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  1. Got the larger size of my Bucktail mold finished tonight. Did a test pour. Pretty happy with the results.
  2. Thanks
  3. I'm in Maryland. Come catch all you want please. I just went to a buddy's pier and casted in a bit. Nice rod. Little soft with a 3/4 oz jig and 4 inch plastic. Very sensitive.
  4. My condolences. May she rest in peace and may God give you strength in this trying time.
  5. The Bucktail mold is a standard do it mold I did a little home brew mods to. Unfortunately I pitched it when I ruined the 1/2 oz size. What would you say is the sweet spot on the rod ? I'm looking forward to using mine. Built with a 18mm seat and double cork tape. Put a spinfisher 2500 on it. For snakeheads walleye and schoolies.
  6. Picture of both rods I built ready to go for tomorrow. Cant wait !
  7. Back years ago I trolled with a group of guys every year. One guy made custom tackle. One thing we always did was put a divers depth record guage on a small caribiner and slid in down lines that were not on the down rigger. When we cleaned the lines we would check the guage to see max depth. We then made a accurate chart on which bait ran at each depth depending on how many bars of line we let out. One bar is a one pass across the spool when putting line out. This really helped us dial in depths and speed. Trolling is a science that must be mastered to be successful. Good luck.
  8. Well this the second rod I have built during stuck inside. First was my twist on a MLES. This is a glb 841L that I waited over two weeks for after shipping delays. Next is the next set of molds for bucktails. I'm in MD and restrictions are being lifted which is nice because striper season is open in my neck of the woods starting Monday. Good luck and stay safe everyone !
  9. These are plugs I'm going to fish so no more than like 30 35 bucks each. Looking for 2 or 3
  10. I have one. They are pretty rare these days.
  11. Hello, looking for slim sand eel style metal lips. Prefer something between 5 to 61/2 inches and no more than 2 oz. Thanks Pictures appreciated.
  12. There was a lamiglas to suit your needs on sale for 80.00 for memorial day on the website. I would check it out.
  13. I would just put on 300 yards of 40 and then backing. VS150 is more of a 20lb braid reel to me though.
  14. If you are even in Baltimore Check out Tochterman's on Eastern Ave. It's been in business over a 100 years. Great folks with a crazy selection. Probably the best shop in the state.