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  1. I pinch the line between my thumb and fingers and tighten till I can barely pull it. Probably around 3-5 pounds I would guess. Never had a problem with this method on everything up to trolling tackle.
  2. I’ve had double headers with stripers trolling tandems and on double jig rigs. I think fish are more aggressive when competing in a school. I think that’s why you often see followers when the bite is good. That BSB was making sure no one else got a bite at your offering.
  3. I’ve pretty much stopped targeting them all together. Good spots are too crowded even on weekdays now. Figuring out snakeheads and bass fishing are taking up most of my fishing time these days. If I’m in the salt I’m looking for flounder as table fare and trout as a bonus.
  4. I’ve been a braid nut for years and recently started using mono again out of the conveniences you speak of. Granted I’m doing a lot of fresh water fishing keeping things close but I can still tell the difference between bottom and a strike. I’m actually beginning to think that mono is aiding in the amount of fish I’m catching. I wouldn’t be apososed to plugging the surf with mono. Jigging inlets might be best left to braid though.
  5. If you’re fishing lures, I would cast parallel to the shore and work the beach lip and wash. If bait fish close. I’ve caught some quality fish were I could see my shockleader.
  6. Thanks for all the great video’s. Always enjoy your content. Question do you have a brand name for your fish disgorging device ? Looks handy and less intrusive than pliers. Thanks
  7. I have a 4500 bailed that I removed the manual bail trip from. Works great and no chance of bail closure!
  8. Like new, with tubes single row bag by The Surfcaster. 70.00 dollars shipped. PayPal F&F only please.
  9. I have this one that is like new. I don’t think it was ever carried. How about 70.00 bucks shipped PP F&F.
  10. Unfortunately no. The season is closed in that area when fish of that size are around. I have however caught a lot if big catfish in that same area. I think they fight just as hard if not harder that a bass of the same size. My biggest bass in that area went about 30lbs, thankfully I was well equipped and while it was a good fight I was able to land it and release it safely without too much trouble.
  11. I would try to get him in the boat at the ramp close to the pier so he can scoot in from the pier on his butt. Also having something for him to hold onto while you’re underway may help him balance. A rope or strap tied off might help. I would also see if someone can assist, my brothers and I used to move my uncle up and down the stairs in his wheelchair. The more men you have the safer it would be. Good luck and tight lines. I’m sure he will always remember it.
  12. Mono to mono, mono to braid it’s a Alberto or polomar on a swivel for me. Never hand an issue in my waters including 50 lb flathead catfish in a 50,000 CFS current. I think sometimes people think stripers are GBFT.
  13. My new favorite Friday night dinner is Snakehead PoBoy’s
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