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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I was looking for a bombproof reel that VS has a reputation for. But your comments here are making me rethink this. For boat fishing, the VS may be overkill and a Stradic 5000 should fit the bill.
  2. I mostly inshore boat fish in Rhode Island for stripers, blues, albies, etc. Looking to upgrade my go-to spinning gear. Torn between the Van Staal VR50 and the VR125. The new reel would be paired to either a 7' or 7'6 rod. Like the VR50 but have concerns it may be a bit small. Any comment would be appreciated.
  3. A large portion of the SoCo beach properties are owned by CT. residents..........
  4. Been fishing one of the SoCo beaches that still has a decent dropoff in front. It's been slow. Not much bait seen during the early a.m. or sunset. Seen some birds working at the rocky points but very sporadic. Only managed a few schoolies on a pencil popper and Deadly Dicks. No blues. I think I need to invesst in a pair of Korkers so I can get out on the rocks. Hope it picks up soon.
  5. What are the registration regs in RI in regards to Mopes? I have an old 49cc Honda moped from the 80's but won't bother if it has to be registered and/or inspected.
  6. This link may be be to the waterfront house next to the town beach. Good luck. http://www.vrbo.com/286528
  7. Have already seen some SoCo beach blitzes........................
  8. Is it the WHYC that is behind this political push? Could it be that they are looking for exclusive rights to the area?
  9. The feds can still initiate a civil rights investigation. Maybe they have this case in their sights but were waiting for the state grand jury to finish.
  10. Westerly Sun 2/1 "The Statewide Grand Jury found no reason to indict any of the three Westerly Police officers involved in the arrest of Ryan O'Loughlin of Mystic in downtown Westerly last summer. The Grand Jury examined the circumstances surrounding the arrest of O'Loughlin on June 9, 2011, and his death later that day. The State Attorney General's office released the findings in a prepared statement today. The Grand Jury found that the actions of the officers were legally justified, according to the statement."
  11. Happened to see the ganetts putting on a helluva aerial show the other morning in Weekapaug. Not sure what they were feeding on but they were high speed dive-bombing. Hundreds of them.
  12. Have the feds been sniffing around yet? Hate to say it but if it were a "protected class" that fell victim here, they would have already been in Westerly giving WPD an anal exam. This case will get very ugly for WPD before it gets better. The "witnesses" who did not take part in the actual beating but failed to stop it will eventually roll over when the heat is turned up. These guys won't take a hard fall for one or two hotheads in their midst. They have families to feed and it will come down to survival.
  13. The family's lawyer needs to get the federal justice department in on this cause of death investigation. This has the makings of a classic civil rights homicide.
  14. I knew my kid was telling tourist :kook:lying fish stories when he told me he pulled a couple keepers out of there in the pouring rain a couple days ago.................
  15. Larger arc for taller boats? It seems a bit tight in there.