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  1. So the spool design didn’t change ?
  2. Hi all, I have a couple of older VS reels, and the VSX series equivalents. I was always under the impression that the spools from the VS series weren’t compatible with the VSX series. They look the same though, and seem to fit. Does anyone know if the spools changed when the X series was launched, and whether I can use my older VS spools on the X series ?
  3. Hi all, I'm flying over to Florida from the UK next week. I'm staying a week in Anna Maria Island, followed by a week in Clearwater. It's primarily a family trip (had my fishing trip to Cape Cod back in spring ), but a rod & reel will be making it into my luggage . I'd love to hook something big off the shore ! Don't really care what it is ... although Tarpon & Shark would top my wish list. I've been doing some research, and scouring Google Earth, and spotted some fairly obvious looking places to try. I'm also thinking to maybe take a drive down to Boca Grande one afternoon, as that seems fairly epic. Do I have a shot at something large off a beach at this time of year ? Any tips on here, or via DM would be gratefully (& confidentially) received. Thanks for reading.
  4. Thanks for the advice gents. I suspect it's beyond servicable repair, but I'll drop them a line anyways.
  5. Hi there, the annual pilgrimage of U.K. bass anglers will be arriving soon, and I'm hoping for some advice. I have a VS100 that needs some work following a botched self-service. Is there anywhere close to the Cape that offers VS servicing/repairs ? Thanks, Si
  6. Ok, that's a shame. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Hi all, a quick question. Are the X-Series spools compatible with pre X-Series Van Staals of the same size ? Thanks, Si.
  8. Hahaha!! He's been sending me pictures of the build progress, so I'm reasonably confident that he hasn't diverted from the plan. The build seems to be coming along nicely, and I'm looking forward to launching 3oz poppers into the middle of the Ditch with my new toy !! Yes, I'm the guy with John. We're all booked-up for a repeat-performance this Spring also .... counting down the days !!
  9. Mike is busy building my new Canal stick !
  10. Out of the box, it's a beautiful smooth reel, right up there with the best. However it isn't as durable as the Shimano reels. Lots of issues with worn gears, shafts, etc.... just not built for hard use. It might be a poor mans Stella out of the box in terms of smoothness and aesthetics, but it's not in the same league after that. As for comparisons with the Saragosa and Twinpower, again they are workhorse reels, and the Certate is more of a freshwater light use reel in reality.
  11. The Certate has been really popular in the UK for some years. However, it's proved itself to be pretty unreliable when used in saltwater in particular, plus Daiwa UK aftersales service is dreadful. I've owned 5 Certates in total (still have 3 of them), and whilst they are beautiful looking reels, I don't consider them as good value for money compared to something like the Shimano Rarenium. Hopefully the new generation Certates will be better than some previous versions.
  12. You can never have enough plastic Mike, you know that.
  13. Tried some subtle hints Mike, but he didn't bite. Even had him over for supper one evening, and we still didn't score any freebies. But yes, busy market for that style, so it'll be interesting to see if they catch on.
  14. The guy who designs these was over on the Cape back at the start of June while I was there. Seems like he's putting the mileage into his research for the USA market. The other lure this French operation makes is called the 'Black Minnow', and is a little weedless paddletail. Hugely popular in Northern Europe with the bass anglers (salt water bass - the European equivalent of a Striper .... but smaller).
  15. I think they have a Grey & a Silver now though, whereas as I understand it, there wasn't a silver option just initially. I watched one vid on Youtube that suggested that the Grey was deliberatly a matt finish to aid grip, but if there's a silver now that's the one i want.