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  1. Payment sent
  2. Check pm need info for paypal
  3. Thanks looking for a vsx closing this down
  4. I will take it
  5. I was hoping you were closer to me and we could meet up and save you the shipping but I got to stick to 400 shouldn't be buying it anyway
  6. Where are you located
  7. I would do 400 shipped
  8. For sale $600 or trade for same condition vsx150. Reel used 1 season has minor scuff marks small nicks on bottom of body see pictures. Spring for clicker removed. Never dunked fully serviced works perfectly.50lb spyder wire stealth.
  9. Payment and shipping address sent thanks
  10. I will take them both for asking price $80
  11. No worries how much are they without hooks would like them with just a swivel