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  1. I was fishing north of the Boston yesterday. It was kind of snotty out, blowing maybe 10-15 out of the South, and I saw a dark patch in the water in about 25' of water that I thought might be pogies, but they were deep. Just for kicks, I threw a buddies 14" Beast fly and to my surprise, watched a 40" class fish inhale it boatside. This school stuck around for the better part of two hours and was still there when we left. We caught three before leaving them alone. They were NOT feeding on pogies. The vast majority of the school was this size class or larger. There were at least 300 fish in the school, with very few fish under 36". They were rolling occasionally but not feeding aggressively, maybe not at all. The school was visible the entire time despite the extremely poor light and relatively deep/dark bottom color. Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any theories on what they were doing? To me, it actually felt like they were staging the the fall fun. It seems early, but water temps have dropped quickly over the last week with the hard West winds we are experiencing - from 71F last Saturday to 62F in this location.
  2. OK, you guys started it... Pics below of the past few years. Nice spot with a better view (and the occasional dockside visitors!) We usually go north to the Glades in the off season (Nov-February) and camp in chickeees or on the beach, but only if the sunbathing gators don't spook the guys I'm with. Oakman, if you are serious about going down, text me. This will be a weird year for sure as I try to avoid air travel, but I will absolutely let you know when some windows open up down there. AA
  3. Hah! I love it. I was down there when this started last year. I came back from backcountry camping for 4 days to discover the world was ending. We have a little slice of heaven - a lone Airstream trailer with a slip right in front. My commute was 7 steps on to a flats skiff, and then off without seeing another soul all day. I felt safer in that week in March than I have since. Wish I could have stayed the year. I like the knitting idea. Tying flies is kind of lame. Will probably still elect to knit from a chickee, though, until the dolphins and skeeters start testing positive for COVID. AA
  4. Why not? I know what I am doing when I get to the Keys, if you can endure 24 hours in the car with me, you've earned the late season back country tarpon...
  5. I am making the trip again from Maine to FL in early November. Every year, I talk about stopping somewhere to fish - maybe NJ for bass, NC for XL albies, or even some big bull reds in SC, GA, or No. FL. I'll be towing an 18' Maverick HPX-V, so access is almost unlimited. If you were making the trip, where would you stop for a rest + fish day to break up the drive? AA
  6. Last week I witnessed the largest school of blitzing bluefish I have ever seen in Mount Hope Bay. Acres is putting it lightly. Later that night, there were 3-5 draggers in the bay, and since then, I have hardly seen a fish break the surface. I would understand if these fish were on pogies, but the fish were blitzing on smaller bait. Could they have been dragging for bluefish? Surely, that must be illegal?
  7. I love the speculation. North of CCB! We found them again today and fed at least 25. Unfortunately none in this XL class....
  8. One unbelievable shot where a pack of XL fish had broken off and were chasing pogies into the beach was eaten. But that's where the fun stopped.
  9. These conditions don't happen often, but when tide + bait + sun + swell all line up, it looks a lot like this... 30-40"+ class fish pictured here. Cell phone camera and shot through sunglasses, so apologies for quality. Every spot you can see is a fish, no rocks or seaweed in sight.
  10. If the weather cooperates, mid to late Feb is my favorite time for tarpon in the Keys. Fresh fish and no one on the water. I think you made a fine choice. AA
  11. I have a work trip coming up that will take me to Rwanda and on to China. There is some flexibility in my timing here, and I may be able to sneak off for up to four days. Are there any locations worth "stopping by" on this trip? This would be a guided trip, I would assume, as I'm not interested in traveling with a bunch of gear. Large saltwater species are generally my target with an emphasis on sight fishing whenever possible. I know GTs roam out there... Timing is looking like early/middle of January. AA
  12. Boat fish, so they don't count, but still worth sharing. This year was one of the slowest and smallest fish years I have ever remembered. Our fishery is certainly in trouble. I've put in more time this year than most in recent memory, all north of Boston, and up until July we did not touch a fish over 26". However, the conditions have made a change for the better in last four weeks. It has taken awhile to get it dialed - we have so much bait around that getting noticed and getting eats has been challenging, but with some very accurate casts in slicked off sight fishing conditions we have been able to seal the deal. I think there is a real shot at a 40lb class fish before the summer comes to an end. We are already in the 30's with plenty of larger fish that have refused us boatside, or we have seen in the schools. Apologies for the lip n grip photo's - the goal has been to get these girls back in the water as quickly as possible. The plan is to focus on making a short film on chasing these girls in our North Atlantic waters for the remainder of the season. I hope it continues so we can make it happen. AA
  13. I am considering trailering my skiff on the ferry to Nantucket for some fishing in the next 6-8 weeks. Does anyone have any comments on the timing of when the fishing would be best? Ideally this would be flats sight fishing, but obviously, weather is the primary factor here. Any comments on ramps or general areas? Please, no secrets or extra info... figuring it out is half the fun, but I would want to make sure we are set on the logistics and timing. AA
  14. I'll be driving my skiff back from sunny Islamorada during the first week of May on the return of a tarpon trip. If you could pick any stretch of the coast to stop and fish, where would it be? No points are awarded for saying "Islamorada, FL" because that is the obvious choice. But I am looking to break up the long drive back and fish a day or half day. My preference is for sight fishing opportunities! AA