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  1. Heard he was at Saltwaters for a bit after White water. Not sure now. He did a great job on my reel and taught me about humping the line.
  2. I love the old school feel of those feels with a mpu but if you wanna fish braid just go with a newer more braid friendly reel. A slammer 5500 beats a 706z hands down in every area with the exception of simplicity. Also very simple to convert to manual bail which will eliminate 99 percentage of all wind knot issues. I'm running multiple slammers now for simplicity and ease of operation. My old school penns are gone and my original VS's are on the shelf. I'm much happier to boot.
  3. A Penn spin fisher is pretty good too. I have a 4500 one of my 9 footers. Nice and light.
  4. Let me check when I get home, If I have some I will mail them to ya.
  5. Penn makes a 4000 size long cast reel. Think it's a conflict 2 ? I use one and other the slightly slow retrieve speed it's great and light to boot. Works great on my 9 foot rods.
  6. I was just wondering the age because the latest ones Lamiglas put out had K guides. It was right before they were discontinued. If I was going to buy one I didn't want to take a step back so to say with the guide train.
  7. Does this have k guides or is it a older model ?
  8. If I had to pick one I would have to say zoom fluke as well. Not the most hardy of soft plastics but man they sure do catch fish.
  9. GSB gets my vote !
  10. Is this from a boat I'm assuming ? If so I like a 3 way swivel with a coastal lock on the bottom to make weight changes a snap. The length of your leader and how you hook your bait will ultimately have alot to do with tangles. Don't worry about fish feeling your line if your drifting and they are swimming it barely happens. Can't catch em all anyway.
  11. For chunking I like the older 10/0 that are coated if you can find them. Solid hook ups beach chunking spiked rods with a loose drag 3-5 lbs. Let em run and reel down tight.
  12. There's a cow of a tackle shop that sells these. I got mine from them after starting this thread.
  13. I have one of his bullet jig molds for soft plastics. It's a great mold well built. The hook sizes where a little over kill for my application. If your using 7/0, 8/0 hooks you won't be disappointed.
  14. I use those too. I have bins of 4 inch plastics. Great baits
  15. 3/4 ounce with a 6/0 mustad and a 4 inch cochahoe. Surf/ shallow water right for me.