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  1. Oakie it took me time to spot it. Funny. cheers mikey
  2. I started late in life to. First off if you can spell your own name and tye your own shoelaces you can tye flies. I learned by buying the best DVD I ever purchased. Fifty years behind the vice by Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh. They teach you with much humour how to tye a Deceiver and a Clouser. The skills you learn will enable you to tye almost any salt water pattern. One view of this DVD and I was tying. y tube has many helpful vids. I like Davy McPhail one of the best tiers and teachers. Honestly it’s not hard. A decent vice one ceramic adjustable thread tension bobbin. Good scissors and a bodkin and you are all set. Good desk light is important to. I like to tye in good day light augmented by the lamp. Personally I don’t want my flies tied by anyone else be they famous or commercial from Far East. I decide what hooks and what size and importantly on Clousers the size and weight of the eyes. I am very fussy about quality of buck tail to. Tying your own is the best way to go. Mike
  3. Can we get same quality online as in a focussed mag. Not that all Mags have quality content. We still have Ttout Mags in the Uk. But in my view most are just rags. Constructed for people with the attention span of a Knat . Trout and a Salmon was our quality mag . But I have not read it in many years so dont know what it’s like now. Mike
  4. If you can’t test cast then Orivis is a brand I would buy blind on reputation plus I know guys who fish them and like them and understand the language they use to describe them. Ok yes short head lines are easier to get into the air and make one back cast and one forward delivery cast. As you improve you will find thats also mostly possible with long head lines to. Quality ,value ,performance and warranty it is hard to beat Orvis Clear water and Recon rods. It’s a safe bet. Well actually it’s not even a gamble. Sure you will like it. Mike
  5. Gooner You need to cast it yourself. It like asking someone what does a Budweiser beer taste like. It looks like you are buying on reputation. Many guys had a high regard for the origional Clearwater series. Unless a rod is a total broom stick or a complete noodle most good Anglers will be able to cast and fish with it. I suspect that you would be better off getting a std fly line line Like the Airflo Ridge Striper Lines. mike
  6. Small shallow brooks and rivers why not waisters especially if much walking is needed. I doubt if I will ever buy any mind. Too much stuff already and then there is the wife’s stuff. Mike
  7. Mark agree a poor cast does not get better because it was hauled. It can help to mask a poor cast. mike
  8. Most guys are going to struggle to put 40 feet of line into the air thanks to the popularity of these over weighted short heads of 30 feet. I don’t think a well timed haul is over rated at all. It is an intrinsic part of salt water fly fishing. It is immensely useful when the casting arms tires towards the end of a session. On the days you need max range you won’t get there without a decent double haul. It is very helpful to in keeping a lot of line in the air especially long belly lines which happen to be my favourite lines. Why make life harder than it need be. mike
  9. I have just returned from a casting lesson with Jim Fearn a world class caster and teacher. I thought I could haul and I can in terms of getting the job done. But I found there is a world of difference between hauling Ok and doing it technically correctly. With the haul there also needs to be a straight line rod path and accurate tracking. The line also has to go over the top of the rod tip. That’s easy on an over head but a side cast not easy at all. I am back to base zero. You starting creeping and hauling hard then look forward to tailing loops. Honestly trying to learn how to cast by the written word is almost Impossible. Invest a few bob in some lessons and you will never regret it. mike
  10. Ouch. I hope there is a solution for you. A possible one could be to use a two hander. You really can go to a simple high lift ,roll cast forward one back cast and one delivery cast. The stroke can be much slower than a single hand rod. I have just been pantomine casting on the couch to see if the rod movements can made mostly with the two forearms with minimal involvement of the two shoulders. I then did it standing up and it looks very promising. Ok if you set sensible distance goals that would obviously help to. I tried locking out my shoulders but I guess impossible to do that 100%. Be a good idea to discuss with your shoulder man first . I can only speak from personal experience that a 9 or 10 wt single hander for me does create more stress on my casting shoulder. The line hand doing the hauling also makes my shoulder sore after a long session. With a friendly side wind or tail wind it really is easy to put out a nice line with a decent Two Hander. You don’t want one too long as that will not help or one too short as you will have to move it too quickly. Darned pity I am 3000 miles away as we could meet up and explore the possibilities. Maybe in 2021 if you would like to do that. Mike
  11. Dam DAQ sorry to hear that. Could you try and cast with your other arm. I hope so. Don’t give up too soon. mikey
  12. Ok for me it is a trip to the doctors leading to a shoulder specialist. Casting every day for two and a half weeks is going to knock up anyone. For past twenty years I have been doing three week Striper trips and I get home shattered. But that is a once a year thing. Other times it is once or twice a week if I am lucky. You can over use your body. As a suggestion when you have consulted with your medics it may pay to have your casting analysed by a qualified teacher to see if it needs modifying to make it less stressful and more efficient. 28 is young. Look after your body and you can be doing great physical sports well into old age. That’s my plan eVen though I creak and groan a fair bit these days. Good luck Mike
  13. Reality is more like,y to be 25 to 50 cents. Mike
  14. Slip you should have been a Native American. You would have been more comfortable with that tribe of humans. They knew stuff like you do The birds are silent today so you know what is not going to happen. Time for a cold one. oly
  15. Marcel Thanks your reports are soothing. Your food in the pub especially the puddings are just made for Lock Down belly. I confess to having grown a new friend this past two months. The cold beer and glass of red wine too many for me to stay slim. But nice all the same. It does cause me problems when cycling though. Utterly brilliant that you can catch Gonks on the fly. I love those little fish. Nice to have a mixed fishery. Mike