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  1. Heh GYS, I did not know you were unwell. Great that you are back. I still have strong memories of the time we spent on your patch. One day I hope to return to the Cape. Mike
  2. flysully, So sorry to hear that Dave has passed. I met a Dave probably ten years ago fly fishing the South Side of Montauk. I was doing the same. He was Irish. He was also very kind and helped me with good advice. I always regretted not meeting him again. I wonder if this is the same Dave. God bless him. Mike
  3. Marco Do Competition casters use the sling. Mike
  4. SMS, Yes being in the Zone is a fantastic feeling. Not easy when trying to do what you competition guys are doing. Leagues apart from the rest of us. mike
  5. I hear you but disagree with the 75 foot cast scenario. I have total respect for the competition casters. They don’t set the rules. But over time they could influence them. It is possible that some love big head line distances. But there is little reality to every day fly fishing. That might be the reason so few are interested in competing. Whats wrong with casting one direction and then 180 in the opposite and taking the average. In Cumbria there were helpers right from the get go helping to lay out shooting line onto the matts. Again not real world. Maybe instead of five minutes time to make your casts you are given three casts. Could all casts be whilst wading at least say 1 foot deep for sake of realism. What you guys do takes supreme skill. But perhaps the only people who care are the Competitors themselves. Mike
  6. Running Ape. You are comparing very different rods firstly the material of construction and then the line weights. Big difference casting a 9 wt over a 7 wt. Glass rods can be less powerful for a given line and that is why they can feel easier to cast. But what is more likely the case is that they are easier to flex than a rod built from carbon pre preg . Slow soft rods appear to be easier to cast than fast action stiff rods. Performance mostly lies in the caster not the rod. mike
  7. Heh Killie, You were asking did I get all the line out the tip yet. Well Eureka today I did twice with the Grand to. Only 6 inches of backing but it was out. Nice feeling holding all that line airborne. The SA 5wt compo Line is going to be very interesting. Must buy a proper tape to. 90 foot of fly line is never going to equate to 90 feet of measured distance. Mike
  8. numbskull, Thank you for this important information. Last thing I need is an injured shoulder. Exam in May and three weeks of Striper fishing from mid June. I has absolutely no idea of the risks to health with this cast. I will have to join the BFCC it’s only about $30 a year. Why am I doing this you might legitimately ask yourself. Well if you had spent the day as in 10am to 6:30pm with my casting teacher you would be inspired as well. I have become casting obsessed and on this path to continually learning and hopefully also improving. I wish you had access like we do in the UK to affordable lessons. I doubly lucky in that Jim Fearn is a one off and quite simply world class. He is always looking to raise the bar. He casts many hours every week all year round. Mike
  9. Must try the 170 cast with the 5 wt line before arthritis takes over more of my decaying body. Should have listened to my wife more about cold water fishing. I thought I was Invincible and that common sense did not apply to me. Heh ho sometimes they do know stuff. mike
  10. Funny. I can’t tell you just how much I miss your company. I miss Montauk a great deal as well. I love the town in the fall. When I came over in October the what did you call them Dipsters or was it Hipsters had gone home to NY. Then the Surfcasters owned the town and the Town was so much better off. The atmosphere was something else. Us Brits were drunk on it. We came back year after year for twenty years. South side in the surf with Oakman getting tossed like corks on the day of the sand eel bite. Being worn out and barely able to crawl back down the beach to our rental house. So many fish so many great friends made. Mike
  11. Heh heh guys all this talk of tallness. I suffer from small man syndrome already. I met Steve at the World Comps a few years ago in the UK. I just shook his hand and congratulated him on his accuracy performance. I think he won it. His height is not obvious as he is a big man all around. Hell he has strong arms and no one can argue about his ability. He dominates his fly rod. Mike
  12. Try googling up England’s. They do them.
  13. But do you like their rods. Life’s too short to hang so much on warrenty. Products break. Not always the makers fault. These suicide no fault for ever warranties just can’t go on forever. If we as individuals ran our own business would we offer them. They don’t make any sense at all to me. mike
  14. No need to apologise. It is natural that threads wonder. It’s been good. Mike
  15. Killie Other competition casters lift their rods up at the end. Technically this discussion is now beyond me. Well it was from the start. mike