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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys. Ended up ordering the 10 foot model. Didn't have the extra cash for a 150 at the moment. Will probably end up building a custom if the factory is good.
  2. My favorite with my homemade jighead.
  3. It was discontinued a few years ago. Gonna have to check out the catolouge
  4. Thanks Mike ! Guess I will need a reel too !
  5. Hi guys. Was looking for some real world reports from guys who are using the 9 foot genesis. I primarily fish 1 piece Lamiglas. Traveling with them is undoable without my truck and rod rack. Girlfriends SUV has become the new vehicle for traveling to the beach. I've been researching a new 2 piece and keep coming back to this one. Reel will probably be a VS200. Anyone know if the reel will fit in the reel seat. ? I understand the rod is probably suited better for a 150. However the size of my hands don't agree. I also prefer the slightly faster retrieve and that I have a extra spool for it. Any answers or other experiences appreciated.
  6. They work well! I've had over a hundred stripers on them.
  7. I'm pretty happy using 10 footers for most of my work. I have used 9 footers in the past and I've done well with them too. Unless transport is an issue I would go 10.
  8. Jighead and shad for me. My favorite is my own homemade jighead and a riptide mullet.
  9. Yeah I was wondering that too. Mostly why I posted. Suppose I should have asked more clearly.
  10. Received Reel today, thanks Tim and SOL
  11. Hi Guys, Picked this up a while ago on the Bay. Thought it was the larger size. Is this the smaller size that was popular during the spearing bites ? Looks like it would be pretty perfect to me.
  12. He was in an add as well. I think striper Mike was a sizable tuna from shore and Iron Mike was when he stuck that 60.
  13. I did end up getting one from Rockhopr. Just leaving this open till the reel comes in.
  14. I'vee been seeing alot of memes about him on Social Media. I remember a VS magazine add he was in way back in the beginning of my surfcasting days.
  15. Honestly I use alcontite MN's for all my builds. I do arrange them in a 3 guide reduction train with 4-6 runners. Choker is based off the 27x method. All my rods are sensitive band cast great. I'm not fixing what isn't broken.