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  1. Set your Drag with a scale appropriately. If you feel for some reason you need more use you thumb or palm accordingly. I almost lost my biggest Surf caught striper to a overly tight drag in the wash. Hooks are cheap. Sharpen and replace often. The really big ones will test you and your tackle to the limits, don't half a$$ anything.
  2. I loaded one with about 5 CC's of water. It seems to sink evenly nice and slow. Haven't tried it yet.
  3. Sounds Good
  4. Works for me, Sold To Surf Assassin pending payment.
  5. I can do 100.00 shipped if you send me a money order or a check.
  6. I bought these with the intention of tying them but they're still sitting around 2 years later. Bullet head style with a collar. Mustad hooks. Mostly 1- 2oz size some smaller. Probably 50 to 75 in the box, maybe more. 70.00 shipped PP
  7. 44 bags of mixed soft Plastic from 3 to 6 inches. Mostly shads and Flukes. 1/2 packs the packs unopened. Other Half missing some. Quart sized bag of bucktails. Mostly 1-2 oz some commercial, most my work. Plenty of deer hair on all. Looking for 105.00 shipped PP.
  8. That's great news, Thanks! Any preference on reels ? I'm thinking a diawa shv20 with 65 pound stealth.
  9. I'm sure someone out there has used this blank for bait fishing. If you have what's the max you felt comfortable thowing ? I think this might be my next mobile chunking rod. I would build it conventional at 11 feet. Thanks
  10. Those look pretty sweet.
  11. Here's some pics of the coring process and the tool I made. Works great on the less robust plastics.
  12. I'm from the Delmarva and recently visited the area in question. I know where I'll be fishing this fall.
  13. I'll post some picks tonight, I made up a little tool outta high pressure tubing.
  14. 14lb fire line for me. I think 20 is too rough on the anti reverse when busting out ta snags
  15. Be sure to glue them on. I also cut a cylindrical core out of the neck. It helps to keep the neck from splitting.