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  1. I like my Xtra tuff's.
  2. That's the 50lb smile !
  3. Saw a white with red head and some chrome blue back on the net during my searches.
  4. I'm not sure, I was a kid when these where popular. Also wanted to add I'm looking for the larger of them think they are 5 inches 2oz
  5. Looking to add 2 near Nuthin's to my collection. Prefer chrome colors but open to any. Thanks
  6. I got 5 texts today. No one is safe. I usually put my old landline line number for everything. Figure if they need me bad enough they'll send a letter or a sheriff with a letter.
  7. 15lb stealth is really tough. My non fishing brother landed a 30lb flathead on it this year with light set up in little current. It's about all I can do to snap it off on a smaller reel without really damaging the rotor and roller.
  8. Paid and shipped. Thanks Charlie and SOL.
  9. Thanks again guys. I have to get a few old ugly ones to experiment with first.
  10. Would it be safe to assume that these are loaded in the rear chamber ? Thanks
  11. Sounded great till the 25" ipc. Probably ok for floating lures. 35"ipc is more versatile for me.
  12. Had plenty of school fish to 15lbs. No cows yet for me. I can't fish for cows in my primary river when they are there. Always baitfishedthe beach
  13. Steve Coleman ?
  14. It works in rivers for me. Should work on the surf. There is a article on the web about it.