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  1. Yeah too true about the cork. On a low cost rod it is the major component to suffer. mike
  2. Ok quality and expensive high end gear tend though not always to go together. In reality a mid priced rod and reel is going to be very bit as reliable as high end expensive. It will last just as long if you do your bit with maintenance. Early days you might not be able to tell the subtle differences between mid level and top level rods. When you can you may wonder if it is worth the extra money. It all depends on your philosophy and how immersed into this sector of the sport you want to go. Many of us I fear are in over our heads but heh we are happy. Enjoy Mike
  3. Killie Some Korean companies have been making good stuff for a while. Some Chinese companies to. If you know the right ones some great products to be had. A great many rods are sourced from the far east as we all know. Safest way is buying from known brands but you don’t get lowest price that way. But you can get good value and with warranty to. Never been attracted to the rods put out by Bass Pro or Cabellas. Their business model just some how never resonated with me and failed to draw me into their stores. Thats not to say they they do not sell good product. These days I would just much rather have one very nice rod that really floated my boat then having a full quiver of low to middle end which cast and fished that way just for the sake of having them and the smaller price ticket. I am just getting tired I think. Ready for retirement. Mike
  4. Seriously fly fishing has never been so inexpensive as it is today. The nasty priced item is the fly line which have gotten stupidly expensive of late. Ok granted if you are new it is not so easy to sort our great performing gear at low prices but I am sure there are guys on SOL who know what to buy. You need to bear in mind that fresh water fishing in the USA is incredibly cheap as you have so much public fishing. Salt water need not be expensive either. It is easy to pay a great deal of money for conventional reels and VS reels and custom surf rods. Plugs that decent and Known catchers in reality are around $25 a pop. As to fishing the Ditch with a VS not surprising as often some Surf guys will only have a VS. No point in investing in a none sealed reel when you have one that can do it all for you. If you have the clothing and chest wader already you dont needed spend that much to get you started. You can only fish one rod and one reel at a time. A 9 or 10 wt will see you happy for a very long time if your budget is tight. Welcome . Mike
  5. ferret Thank you that is very kind. mike
  6. Would they ever disclose the maker? Do they ever do that. What would see as reasonable in terms of build quality for a rod costing so little? Mike
  7. KironaFly Agreed. RI has some great structure where large Bass could be caught with fly. One day I hope to go,fish in RI. Mind my balance and rock legs are no where near as good as they once were. I find rock fishing quite scary these days even though fishing in that white water is very exciting. I have never caught an Albie. But I have an invite to go,fish for them from a friend who lives in Carolina and who has a sports boat. One day maybe I can accept that invite. It is a hard choice for me as I am pretty much a beach Jocky and I can only get over the pond a maximum of two times a year and fishing from shore is imbedded in my DNA. One day. Mike
  8. It really is total Bollocks that companies like UPS and Feds place such restrictions on length. We get similar problems in the U.K. The premium I have to pay to ship a 9 foot tip,is just stupid. There is an additional premium if the address is a private one . I ask myself why. Timber is sold in lengths greater than 9 feet and that is only one product there are countless others that get shipped around the country. Cant be because of small vans as I have never seen a UPS vehicle that could not carry a ten foot tip. They just want to cherry pick I just wished I was a huge customer and then maybe these people would listen. I met John and had a deep respect for his rods and his principles. Some of the Brit teams have his rods. Wished I had acquired one to. I hope very much that he does well in his next ventures. America is one of the few countries where one piece surf rods can be found. I have Lami’s and I hope they continue with their one piece blanks. I have fished with both two and one piece and staggered two piece like Zziplex but for the surf one piece has it for me every time. Mike
  9. HT Me and you are Fishers of a certain age. Why not invest in a salmon fishing trip and get some usage out of those old rods. Your wife can give them away for free just as easily. Wow I remember those ferrule designs. Hardy used them to. I have a very old as in at least 42 years Hardy Brook rod about 7 feet long. Really it is a rod I have little regard for but I can’t sell or give it away. Needs re ringing but what’s the point. Mike
  10. I know Sonic as a company but not that rod. Wow with your very strong dollar that was a sweet deal you got. Hope you enjoy it. Mike
  11. No probs. Basis for saying it will work is its based on fact I have built a great many conventional ,surf rods over the years. We used to work on a rough rule of thumb of about 4 feet. Bringing it in a bit closer will not snub your cast down much but you will get a rod that has better fish fighting capability. Which rod do you have. Older style U.K. surf rods had very very stiff lower sections. Mike
  12. Yea The Carp Boys are a strange lot. They are a bit behind modern thinking when it comes to guide lay out of factory made rods. Reason guides are reversed on one of the rods mentioned above would be probably not based on anything technically tangible. It is good to get guide layouts set up correctly but the difference in performance between one which is pretty much bang on and one which is a bit off is minimal. Mucho BS surrounds basic rod building. Like surf rods carp rod ratings are not always accurate. Some are optimisic. FWIW some of the very best blanks are made in the U.K. by Harrison Advanced Rods. Not cheap but world class never is. Mike
  13. TB It will work out fine at either of the lengths you are thinking about. Mike
  14. Tom That end section takes three half inch long shives. You could try it with two. Or as a Red is suggesting leave it out. Other option just put a chamfer on your existing end cork. If you are happier with a ramp then do that. You can always modify later on. My OD is quite a bit smaller than yours. It starts at 31mm and ends at 26mm at the start of the end three corks. Compared to many other rods this is still quite a large diameter grip. Slim looks nice but it is not great when casting a long powerful rod with wet hands. There is no one size fits all. Red likes a big diameter grip. You have the facility to get what suits you. Enjoy Mike
  15. Ferret Bang on. In a big blitze it was a lottery as to what size of fish you might catch. Ok at times the fish would shoal and be pretty much the same size within a pound or so. I heard about the NJ beach blitzes late in the season from slip n slide but I just could not get over the pond at that time of the year in the days I had a real job. It is too late to have regrets now. I would have needed to,learn how to tye huge Bunker flies and how to deliver them. I was never able to stay late enough in Montauk to get onto the Herring bite. No doubt that fishing over big bait offers very good opportunities. It was after a few years and listening to guys like John Bruno and Jack Yee that I realised that we were never going to catch really large fish by targeting blitzes great fun that they were. We needed to come earlier to in the year only fish at night and would need to learn how to wet suit way out to sea and single mindedly make cast after cast to a given piece of structure. And this was not with a fly rod but throwing live eels or large plugs. To do this with fly rod is probably doubly difficult. Sure I was able to wet suit but no where near the skill and capability level of these top guys. I have seen the pics of guys hauling huge Bass off The Bluffs and Jones beach but that was during big north easters when fly gear would have been totally overwhelmed. Big Bass would be taken by plugging and eeling guys not wet suiting but this was a numbers game. Many hundreds of guys fishing the beaches during the fall so a few of them would get lucky. Same few guys catching the big fish because they were better than good. Big is also relitive in that we were used to catching fish of around 2lbs average size in the U.K. and maybe one or two a day. To catch upwards of thirty fish in a day and up to 15 lbs in weight was for us just stunning fishing. But of course we knew that there were much bigger Bass to be caught and even though we fished at night fished hard and very long hours that alone was not enough. If it was then we too,would have caught fish over 30 lbs. In the early days we were very aware of what the boats live lining could achieve but that did not interest us. Still they were great days and I miss Montauk and it hurts a lot. Mike