back cast to. Not many guys are able to do that or even think to do it. His blocking of the rod and straight line rod tip path combined with high line speed give him very good loops front and back. Red casts too fast for my eyes to follow it. There is room for improvement for all of is and Instructors practice and get other Instructors to critique their cast . I found your post very helpful and I hope others will to. In good conditions a TH can still be cast a very long way with not great loops and this is not helpful as it gives us the wrong picture. When the wind blows in our face the poor technical cast just goes nowhere. Mike P S Just viewed video you put up. That is a very good teaching tool never seen that before to show what is meant by a straight line rod path. It is not so easy I think to get a straight line rod path with a TH rod. Especially true for new guys .Single hand rod is not so difficult. We have to think and work a bit harder with our two handers.
  5. FWIW Sheep will chew a fly line. Put your rod down in a field full of them and your line may get trashed if you leave it unattended. mikey
  6. Nothing supa glue can’t fix. oly
  7. I was . But if I had not my cast has still gone to pot. It is frustrating. But now a new project. Project repair cast. LOL. Went Trouting last week and could not believe just how light a 7 wt rod felt. Castable with little physical issues from early morning until I get kicked off at dusk. Dog days and fishing slow. Much tea making in trunk (boot) of car. Done now with lake Trout until the fall. Time for home repairs. Prefer the solid feel of our ten wt single handlers. mike
  8. No offence taken you daft Bat. All good. mikey
  9. Red Of course I do. What screwed up my cast this spring was trying to focus on Mr Tofts way of doing stuff. To the extent I forgot I had to use two hands and not one. Whole cast went to pot. I am hopefully human and it really dented my confidence a lot. So it’s a rebuild. I now have a casting instructor mostly for spey but I think he can help sort me out on OH to. cheers mike
  10. J The Line feed is completed before drift happens. Red has a video of me casting where the join in my fly line can be seen exiting the rod top. Mike
  11. I am not sure it does Oakie. If it is then only a few do TH anyway so how often is it. LOL Agree 100% that the principles are the same . They can’t be different. What differs of course is the actual mechanics of the cast. Some guys find it relatively easy to cast both . Some and I have found it can be very good single hand rod casters struggle to cast a TH. OH. That can normally be sorted inside of an hour if they get some decent help. But we get same issues as single hand rods in how those mechanics actually play out. SMS has a different take on the drift for a TH compared to Andrew Toft a Master APPGAI instructor. Sakkri is a world class TH competition caster. Until I read Mr Tofts info I thought that drift should cause rod to go flatter after stop on back cast. This allows for a longer translation ie longer rod stroke which is handy for me being a small not desperately strong bloke. So who do you go with. Right now I don’t know and don’t wish to offend either SMS or Mr Toft. I do know my cast has gone to pot. I need some help but don’t know which way to go. Don't wish to groove further errors into my cast. Sure my cast gets me out there fishing but that is not enough. Confused mike
  12. Esa Thanks. Do you know what the opinion is of the rest of the Finnish Team. In SH we see guys in the comp have a very flat almost horizontal rod at the end of the back cast. Not everyone of course but quite a few. Yes a line up of fat TH casters could make quite a wave. The vision I have inside my head makes me laugh. mike
  13. Hell its getting a bit intellectual for this old dude. Thanks. Oxymoron sounds like it means something not too nice. The moron bit kinda throws out a clue. mike
  14. Tim 707 is back on the fly forum . He was better when he was Otshawytsha. Guys learn to simply disengage pretty quickly. Sad really. mike
  15. Heh Slip what’s an oxymoron oly