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  1. And drinks real ale John. Oly
  2. Brian and a man with a good brain like yours. Tying knots in mono is fun? Ready mades are for guys who either can’t be arsed or just crap at tying knots or who find the whole topic of leaders a complete mystery or as interesting as watching paint dry. It is about time you came back to the Cape Cod crew. Now that is fun. There is always some hapless sod weakened by drink who needs little persuasion to tye you flies or make up any leader you wish for. You really need to be fishing from shore again. plus we miss you. oly
  3. Or just buy a nice relatively expensive tapered leader. I think Rio might sell them. oly
  4. Negative feedback is just as and at time more important than positive feed back. Oly
  5. What happens to the spirit of independence. You Guys did a great job of throwing us Brits out. Oly
  6. Heh John You got something against Range Rover drivers.LOL Over here some are not keen on owners of BMW’s. Must admit having visited your country for over 27 years now I have a very soft spot for pick ups ,and jeeps. Who needs a car. Oly
  7. Rj Wash your mouth out with carbolic soap and warm water. Why would JohnP need a shore guide. Why would anyone need a shore guide. We are supposed to be Anglers not Passives doing as directed by another. Where is the fun having another man hold your hand. Surely the essence of our sport is to find your own fish. Not fish by numbers. It will be guides on the grooms honeymoon night next. Cape fever Bob. Plus I am in day 23 of recovery. Black dog on the run. oly
  8. I must be de sensived in my old age. What dig. Lol oly We could take disucussions further on these short head lines on a new thread and if objectivity could be maintained and emotion kept out it might be of value to some guys. For now just understand the real reasons why you want one / cast one. But it has been done before. Bit like sawing saw dust.
  9. Cp I would say that was a very accurate summing up. I can lay no claim to be an expert caster but nailing my colors the mast I do find it faintly sad that gear so often is sought as the solution rather than trying to get better at something we love doing. That short heads can do some things quite well but fall down in other aspects. I also have to say I don’t care much for the way they are sold. But there are choices now and it’s up to the individual as to which line they buy. I am sure that so called experts are buying them to. I tried them and they did not work for me. Huge dissapointmeny having read the BS on the boxes. mike
  10. Ken The lawn is as forked as a serpents tongue. the Ogin is the best testing ground. oly
  11. Ok but I hate them the mostest. Vendetta type of dislike. But no doubt a ton of guys love em to bits. oly
  12. Pat You might want to consider fast sinking line. Wind will muck a floating line about and floating lines are more visible to,fish. They throw shadows onto the bottom to. The Intermediate is pretty slow to sink. Something to seriously consider mike
  13. I guess I am the only one who does not like them. Lol oly
  14. Pat The solution is to sharpen up your cast rather than seek a gear driven answer. The crude way is to over line your rod with a std AAFTM line or buy one of these short head as in 30 feet two lines over like. RIO OB short. Make sure your rod can handle them if you go that route. Then you have crash down issues of a heavier than required line. Might as well fish a ten weight std line then which will allow you longer range casts when required, It is not all under the rod tip stuff. Speed of cruising fish is relative to how fast you can get a cast away and accurately. Is a very fast cruising fish interested in eating even. Airflow lines tend to be a bit overweighted so check your head weight on your current lines. They should do the job. Close range fast presentation fishing is never going to be easy. It’s something that requires a lot of practice and effort to get good at. Enjoy. mike
  15. Change your Barber or gel.