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  1. Depends on the buyer mostly IMHO.
  2. I remember 99 cent gas in 02/03 made for some memorable trips to the beach when I was a poor senior in high school. A tuna trip was 200 a man. The good old days.
  3. Slender soft plastics without a paddle tail and bucktails with no trailer
  4. Having rigged what seems like a couple thousand and wrecking a lot more I can say unless the bait is on the thicker side you're gonna wanna use a jig head with a more slender collar than that. You might wanna start with a bag of cochahoe minnows. 50 pieces for 15 bucks. They catch fish and you don't worry if one gets a little wonky and you pitch it. I prefer a jig head like the one below. It works for all plastics especially thin stuff like flukes and fin s fish. Little dot of gel super glue will keep it stuck.
  5. I got some on Saturday and Sunday. They felt like ice cubes
  6. Amazon has a outdoor channel for 10 bucks a month. Lots of shows. You tube does seem endless though.
  7. I keep a pair of sharp scissors in my bag and will trim or thin a bucktail when this happens for me. Sometimes it makes all the difference.
  8. You got it. Thanks
  9. It's the only one I found. I'm also missing a few others I had in storage from my divorce, guess I'll drink to that tonight. It is make in Sweden. The box and ct bar are both marked.
  10. I had a similar experience with the Zman stuff. Not worth the head ache to me.
  11. So I did some digging around last night and only found one. It's in great shape and has the box. I will let it go for $125.00 but I will need a USPS money order because I don't do PayPal anymore. Let me know, thanks.
  12. Sorry been super busy. I will try to find them later today.
  13. I'll check on them when I get home.I haven't fished them in a few years. They should be fine. That sounds like a good deal to me. I'll follow up later.
  14. Yes I still have them.
  15. I've seen dollar store dry dog food work. The guy also added a chunk of white Styrofoam as well. When asked he said it helps. Idk about the later.