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  1. I use 30lb stealth exclusive for plugging on my spinning rods. Almost 8 years in and still no problems.
  2. Joppa MD about 8 minutes off 95. When would you be traveling through? I'm in between White Marsh and Aberdeen.
  3. Hey Gambler , Any chance you would be around this Saturday ? I would like to check this rod out before committing. Thanks
  4. Salmon egg wrap. It's red and comes on a roll.
  5. I have a nice selection of lami's but my all time favorite is the Green SSU 1201m I built it a few years ago when mudhole had them on clearance. It's my favorite bucktail and jig rod. It's absolutely launches a 3oz tin. Very sensitive too. It would be with me in the poor house if I could only keep one.
  6. If it feels right just go with it. I can't say you would benefit from a long cast reel on a 9 foot factory rod. I had a live eel special before it was super cool and most 5000 series reels fit it really nice. I also have a full size 120 1l it wears a VS 200 or a slammer 5500. Both are a nice fit. If you really like the long cast reel, I would have a custom rod built for the reel so that you would see the most benefits.
  7. If going with a VS, I would go minimum 250, 275 would be best. There are other reels out there with better retrieve rates which I find nesessary with heavy current and big jigs.
  8. Great rod for plugs up to 1 1/2 oz. Super fun to fight fish on. Wish they made it in a 10 foot blanks.
  9. Payment Sent thanks !
  10. Respectfully offer 500 shipped. I can do PP or MO
  11. Just tried some Silver thread. Only field cast it on my 525 mag so far. Definitely one of the better monos I've tried. Landed my only surf caught 5O on 15lb back country. Was a little outgunned though.
  12. Weekend Bump, this is a great holster never used. Let's get it off my kitchen counter.
  13. Safariland tactical thigh holster for full size 1911. 80.00 bucks shipped PayPal or money order. Will trade for Penn Battle 3000 or hg loaded plugs.
  14. Buy DZ's book Surfcasting around the Block. Great book lots of info.
  15. I found that it did great on 9-10 foot rods. Its better for plugs 2 oz and under unless they float. Heavier jigs and sinking plugs in current will give your arm a real work out.