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  1. maybe I'm lost whats the price shipped now at this point?
  2. im not sure your budget but id look into a pinnicle with alps rollers. iirc they are about 265 and can get straight or bent butt... we run a bent but with a 80w straight wire+planner for wahoo...
  3. pm replied... paymen sent.
  4. ill take it if we can work something out sunday the latest.. id assume Friday... I pmed you back sorry man out of town and work crap.. if you need my cell pm me back ill try and get on tom afternoon.
  5. I am interested...
  6. just seen on another board **** sent out a email/tracking on a few orders of the lt100's which would be early... which is a good thing... will be calling tommorow to check status on an order i placed and check status of my 2 reels as well... fish on for fall... fish on..
  7. have a new in box 7inch 36w flood/spot light bar... 2520luminest of light.... 54w and 72w flood/spot.... i did a test fit and just didn't like it it works flawless and never been wired in or anything i did test it with a jump box.. still has plastic cover on light. 70bux.. would make a great deck light for a bigger boat.. gives off a ton of light
  8. From the album 7inch led light bar

  9. From the album 7inch led light bar

  10. From the album 7inch led light bar

  11. so hear is the update i got today... its from a supplier/vendor that carries the fin nor line called today to check on the 4 lt100's on order.. (2 different orders) he said the first batch that came in the usa was a very small order... a total of 280 units roughly came into the usa..(not including canada) i asked him/them what the status of my orders were.. he said still not fulfilled.. that the last 2 months orderes were a no show... and the next projected delivery date is aug 15-24th... he than informed me that they had 150 units pre ordered and basically locked in and promised on the next delivery/batch that goes out9whenever that is) once they hit the pre order number they are basically shutting down the purchase process(if it happens before next date) and once they do come in would re allow another pre order batch... basically starting the fulfillment process all over again. from what he was semi told.. its the processing/tooling at the factory that is the backup.. not to worry about them changing materials or anything its just getting all the pieces mass produced and together... so take it with a grain of salt.. but that's what my supplier told me over the phone today.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by JettyGuy I have been using the LT60 now for three months. I am not very attentive to my reels maintenance wise. I only greased it once and she keeps ticking. Casts nice enough and performs well with a nice sized bass on. After 3 months of real abuse I would say that it is not as smooth as it was the first week I used it--- but then again I did not do a meticulous oiling of the reel either. But I must say for the price the reel has performed better than my 150 buck reels from other companies tried under the same conditions. I liked it enough to buy the LT 80 as a back up reel for my ten foot rod. Don't get me wrong, there is no way that these reels compare to the fine engineering of either VS or Torque---but for 91 clams they make a nice value. Personally I have very rarely bought a cheaply priced reel that lasted more than one season in the surf without getting GRINDY or just exploding after three months of fishing 16 hours a week. I really don't expect more than 2 full seasons from $150 reels---let alone a 91 dollar reel. I was very pleasantly surprised with the Lethal. It's not a smooth reel IMHO to begin with---but it's smooth enough. Seriously just to see what it would take---I beat the hell out of it--- if someone is using it twice a week,you'd probably get a few seasons with it. i fish off a boat.. i do have 2 vm150's,cabo80's,battle6000's... i do like the the fin nor lethals... and i agree for 100bux you cant go wrong.. but alan hawk is semi specific about the review on the lethal100... with that said.. i have 2 on order and a friend ordered 1 for himself.. im not to concerned with how smooth it is or even that it lasts a 4-6 years.. i am like you.. i dont meticulously keep my gear.. but i am picky.. i do keep them serviced yearly... i clean them after every run and they are stored in the house(climate controlled) they dont really get water spray or sand on/in them so its not as much of a worry. i personally like the price... and would still be on the hook for them atthe same price and only 30lbs of drag and same line capacity... for 100-150 i am ok with new guys handling them. they can get boat rash.. heck it could go overboard and i would be more pissed about the rod than the reel..... i just have a hard time loaning out/letting people use a van staal when they dont fish to begin with.. allot of the time when they hear the price of the rod/reel they shy away..
  13. i wish alan hawk would do a review on the 40-60-80 or a smaller lethal... see how they stack up to the 100
  14. it was a pretty hyped reel out of the gate.. it had some issues at launch and things got fixed by penn.. but the damage was already done.. enough bad torques got into market that had to be fixed so when they did pop up for sale it was always something in the back of your mind and became the first question most would ask..(has it had the warranty work done) they really never took off in the jigging/popping offshore world and that is the money spot... its the market where stella's are king and the community is willing to drop 1000+ on reels... most of the guys who are mid range pick up used stella's most of the boat guys dont care about sealed reels... with alan hawk's reviews yo can get good reels that are very capable for half the price or more... reels like, cabo60-80, fin nor lt100,garagossa,spinfisher v's, vm150 seem to be the crazr right now.. notice how when the vm150's went from mid300's to the 399 the sales dropped off immediately. most everyone in the market for them still wants to pay the 300 range for them.. i personally have 3 vm150's and wont sped a dime over 310 for one and i dont care how new it is.. but for the price of conflict,fin nor lt100,battle,baco's you can have a few reels instead of one.. so back to the torque.. its a beast.. its kinda heavy...with the seals it isn't as smooth as others in the price range..
  15. for me its a boat reel... this year is all spinner setups.. already have a few of alan hawks top picks.. vm150's, cabo80's, few battle's, just waiting for the lt100 to get back in stock and i will order 2.. probably finish off the spinners for the year.. most all of my combo's are overkill or inshore/jetty fishing but they work well. 5'8xh,5'xxh's 6'6mh are about all i fish in the trevala,torque jigging rods.. i think the lt100's will be on the upper side of the size range for what i like or what feels like a fitted combo. cabo80 is about the biggest spinner frame/spool id like to go with but i will get the fin nor lt100's reguardless just because of the review given. i have 1 junky combo that is a penn slammer on a torque 5'8 jigging i will pull that appart and put the slammer on a ugly stick tiger jigging rod and put a lt100 on the torque jigging and proably look at another trevala6'6 or something on the lines of a plasma star jigging.. the jigging seem to be the ticket for backbone and yet light rods.. the xxh are beast's and barley get a workout:( but yea i dont think the quality is a concern and am glad they are leaps and bounds betterthan the offshore9500 or whatever the last gen fin nor was... herd to many horror stories on them and had really looked the other way till alan hawk did his review now i wishi had jumped on 2 when they hit for 100 on ebay.. u know they will be 120-130+ now with the review.