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  1. I think they took fluke out of the tourney this season.
  2. If your a striped bass fisherman a Hobie is the way to go. If you get anything else you most likely be selling it and trying to get a Hobie. But get something cheaper and try it out. Anything that gets you on the water will work. Just make sure that wherever you buy that Slayer from will give you a good deal when you trade it in for a Hobie.
  3. Here's a little something to take the edge off!
  4. When I started as a beginner my first yak was a PA so don't be scared to get the yak you want right out the gate. IMO if you like fishing and it seems like you do then your going to love kayak fishing. You get the best of both worlds. It allows you to fish all the spots your currently surf fishing and it allows you to get out where the boats go. The reason I got into yak fishing was because I was sick of being on the surf and the fish busting right out of my casting range. One day I saw a dude paddle into the middle of the fish and hammer them for hours and I was sold on the idea of a kayak. If you want to get a outback I suggest that you do it because if you don't your gonna regret it! There's no reason getting something that your really not going to want in a few months. I'm sure you will love the Outback but if for some reason you don't I'm sure you wont have any problems selling it. Good luck with your buy and if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to send me a PM!
  5. I would bring it back to where I got it. That's an expensive gadget and it needs to be working. Contact either the person you got it from or Power Pole directly.
  6. @TJC My setup in this video is a 7ft med hvy TFO with a Revo sx reel. Its a very light setup for tog fishing but I was just having some fun and even though I was around some heavy structure I knew I would be able to land most fish unless I hooked into a pig. The jig I was using was a tog tamer. The weight of it is 1 1/2 oz. This setup is spooled with 20lb test power pro slick. It's the setup I would use for porgy fishing from the kayak.
  7. If your nuts like me and you'll fish any open water no matter the temp then I recommend getting a dry suite. Just my $0.02
  8. Store it upside down. Better safe than sorry. I'm making cart for mines soon because I hat storing it upside down.
  9. I saw a post on facebook where a dude said he knew the lady and the family and according to him the lady had mental health problems. When I first heard the story I thought it was a little suspicious that someone would be out yaking in that type of weather but if she had mental health problems then maybe that explains it.
  10. You don't want nothing too bright. You'll scare the fish away like that and you also mess up your vision. I'm new to night fishing from the yak but I learned a few things fast and one is to keep you light as dem as possible because if you don't it messes with your night vision. The light is for other boats to see you not to improve your vision of things at night. Your best tool for night fishing is gonna be your GPS. All you gotta do is follow your lines. If you have GPS on your FF then your golden. You'll even notice that you will need to turn your light on your FF down while night fishing.
  11. Getting close to the rocks is the key but remeber to keep moving uuntil you find the spot the fish are in. You dont have to move far but if the bite isin't good find a spot where it is. When the season first opens the fish should be feeding like crazy. Good luck and tight lines..
  12. I love Bluefish. They are a blast to catch. I got into some big ones the other day. We got over 36 fiush between 3 yaks and a few well over 15lbs. It was a great day on the water.
  13. I'm going in the am from the yak. There were some schools out in the sound this am. Hope they're still there
  14. @cj7fisherman Nice fish dude! Looking at that makes my mouth water. I cant wait until our season opens. 15 more days! Here are a few of my pics from last season...
  15. No. That's on the Connecticut side of Long Island. I'm sure you can find some good spots to fish where your at. Just look on some maps and cruse the shoreline. Like I said, early season they will come in some pretty shallow water and a kayak is perfect for getting them.
  16. Fishing for Tog in the yak is the thing to do. I do real well fishing for them. You able to get right up into the rocks and get them. Its real good when the fall season first opens because the fish like to be in shallow water and you can really get some monsters. Here's one of my videos from last fall. I have a few on my youtube channel that you can check out.
  17. @Livefreeordie I've been fishing from the shore in New Haven in the early am and its been a big hit or miss. Sometimes there's bunker around and other times they are not.
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