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  1. Orvis have been great for me too
  2. What was your favorite mono when you were fishing this reel ? Thanks
  3. Before I had modified molds,I've never bent a mustad black nickle hook fighting any bass or flathead catfish(which fight harder) for that matter in current. I also don't lock my drag down. My go to hook is a 34185 in 7/0 up to 21/2 once bullets. I would use a 8/0 if I had to go bigger I guess. Never had a problem. I'd love to meet the striper that could open that hook. I can't straighten the hook out of a stag without the polmar knot on 30lb braid going first. On a straight pull that's probably over 50lbs of pressure.
  4. I would go to the newer ss, especially if you like the action of the Gen 1
  5. Do you fish a locked drag and 50lb braid ? Just curious
  6. If the bail snapps over you could just remove the bail spring trip. I removed mine from my slammers.
  7. Bullet head for me from shore. However keep in mind that all the different styles where born out of nessisity. I would try some different styles in the areas you fish most decide what works best, go from there. Some times throwing something everyone else isn't will pull more or bigger fish because it's something the fish aren't used to seeing.
  8. Ive seen them kept alive in saltwater for along time but the water needs to be changed every other day I think. Tackle shop near me has it down to a science. They also have big buckets of aquarium salt around and keep them in a soda refrigerator.
  9. I think 1-4 will be just fine. I used a 8 foot 1-4 there and it fished just fine.
  10. 3.5 years smoke free for me. Really hoping to keep it going.
  11. I'm not much of a fan of the ASMFC. Ive been to the last meetings when they did the last reduction here in MD. I thought I was going to have to fight my way out. I asked a simple question to the presenter about what would be the plan if in 5 years if the plan didn't work and they couldn't tell me anything and then pretty much snubbed me for asking. It's very apparent to me that we are at a tipping point of certain doom. Hope something changes soon.
  12. I'm not sure how to I'm bed links, basically In MD you can't use eels in the winter spring c&r season. No eels for trophy season either. Summer and Fall season they are ok. The fall season closed the 14th or 15th of December this year. Telling me Kil was participating in a Virgina winter trophy fisheries. It's a great time and place to use eels and they are perfectly legal to use. Congrats on the fish and the release Kil, keep up the good work !
  13. Please read the regs before you post.
  14. Thanks !
  15. Who makes those hook keepers ? Can't make out the name