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  1. I am considering trailering my skiff on the ferry to Nantucket for some fishing in the next 6-8 weeks. Does anyone have any comments on the timing of when the fishing would be best? Ideally this would be flats sight fishing, but obviously, weather is the primary factor here. Any comments on ramps or general areas? Please, no secrets or extra info... figuring it out is half the fun, but I would want to make sure we are set on the logistics and timing. AA
  2. I'll be driving my skiff back from sunny Islamorada during the first week of May on the return of a tarpon trip. If you could pick any stretch of the coast to stop and fish, where would it be? No points are awarded for saying "Islamorada, FL" because that is the obvious choice. But I am looking to break up the long drive back and fish a day or half day. My preference is for sight fishing opportunities! AA
  3. Sorry for lack of images. See below showing condition of cork and rod.
  4. No case. Sold. PM coming with my paypal address. Thanks!
  5. Price drop to $50 shipped - lots of good materials here.
  6. This is the final hurrah for hundreds of dollars worth of tying materials for next to nothing. Clearing out the fly tying materials... The bag contains... - Misc and small pieces of bucktails - Lots of freshwater beads - Lots of freshwater hooks - Fly case and hard plastic containers - Tons of assorted synthetic materials - A huge box of dubbing, thread, etc - Pheasant tail, dryfly hackle, chennille, sadddle hackle, flash... The list goes on. Lots of pics so you can ID what you're getting. All yours for $75 shipped OBO.
  7. This is a cool little reel, made in England. The foot has some corrosion and it has some rash, but operates very smoothly. $55 shipped to the lower 48.
  8. This is a great little 7wt that I have used lightly as a backup. Ironically landed some of the largest skinny water bass I have ever caught with it in just the few times it was used... so clearly some good mojo here. A bargain for a lighter rod at $85 + $10 for shipping in the lower 48. Includes sock, no rod tube but will ship in PVC. AA
  9. I'm thinning the quiver, this one breaks my heart but there's too much overlap in my gear. This is perhaps one of the best single handed rod for rough weather in NE. It was my go-to for 450 grain lines, big flies, and big fish. Sage TCX 9' 10wt. This one is new from Sage, fished twice. A replacement after I damaged the first model I had. The tube is scuffed, the rod is perfect. Looking for $300 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.
  10. Gale Force bag no longer available, and I am motivated to sell the other two so please make an offer. AA
  11. This is all making me feel better - thanks! No snook, we actually have not done a lot of fishing for species other than tarpon. I would be very interested if anyone had any off-season advice for fishing for other species. I will be down in Islamorada sporadically until May and would love to press the reset button on chasing tarpon 24/7 like we have done every year. Any general information about redfishing, snook fishing, etc would be hugely beneficial, especially as it pertains to cold fronts (before/after). Home base is Islamorada, but I would not be opposed to long runs or drives back to the Everglades or even trailering north/south just for a change of scenery. The mosquitos were next level bad. Like, worst night of sleep you could possible have bad... even inside a tent. Just the constant buzzing around our ears was enough to drive you nearly insane.
  12. Last week, I spent a week camping in the backcountry fishing for off-season tarpon. The trip was a resounding success... in the sense that we had a fantastic time and the weather was incredible for November. But, we got schooled. Badly. By what seemed like a nearly endless number of tarpon. Let me paint a picture. We were staked out in an area that was 5-11 feet deep, with rolling fish coming through in a near-constant flow for about four hours. Most fish were rolling once, then we would never see them again. I would say we had strong shots at fish every 15 minutes, but we also had a fish rolling by the boat every minute. Enough where blind casting seemed like a very effective technique, which we did with sinking lines and floating lines the entire time we were fishing. I am not confident that any of the fish we were throwing at even saw our flies. The rolling fish would come up, roll hard, and sink back quickly. The only chance of verifying that we put a fly in front of a fish would have been an extremely lucky blind cast that just happened to land in front of a roll. The fish were moving too quickly even while blasting quick, short casts at fish. Is there any effective way to fish this situation other than patience and continued blind casting? We fished large flies, small flies, fast retrieves, slow retrieves... the list goes on. All of it felt hopeless with the dirty, stained water and lack of true tarpon shots. We ended up touching one fish on an accidental dead drift, but even intentional dead drifts later were ineffective. Here's a pic of our backcountry setup. Thank god we went with a tent this year as opposed to our usual hammocks... there is not much blood left in my body from all those mosquitos this year.
  13. Is your Mirage VI + spools still available?