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  1. Jon Does that mean you are staying with PUR. Mike
  2. Jon If blithering means mad I am with you all the way. Mind my glue bonds are solid. I got this built in aversion to poor practice and ****** built rods. Oly
  3. Jon Epoxy does require a space otherwise known has a glue line thickness. What that is depends on type of epoxy and application. Never heard of abrasion being used to achieve this. Parts to be glued will be manufactured to give required glue line thickness. Abrading could be very coarse as in roughed up or very fine as in taking say gloss off a blank. In rod building we just need to create a water break free surface to get a good bond plus the correct fit between the parts for the right glue line thickness. There are reasons for bond failures and not getting these two parameters right are likely potential culprits. Mike
  4. Red It’s not complicated I agree. But often it is done poorly. Roughing up the surfaces is not good practice for many components. I am talking other than rod building. Although in rod building I am not aware of any component that needs to be abraded significantly. If you do the research it’s useful especially if you take a look at the aerospace sector. Be useful in your intended work to. There is a whole science in using adhesives out there to explore if it interests you. Mike
  5. Red Read Ralph Quinn’s stuff on water break free. Roughing up is not great. Mike
  6. Hi Dewey, Welcome to the madness of TH discussions. It can be a lot of fun to. Ok it is not the silver bullet but it can keep you fishing when single hand rods are overwhelmed. Not sure what performance levels you are looking for. But reality is that in a friendly side wind you can look to around 100 feet maybe a bit more. Depends a lot on ability. Once you get 20 MPH head winds you are looking at way less. Not many of us can fly fish in what amounts to a Force 6 wind. Often the sea state will be too big to. Most guys have no appitite to fish in these conditions. It is not just about the rod. You have to be able to cast well to get the best out of any rod. It is a two way street you and your gear. Are you planning to wear chest waders or wet suit . When you have PM privalqges I can send you my email address. Cheers Mike
  7. Alan Good to chew the fat over with you. Ok This is from personal experience. The starter kit. Well I purchased several up to a Sage TCR. 9 wt. None of them cut it. I was frustrated as I wanted to solve the riddle of being able to fish in conditions that my single handers could not cope with. What would be a useful starter kit. Likewise when fishing needs a 10 wt SH rod but you don’t have one do you try and,make do with say a 5 wt. In both instances you end up frustrated and if new unlikely to continue. Some Guys are using their non dominant side to cast TH in the surf. Some when it’s applicable will use a Spey cast. But mostly we don’t spey cast on an open beach. But a Spey is handy at High Tide when pushed back to a wall or steep dunes. Jim sees it same as me so not sure what the other proponent is. Jim was fishing what was available at the time he fished TH. He liked 16 footers. Most guys don’t want to go over 11 feet. As to rod and line matching maybe the majority are wrong rather than the minority. I get to see the effects quite often of rods trying to move lines that are too heavy for the blank. Mostly cast by guys who actually need some help to. Jim did not use Spey casts. Spey casting in breaking surf is doable sometimes but mostly not worth the candle of trying. Its horses for courses Alan. You will get a handle on this and all would be much clearer if you were to try it. It would become crystal clear if you were to take say a Switch rod or a Spey rod and go fish a windy old beach. Like a picture doing is better than a thousands words. All becomes clear. Mike
  8. What type of epoxy are you using Esa that ages. Two part paste type epoxies have a pretty long shelf life. Epoxy is not easiest of adhesives to get a thin glue line but it can be done. The upside of epoxy is long working time and it very rarely fails. Evapourative type adhesives used to suffer failures. Never used PUR . Do you know what it was originally developed for. Mike
  9. Not silly Jon just good practice. Prejudice has nothing to do with my choosing to use rod building grades of epoxy. Epoxy has long been considered the right adhesive to use in rod building for most tasks. Why not use the applicable adhesive. Why use something else. It is strong and has the right characteristics depending on the type. Why use PUR. I can see why an amateur rod maker might use it when fitting a pre made cork handle as not everyone is capable of reaming the handle bore to match the taper. Then the gap filling is useful. But professional rod builders should not have to resort to a glue to cover up a lack of craftsmanship. How can this be prejudice. Mike
  10. I don’t Jon. But it’s for Hackers and Tatters. If you don’t have gaps and cavities and poor reaming why do we need PUR Oly
  11. I am always like this. Sensitive and caring and considerate. But at times I get pissed with *****footing around. Whats wrong with calling a spade a spade. oly
  12. Bob I see that. But if corks are fitted properly one by one then a PUR adhesive is not required at all. So why use it. Mike
  13. Alan Its ok to dissagree. Almost everyone does with me when it comes to TH rods for the surf. Sure use a lawn to get some idea of what your gear is capable of. After that the ocean will be the real teacher and where the real knowledge comes from. If most Spey rods were ok for Out Front why would I spend time and money to develop gear that is fit for purpose. Do I take my 10 wt salt water Single hand rods to fish small brooks. No so why does it seem very ok to press Spey rods and switch rods into surf use. CCS is very useful in many ways especially when developing your own product. One of the biggest issues that has plagued me over the ten years in trying to promote and help others learn about TH fly rodding Out Front are the guys having opinions who have ever done it. I am speaking generally here Alan. More BS is spouted about TH Out Front than any other aspect of fly fishing and by guys who have yet to try it or who have only fished in very calm conditions. But they have opinions which quite frankly are very unhelpful to guys trying to learn how to do it well. TH is a piece of cake if the right attitude is possessed by the Fisher. Attitued drives everything we do. Ten years of repeating the same stuff can get old and jaded and thankless Guess I am a sucker for punishment. You got to get out here Al. You would love it. Oly
  14. Bob Which brand of whiskey bottle were you gazing through. Oly
  15. Cheers Jeff. It was good to meet up. Brilliant that you got into fish even if from a boat. The tug is just the same. We continue to slow pick. Last night managed one fish and dropped five on the bounce. Hook checked after first loss and last. It was fine. But contact was made. If only could live hear for a year might then be able to unlock some of the code. But the fun is tryingand searching for your own fish. O’Shays is becoming a good habit for us and beats having to cook. Hope we get that pint in. Mike