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  1. Bang on the money Dick. Mike
  2. Just remembered the name of the guy in the shop. It was Jim and tough to find anyone so friendly and helpful. It was a real pleasure to shop there and also chat to Jim. mike
  3. If you want 7m no brainer D7. mike
  4. I fished Maine from the shore in the fall a year ago now. Crab is a big tactic fished along the bottom. Especially in estuaries and sand flats. Closer you can get to deep drop offs the better. Sure it can be frustrating clearing your crab of crud sometimes almost every cast but that is the name of the game. we fished big heavy crabs nasty to cast but you need the tungsten dumbbell eyes to get them down quick on a fast sink line. Another tactic used was to fish huge flies called grocery flies off rocky reefs using a floating line. The Bass would come up from deep down to hit them. we did this from shore and it was difficult and a bit risky. You may do better to share out your time between the boat and wading. Boats are not always the answer. Clouser can be ok but in my view are an over used fly especially if a Bass are keyed in on bigger bait or crab. If you are close then a visit to Eldridge Bros Fly shop will prove very helpful. mike
  5. Probably. Ok you could still make it work for you. If you are fishing over sand not difficult. Why? Well you can fish a buoyant fly and by changing leader length get various presentations and be able to change your retrive speed to. Fishing buoyant flies on fast sink lines is an exciting and very effective technique. You could consider using mono as a running line and get a S3 head. For 2 to 3m it would work ok. mike
  6. If you can’t find one then you will be forced into taking a S3 head and splicing it to a sinking running line. Does any line maker produce a S3 running line. Airflow Ridge Striper is a full sink line but I think it’s faster than a S3. mike
  7. Gooner Ok I like Long belly lines to The Air Flow Cold Water Striper is a long belly line. These lines will cast well flies of a size we use for our Bass. I cast 6 inch Deceivers no problem. If you want to cast very big flies then 9 and 10 wt outfits are better. In the U.K. I use 10 wts as I need to beat wind as well as cast big flies. An 8 wt is for me way too light. You will probably need to go,to,Air flows USA web site to find the cold water series. Fish Tec are the retail U.K. part of Air flow and they don’t list them. I use their 6 th sense lines for lake Trout and they are very good. But I only use the floaters. I don’t need sinkers for lake Trout Nymph fishing. I prefer as you do a full sink line. All the head and all the running line. I don’t line floating running lines. Mike
  8. Gooner The floating Airflow Line should be the same weight as the Intermediate so it should be fine with your rod. I have cast both float and sink and they work well. They are close enough to AAFTM std to work with a rod carrying a similar rating. I don’t want to recommend a specific line to you as you will have your own preferences. Some lines are integrated others are short head lines some long belly. Some are shooting heads. You need to check out major line makers and there are only three of them and see what they have to offer in sink rates 3 and 6. I have the Airflow Expert Lines in S3 but I don’t like them. These days I don’t often need S3 lines so make do with them. Mike
  9. Pete I don’t hold with your view that because a leader is long it behaves in the way you are suggesting. If fly Line is taught to the rod say on the dangle then no matter how long the leader it will fish quite shallow as will an unweighted fly. Guys who wish to cheat and snag fish will use a very fast sink line weighted fly with treble hooks and rip across the lies of fish. Certain rivers over hear you can’t use a sink rate faster than a type 2. long leaders are used when Spey casting in order to set a decent anchor that will not blow. Cant speak for others but my leader lengths will vary to suit what I am trying to do on any given day irrespective of rod type or length. mike
  10. Gooner unless your rod is a noodle it will cast the airflow lines ok. To fish water 2 to 3 meters deep with little current you could do this with a D3 Line. Gives you option for either a fast or slow retrieve. If you want to get down real fast a D6 or D7 but you will need to fish it a bit faster. Intermediate works over these depths if fish are feeding close to the surface. mike
  11. Dick what wonderfully kind people to give access. Mike
  12. slip n slide It is I guess. What do you want to do. Boat on the river or the Tribs. I am happy for either. Mikey
  13. Ok taking away the makers description and usual BS. The reel looks Interesting. One would hope that a famous maker like Loop would not want to risk their reputation by putting out a bad reel so there is every reason to hope that this Model could turn out to be a good reel and at a very good price. Not everyone has pockets over flowing with money so I like it when makers try and address that but also build in quality and yes looks to. The Scandinavian people are good at form. Mike
  14. To say I am green does not even come close. What a joyous experience and wonderful fish. mike
  15. Red No probs. It is just too early for me to accept syncork. I need to find ways to turn it that would work for me and the blanks I build on. working it safely and accurately are for me big issues. I will get to the point of being able to offer it as an alternative to cork as it offers huge cost savings. mike